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					                                                                       P        edersen & Houpt can bring employment law
                                                                                education directly to your office. Protect your
                                                                                business by becoming better informed on the
                                                                       complicated aspects of employment laws applicable to
                                                                       your particular business.       We can also present
                                                                       employment law seminars to your supervisors to help
                                                                       them understand how various federal, state and local
                                                                       laws influence their decision-making as to employment-
                                                                       related decisions. Currently, we provide seminars on the
                                                                       following topics:


                                                                           Sexual Harassment.

  SEMINARS                         Pedersen and Houpt offers on-site       This seminar can be given to supervisors to inform
                                                                           them of what the law requires as to investigating,
                                   seminars on the following topics:       remedying, and preventing sexual harassment claims
                                                                           and the costs associated with non-compliance.

                                                                                A separate seminar can be given to your rank
                                     ™   Sexual Harassment                      and file employees as part of your effective
... bringing on-site seminars to                                                policy against sexual harassment.
           your office.
                                     ™   Introduction to Employment             Each seminar is approximately 1-1/2 hours
                                                                                long, with a question and answer period
                                         Law                                    following the seminar.

                                     ™   Working Conditions: Federal

                                                                           Introduction to Employment Laws.
                                         and State Laws                    Supervisors need a basic understanding of the wide
                                                                           array of employment laws that apply in the work
     Employment Law
                                                                           This seminar covers:
      Practice Group
                                                                           1.   Laws relating     to   age,   race   and   sex

                                                                           2.   Federal and State Family Medical Leave Acts

                                                                           3.   Americans with Disabilities Act

                                                                           4.   Workers' Compensation
    5.   An overview of Health Care Continuation           Employment Law Experience
         Coverage ("COBRA")
                                                           Pedersen & Houpt's Employment Law Practice Group
    6.   Health Insurance          Portability     and     offers comprehensive representation in employment-
         Accountability Act                                related counseling and litigation. Our attorneys have
                                                           experience in working with business owners, human
    7.   An overview of new and emerging                   resource executives and supervisors.
         developments in employment law.
                                                           We work with employers in a diverse range of industries
    This seminar is approximately two hours long, and      -- from manufacturing of consumer and industrial
    is followed by a question and answer period.           products to Internet content providers. Our advice to
                                                           employers as to specific employment policies and
                                                           personnel situations may help limit the incidents of

    Working Conditions: Federal and State Laws.            claims brought against the employers. In addition, if
    Supervisors and HR personnel need an                   claims are brought against an employer, we can place
    understanding of the federal and state laws            the employer in a stronger position in defending the
    governing overtime, breaks, vacation, final            claim. Our counseling work includes developing and
    compensation, jury duty leave, and other applicable    updating employee manuals, as well as other personnel
    areas.                                                 policies, employee communications and forms, for both
                                                           large, well-established companies and small, fast-
    This seminar is approximately 1-1/2 hours long, with   developing ones. For company acquisitions, we assist
    a question and answer period following the seminar.    in due diligence reviews of pending and potential
                                                           employment claims, as well as reviewing and modifying
                                                           employment policies and benefits to ensure consistency
                                                           and legal compliance.

                                                           For more information please call us at 312 641 6888 or
    All of our seminars can be customized to               visit our web site
    fit your organization's needs. To learn
    about the cost of setting up a seminar for
    your organization, please contact:

    Paul Altman at 312 261 2105,                                                                                              Law Offices
    Arthur Holtzman at 312 261 2111 or                                                                               161 N. Clark Street, Suite 3100
                                                                                                                        Chicago, Illinois 60601
    Lauren Blair at 312 261 2233.
                                                                                                                       Telephone: 312 641 6888
                                                                                                                           Fax: 312 641 6895

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