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Waiver Of The Termination


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									STATE OF NEBRASKA                                                                    CASE NUMBER:
FORM NO. DC 6:3                         WAIVER OF NOTICE
New 1/98                          TERMINATION OF CHILD SUPPORT
Neb. Rev. Stat. 42-371.01

 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF                                         COUNTY, NEBRASKA

                                                           WAIVER OF NOTICE
                                  Petitioner               ON TERMINATION OF
                                                           CHILD SUPPORT


        I,                                                                              , am the
 recipient obligee for the child support in the above captioned matter and I agree that the child support
 obligation of the obligor should terminate because:
                    The child has reached 19 years of age.
                    The child has married.
                    The child has died.
                    The child has been emancipated by court order.

        I hereby waive notice and any and all objections I may have to the termination of child support
 in support of (Child’s Name)                                                        . I further waive all
 rights to notice of hearing and appearance before the court in this matter. By this waiver, I am not
 waiving or forgiving any child support arrears or interest now due or to accumulate in the future.

        Dated:                             ,           .

        Signature of Obligee

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