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									Extension of Stay

    Extension during the regular semester

[ Application Eligibility ]
  In case of expiration of permission of stay, students should receive permission for extension of
  stay if they desires to stay continuosly in Korea.

[ Application period for extension ]
    -   Before 2 months from the current expiration date to the expiration date.
    -   In case of applying for the extension after the expiration date, the individuall shall pay
        the penalty according to Article 25 of Immigration Act.

[ Required documents ]
   2. Passport and foreign registration card
   3. Application form for the extension of study
   4. A certificate of registration (Certificate of Enrollment)
   5. A school fee payment receipt
   6. A certificate of scholarship (if applicable)
   7. In the event that regular academic schedule is exceeded, the material that proves such
        fact(Recommendation letter by a professor)
   8. Fee : tax stamp KRW 30,000
    Extension for thesis preparation

[ Application Eligibility ]

    A foreigner who has to unavoidably continuous stay for preparation of thesis for not less
    than 2 years (1 year is case of master’s course) due to no pass of thesis review within
    designated stay period despite in spite of proper efforts with maximum-2-year extension
    permit (1 year is case of master’s course) for preparation of thesis etc after completion of
    master/doctorate degree with possession of study status (D-2)
     ※ Approves stay period within the range of six months each time.

[ Required documents ]

     1. Passport and foreign registration card
     2. Application form for the extension of study
     3. A document certifying domestic stay expenses or reference
     4. A recommendation letter by a professor
            -    A recommendation showing details of thesis teaching process, future review schedule,
                 and the reason for recommendation
     5. In case of government invited scholarship student, certificate of government invited foreign
            scholarship student issued by National Institute for International Education Development
     6. Fee : tax stamp KRW 30,000

[ Standard of the review of permission for extension of stay ]
      Whether or not of reasonableness of thesis preparation
      Foreigners that belongs to either of below-listed cases shall be limited for extension of
        -       A foreigner with temporary absence from school due to learning slump or private
        -       A foreigner that stopped learning due to insufficient point etc.

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