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					                                                                                          GORE-TEX® DRY SUITS                                        MSRP        POLARTEC® 100 LINERS                        MSRP

                         2009 Retail                                                      GFE (GORE-TEX® Front Entry )                                $729.00    100 Liner                                    $125.00

                         Price List
                                                                                          GFE (GORE-TEX® Front Entry) XXL                             $819.00    Women’s 100 Liner                            $136.00
                                                                                          GFER (GORE-TEX® Front Entry w/relief zip & socks)           $899.00    TROPOS/T3 PADDLING & DRY SUITS              MSRP
                         Effective January 15, 2009. Supersedes all previous Retail
                         Price Lists. All prices in US dollars. Rev.: March 31, 2009      GFER (GORE-TEX® Front Entry w/relief zip & socks) XXL       $955.00    T3 SuperNova Angler Paddling Suit            $599.00
                         Visit us at                                      Women’s GFE (GORE-TEX® Front Entry)                         $729.00    T3 SuperNova Angler Paddling Suit XXL        $634.00
                                                                                          GFED (GORE-TEX® Front Entry w/drop seat & socks)            $935.00    SuperNova Paddling Suit                      $489.00
LIFE JACKETS                                                              MSRP
                                                                                          GME (GORE-TEX® Meridian)                                    $859.00    SuperNova Paddling Suit XXL                  $509.00
Ronin                                                                         $156.00
                                                                                          GME (GORE-TEX® Meridian) XXL                                $944.00    Women’s SuperNova Paddling Suit              $514.00
MsFIT                                                                         $125.00
                                                                                          GMER (GORE-TEX® Meridian w/relief zip)                      $999.00    T3 Swift Entry                               $479.00
MsFIT Tour                                                                    $142.00
                                                                                          GMER (GORE-TEX® Meridian w/relief zip) XXL                 $1,065.00   T3 Swift Entry XXL                           $504.00
OutFIT                                                                        $121.00
                                                                                          Women’s GME (GORE-TEX® Meridian)                            $855.00    Women’s T3 Swift Entry                       $479.00
OutFIT Tour                                                                   $144.00
                                                                                          GMED (GORE-TEX® Meridian w/drop seat & socks)              $1,044.00   TROPOS Meridian                              $489.00
Bahia                                                                           $93.00
                                                                                          GORE-TEX® Expedition                                       $1,079.00   TROPOS Meridian XXL                          $509.00
Bahia Tour                                                                    $119.00
                                                                                          GORE-TEX® Expedition XXL                                   $1,155.00   Women’s T3 Meridian (w/drop seat & socks)    $689.00
Orbit                                                                         $128.00
                                                                                          Women’s GORE-TEX® Expedition                               $1,090.00   T3 Meridian (w/relief zip & socks)           $679.00
Orbit Tour                                                                    $145.00
                                                                                          CUSTOM DRY SUIT OPTIONS                                    MSRP        T3 Meridian (w/relief zip & socks) XXL       $704.00
Sea O2                                                                        $195.00
                                                                                          Suspenders (GORE-TEX® dry suits only)                        $90.00    DRY TOPS                                    MSRP
Eureka                                                                          $95.00
                                                                                          Sleeve Pocket                                                $42.00    GORE-TEX® Rogue (Men’s & Women’s)            $405.00
ProFIT Tour                                                                   $210.00
                                                                                          Reflective Tape                                              $34.00    GORE-TEX® Rogue XXL                          $449.00
RESCUE LIFE JACKETS                                                       MSRP
                                                                                          Relief Zip                                                  $156.00    Helix (Men’s & Women’s)                      $219.00
Guide                                                                         $210.00
                                                                                          Drop Seat (Women’s only)                                    $214.00    Helix XXL                                    $234.00
Ronin Pro                                                                     $210.00
                                                                                          GORE-TEX® Socks                                              $110.00   GORE-TEX® Performance Shell                 MSRP
RESCUE LIFE JACKET ACCESSORIES                                            MSRP
                                                                                          Latex Socks                                                  $76.00    GORE-TEX® Action Jacket                      $249.00
River Tow Tether                                                                $64.00
                                                                                          TROPOS Socks                                                 $86.00    GORE-TEX® TecTour Anorak                     $409.00
Touring Tow Tether                                                              $89.00
                                                                                          WHIRLPOOL BIBS                                             MSRP        GORE-TEX® TecTour Anorak XXL                 $474.00
Waist-Mount Touring Tow Tether                                                  $99.00
                                                                                          GORE-TEX® Whirlpool Bib (w/relief zip & socks)              $535.00    GORE-TEX® Deluxe Boater Pant                 $209.00
Tow Tether Line Float                                                             $3.60
                                                                                          GORE-TEX® Whirlpool Bib (w/relief zip & socks) XXL          $584.00    Seawester (TROPOS)                            $59.00
LIFE JACKET ACCESSORIES                                                   MSRP
                                                                                          TROPOS Whirlpool Bib                                        $189.00    Nor’wester (GORE-TEX®)                        $74.00
Tributary Hydration System (pocket & reservoir)                                 $74.00
                                                                                          TROPOS Whirlpool Bib XXL                                    $199.00    GORE-TEX® Paclite® Shell                    MSRP
Rear Pocket                                                                     $44.00
                                                                                          Men’s or Women’s GORE-TEX® Basic Whirlpool Bib (SO only)    $365.00    GORE-TEX® Boater Pant                        $155.00
Reflective Tape                                                                 $10.00
                                                                                          POLARTEC® POWER DRY® LINERS                                MSRP        GORE-TEX® Knappster                          $184.00
Carabiner S                                                                     $20.00
                                                                                          Power Dry® Liner                                            $139.00    GORE-TEX® Storm Cag (S/O only)               $309.00
Carabiner L                                                                     $28.00
                                                                                          Power Dry® Liner XXL                                        $159.00    GORE-TEX® Paddling Jacket                    $174.00
Re-arm Kit (3)                                                                  $24.00
                                                                                          Women’s Power Dry® Liner                                    $149.00    GORE-TEX® Pullover                           $230.00
Re-arm Kit (1)                                                                  $10.00
                                                                                                                                                                 GORE-TEX® Anorak                             $314.00
Kokatat, Inc. • 5350 Ericson Way • Arcata, CA 95521 • 800.225.9749 • 707.822.7621 • fax 707.822.8481 •
GORE-TEX® Full Zip Jacket                                  $329.00      OUTERCORE                                            MSRP        SEA SKIRTS                        MSRP
TROPOS/T3                                               MSRP            Women’s Capri                                          $59.00    GORE-TEX® Deluxe Skirt (w/bar)     $164.00
Tempest Jacket                                             $190.00      Long Sleeve (Men’s & Women’s)                          $72.00    Deluxe Sea Skirt (TROPOS w/bar)     $118.00
T3 Tempest Pant                                            $159.00      Short Sleeve                                           $67.00    Cockpit Cover                       $30.00
T3 Launch Sock                                              $58.00      Pant                                                   $71.00    Basic Sea Skirt                     $49.00
TROPOS TecTour Anorak                                      $269.00      INNERCORE                                            MSRP        CAPS & T-SHIRTS                   MSRP
TROPOS TecTour Anorak XXL                                  $284.00      Long Sleeve (Men’s & Women’s)                          $64.00    Logo Cap - Military Style           $30.00
Super Breeze                                               $106.00      Short Sleeve (Men’s & Women’s)                         $59.00    Logo Cap                            $30.00
Blast                                                      $114.00      NEOPRENE FOOTWEAR                                    MSRP        Kokatat Logo T-Shirts               $28.00
Re-Action Jacket                                           $174.00      Seeker - Low Cut Neo Shoe                              $55.00    LATEX GASKETS                     MSRP
Kayak Mitts                                                 $44.00      Scout - High Top Neo Shoe                              $48.00    Ankle (single)                      $20.00
Deluxe Boater Pant                                         $104.00      Nomad - Neo Mukluk                                    $120.00    Neck                                $34.00
Swift Dry Pant                                             $129.00      PADDLING GLOVES                                      MSRP        Sock (single)                       $38.00
TROPOS LIGHT                                            MSRP            Hand Jackets - Heavyweight                             $46.00    Wrist (single)                      $14.00
TROPOS Light Storm Cag                                     $194.00      Hand Jackets - Mediumweight                            $45.00    FACTORY REPAIRS                   MSRP
Breeze (Men’s & Women’s)                                    $75.00      Hand Jackets - Lightweight                             $25.00    Ankle (each)                        $35.00
Full Blast                                                 $124.00      NEOZIP & NEOFLEX                                     MSRP        Neck                                $56.00
Squirt                                                      $59.00      Neo Kayak Mitts Short (6”)                             $40.00    Latex sock (pair)                  $102.00
MEN’S DESTINATION PADDLE WEAR                           MSRP            Neo Kayak Mitts Long (8”)                              $43.00    Wrist (each)                        $28.50
Men’s Paddling Shirt                                        $71.00      Neo Short                                              $64.00    Dry Suit Refurbish                 $180.00
Men’s Surf Trunk                                            $50.00      NeoZip Long John                                       $110.00   GASKET REPLACEMENT KITS           MSRP
Men’s Padding Trunk                                         $54.00      NeoZip Long Jane                                       $114.00   Ankle (single)                      $27.00
Men’s Paddling Short                                        $66.00      SURFSKIN                                             MSRP        Ankle (pair)                        $44.00
Convertible Pant                                            $79.00      Pant                                                  $120.00    Neck                                $41.00
Men’s Paddling Pant                                         $69.00      Short                                                  $79.00    Sock (single)                       $43.00
WOMEN’S DESTINATION PADDLE WEAR                         MSRP            Short Sleeve Top                                       $99.00    Sock (pair)                         $84.00
Women’s Paddling Shirt                                      $71.00      Long Sleeve Top                                        $119.00   Wrist (single)                      $20.00
Women’s Paddling Capri                                      $55.00      Strap Cap                                              $37.00    Wrist (pair)                        $34.00
Women’s Surf Trunk                                          $50.00      Bill Cap                                               $35.00    REPAIR KITS & TOOLS               MSRP
Women’s Paddling Trunk                                      $54.00      Skull Cap                                              $25.00    Neck Replacement Tools                   n/a
Women’s Paddling Pant                                       $69.00      Balaclava                                              $36.00    Wrist & Ankle Replacement Tools          n/a
DESTINATION ACCESSORIES                                 MSRP            KOKATAT KID’S                                        MSRP        Zipper lube                           $7.00
Baja Hat                                                    $42.00      Kid’s Super Breeze                                     $84.00    Aquaseal 3/4 oz. tube                 $7.25
Sunwester                                                   $38.00      Kid’s Re-Action Jacket                                $154.00    303 Protectant (2 oz.)                $5.50
Vent Cap                                                    $22.00      Kid’s Squirt Pant                                      $56.50    303 Protectant (8 oz.)              $15.00
Hand Cover                                                  $19.00      Kid’s SuperNova Paddling Suit                         $334.00    Field Repair Patch Kit              $36.00
Kokatat, Inc. • 5350 Ericson Way • Arcata, CA 95521 • 800.225.9749 • 707.822.7621 • fax 707.822.8481 •
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             Anchorage          Fairbanks Whitewater Supply                 Rancho Cucamonga   REI                                         North Palm Beach    Adventure Times Kayaks                      Burlington        L.L. Bean                                       Kalispell        Crown Enterprises

             Anchorage          REI                                         Redding            Penguin Paddlers                            Pinellas Park       Tackle Shack, Inc.                          Charlemont        Zoar Outdoor                                    Kalispell        Silver Moon Kayak Co.

             Fairbanks          Beaver Sports                               Sacramento         REI                                         St. Petersburg      Sweetwater Kayaks, Inc.                     Framingham        REI                                             Missoula         Trail Head Inc.

             Homer              Alaska Kayak School                         San Carlos         Aquan Sports, LLC                           Tallahassee         The Wilderness Way                          Hingham           REI                                             Missoula         Pipestone Mountaineering

             Hope               Chugach Outdoor Center Inc.                 San Carlos         REI                              Georgia                                                                    Hyannis           Eastern Mountain Sports                         West Glacier     Glacier Raft Co.

             Juneau             Scuba Tank, The                             San Diego          Aqua Adventures, Inc                        Atlanta             REI                                         Manchester        New England Small Craft            Nevada

             Juneau             Above & Beyond Alaska, LLC.                 San Diego          REI                                         Buford              REI                                         Mansfield         L.L. Bean                                       Henderson        REI

             Ketchican          Southeast Sea Kayaks LLC                    San Jose           Outback Adventures                          Kennesaw            REI                                         Newton            Charles River Recreation                        Reno             Reno Mountain Sports

             Ketchikan          Southeast Exposure                          San Pedro          Xstreamline Sports                          Perimeter           REI                                         Newton            Eastern Mountain Sports                         Reno             REI

             Kodiak             58 degrees North, Inc.                      Santa Ana          REI                                         Woodstock           Dry Side Up                                 Orleans           Goose Hummock Shop                 New Hampshire

             Wasilla            Paddlers Realm                              Santa Barbara      Paddle Sports of Santa Barbara   Hawaii                                                                     Plymouth          Billington Sea Kayak                            Concord          Contoocook River Canoe

             Whittier           Alaska Sea Kayakers                         Santa Cruz         Kayak Connection                            Honolulu            Go Bananas Hawaii Inc.                      Reading           REI                                             Nashua           Eastern Mountain Sports

Arizona                                                                     Santa Monica       REI                              Idaho                                                                      Sutton            Great Canadian Canoe & Kayak Co.                Peterborough     Eastern Mountain Sports

             Flagstaff          Humphrey Summit Ski                         Santa Rosa         Sonoma Outfitters                           Boise               Cascade Outfitters                          Westport          Osprey Sea Kayak Adventures                     Portsmouth       Eastern Mountain Sports

             Flagstaff          Canyon Explorations                         Santa Rosa         REI                                         Boise               Idaho River Sports              Michigan                                                                      West Lebanon     L.L. Bean

             Flagstaff          Aspen Sports                                Saratoga           REI                                         Idaho Falls         Canyon Whitewater Supply                    Ann Arbor         Moosejaw Mountaineering            New Jersey

             Paradise Valley    REI                                         Shell Beach        Central Coast Kayaks                        Ketchum             Backwoods Mountain Sport                    Ann Arbor         REI                                             Brick            Jersey Paddler

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Arkansas                                                                    Tahoe City         Tahoe City Kayak Shop                       Sandpoint           Full Spectrum Tours                         Clinton Twp       Moosejaw Mountaineering                         Marlton          L.L. Bean

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             Arcata             Adventure’s Edge                            Boulder            REI                                         Geneva              Geneva Kayak Center                         Grosse Pointe     Moosejaw Mountaineering                         Washington       Paddlerscove

             Arnold             Sierra Nevada Adventure Co.                 Buena Vista        Colorado Kayak Supply                       Lake Bluff          Great Lakes Kayak                           Harbor Springs    Outfitter                          New Mexico

             Auburn             Sierra Outdoor Center                       Denver             REI                                         Lincoln Park        REI                                         Hessel            North Huron Kayak Co.                           Albuquerque      REI

             Berkeley           REI                                         Durango            Four Corners Riversports                    Northbrook          REI                                         Marquette         Down Wind Sports                   New York

             Chico              North Rim Adventure Sport                   Frisco             Ten Mile Creek Kayaks                       Oakbrook Terrace    REI                                         Menominee         Wind Rose North, Ltd. Outfitters                Albany           L.L. Bean

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             Folsom             REI                                         Lakewood           REI                              Maine                                                                      Traverse City     Backcountry Outfitters                          Clayton          Ti Adventures, LLC

             Fresno             REI                                         Telluride          Jagged Edge                                 Freeport            L.L. Bean                                   Troy              REI                                             Cold Spring      Hudson Valley Outfitters

             Grass Valley       Wolf Creek Wilderness         Connecticut                                                                  Kittery             Kittery Trading Post                        Wyandotte         Riverside Kayak Connection, LLC                 Eagle Bridge     Northcountry Kayak
             Huntington Beach   REI                                         Collinsville       Collinsville Canoe Store                    Portland            Eastern Mountain Sports         Minnesota                                                                     Hyde Park        The River Connection Inc.

             Irvine             Southwind Kayak Center                      Hartford           REI                              Maryland                                                                   Baxter            Kidder Kayaking                                 Island Park      Empire Kayak Inc.

             Kernville          Sierra South                                New Canaan         Small Boat Shop, The                        Annapolis           Annapolis Performance Sailing               Bloomington       REI                                             New York         New York Kayak Co. Inc.

             Livermore          Sunrise Mountain Sports                     Old Saybrook       North Cove Outfitters                       Annapolis           Springriver Corp.                           Maple Grove       REI                                             Old Forge        Mountainman Outdoor Supply Co

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             Lotus              River Store                                 Wilton             Outdoor Sports Center                       College Park        REI                                         Roseville         REI                                             Potsdam          Wear On Earth
             Manhattan Beach    REI                           Delaware                                                                     Columbia            L.L. Bean                                   White Bear Lake   Hi Tempo Ski & Sail                             Riverhead        Peconic Paddler

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            Greensboro      REI                                          Brentwood             REI                                            Poulsbo         Olympic Outdoor Center                            Cowichan Bay      Cowichan Bay Kayak & Paddlesports                    Nobel                  White Squall Ltd.

            Hickory         Outdoor Supply Company Inc.                  Chattanooga           Rock Creek Outfitters                          Redmond         Aquasports Paddle Center                          Kamloops          Valhalla Pure Outfitters                             Ottawa                 Trailhead

            Pineville       REI                             Texas                                                                             Renton          Cascade Canoe & Kayak Centers, Inc.               Kelowna           Kelowna Kayak & Outdoor                              Ottawa                 Ottawa Paddle Shack

            Raleigh         Great Outdoor Provision                      Austin                REI                                            Richland        Columbia Kayak Adventures                         Nanaimo           Alberni Outpost                                      Ottawa                 Mountain Equipment Co-Op

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Ohio                                                                     Houston/Willowbrook   REI                                            Seattle         REI                                               North Vancouver   Sea to Sky Kayak Center                              Toronto                The Complete Paddler

            Dayton          Whitewater Warehouse                         La Porte              Ko Sailing                                     Spokane         Mountain Gear                                     North Vancouver   Mountain Equipment Co-Op                             Toronto                Mountain Equipment Co-Op

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Oklahoma                                                                 Round Rock            REI                                            Sumas           Western Canoeing & Kayak                          Salt Spring Isl   Island Escapades Ltd.                  Quebec

            Oklahoma City   OKC Kayak                                    Spring                Southwest Paddle Sports                        Tacoma          REI                                               Terrace           Azad Adventures                                      Chicoutimi             Kayaction

Oregon                                                      Utah                                                                  Wisconsin                                                                     Vancouver         Mountain Equipment Co-Op                             Gatineau               Relais Camp De Base Inc.

            Ashland         Kokopelli River Guides                       Moab                  Canyon Voyages Adventure Co.                   Brookfield      REI                                               Vancouver         Ecomarine Ocean Kayak Center                         Jonquiere              Centre Torrent Inc.

            Bend            Bend Alder Creek                             Park City                                   Eagle River     Walkabout Paddle & Apparal                        Victoria          Ocean River Sports                                   Laval                  La Cordee Plein Air Inc

            Bend            REI                                          Salt Lake City        Sidsports Inc.                                 Fontana         Geneva Lake Sailing School                        Victoria          Pacifica Paddlesports                                Montreal               Mountain Equipment Co-Op

            Clackamas       REI                                          Salt Lake City        REI                                            Madison         Rutabaga                                          Victoria          Mountain Equipment Co-Op                             Pointe Claire          Camp de Base

            Eugene          Oregon River Sports             Vermont                                                                           Milwaukee       Laacke & Joys                         Manitoba                                                                           Quebec City            Mountain Equipment Co-Op

            Hood River      Outdoorplay, Inc                             Burlington            Eastern Mountain Sports                        Minocqua        Chequamegon Adventure Co.                         Winnipeg          Mountain Equipment Co-Op                             St. Augustin-De-Desm   Boreal Design

            Hood River      Kayak Shed                                   Shelburne             Outdoor Recreational Supply        Wyoming                                                           New Brunswick                                                                      Trois-Rivieres         Maikan Aventure

            Manzanita       Cape Falcon Kayak                            Stowe                 Umiak Outdoor Outfitters                       Jackson         Rendezvous River Sports                           Dorchester        Southeast Paddlesport                  Saskatchewan

            Portland        Alder Creek                     Virginia                                                                          Laramie         Cross Country Connection              Newfoundland                                                                       Saskatoon              Eb’s Sail & Sports, Ltd.

            Portland        REI                                          Bailey’s              REI                                                                                                              Corner Brook      Arthur James Clothing Company          Yukon
            Tualatin        REI                                                                                                                                                                                 St. Johns         Outfitters’ Adventure Gear & Apparel                 Whitehorse             Kanoe People Ltd.
                                                                         Dulles                Eastern Mountain Sports
                                                                         Fairfax               REI
            Bellefont       Tussey Mountain Outfitter
                                                                         Farmville             Appomattox River Co.
            Center Valley   L.L. Bean
                                                                         Midlothian            Peak Experiences
            Conshohocken    REI
                                                                         Tysons Corner         L.L. Bean
            Marysville      Blue Mtn. Outfitters
                                                                         Virginia Beach        Wild River Outfitter
            Milford         Action Bikes & Outdoor LLC
            Montoursville   Country Ski & Sports
                                                                         Anacortes             Island Outfitters/Sea Kayak Shop
            Pittsburgh      L.L. Bean
                                                                         Bainbridge Island     Back of Beyond
            Pittsburgh      REI
                                                                         Bellevue              Backpackers / Marmot Mtn. Works
            Schwenksville   Hidden River Outfitters, Inc.
                                                                         Bellingham            REI
            Wernersville    The Crank

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