Performance Based Restricted Stock by EveryAvenue


									                     Long term Incentive – Performance-Based Restricted Stock Plan

       Metric                       Definition                                 Rationale for Use
 EPS                 GAAP diluted earnings per share,             We believe EPS most closely aligns the
                     excluding the impact of restructuring        performance of executives to the interests of
                     and other non-recurring charges              shareholders given it is the primary metric
                                                                  we use to evaluate new business
                                                                  opportunities as well as the performance of
                                                                  existing operations

 Revenue             GAAP revenue                                 As a growth-oriented company, revenue
                                                                  growth is critical to the Company’s success
                                                                  and as such is a key performance metric for
                                                                  our executives

 Operating           Ratio of operating income to revenue on      We use this measure to assess the quality
 Margin              a GAAP basis, excluding the impact of        and efficiency of our operations
                     restructuring and other non-recurring

The following is a table summarizing the target performance units granted during fiscal year 2008.

                             Target                     Target         Performance       Total Performance
                       Performance Units          Performance Units    Units Based        Units at Target
                        Based on Diluted          Based on Revenue      on Margin         Opportunity for
       Name               EPS Results                  Results           Results          Fiscal Year 2008
 Paul R. Garcia              19,548                    19,548             19,555                58,651
 Joseph C. Hyde              4,171                     4,171              4,171                 12,513
 James G. Kelly              6,517                     6,517              6,518                 19,552
 Carl J. Williams            6,517                     6,517              6,518                 19,552
 Suellyn P. Tornay            3,128                     3,128              3,129                9,385

Depending on the diluted EPS, revenue and operating margin results, the executives could earn from 0% to
125% of the applicable target amount.

                     (i) Portion Attributable to Diluted EPS Results

     The following table contains the diluted EPS goals and the applicable reward amounts for fiscal year
2008. The diluted EPS goals exclude the impact of restructuring and other non-recurring charges.

       Degree of Performance                             % of Target Award Applicable to EPS Results
       Attainment                     Diluted EPS        Earned
       Outstanding                    $2.04              41.67%
       Target                         $1.95              33.33%
       Threshold                      $1.86              25%
       Below Threshold                Less than          0%

      The actual diluted EPS result for the Company for fiscal year 2008 on a GAAP basis was $2.01, which
represents a 15% increase over fiscal year 2007 GAAP EPS of $1.75. Excluding the adjustments described
above, diluted EPS for fiscal 2008 was $2.04. Using straight line interpolation, the payout was approximately
125%. As a result, each of the executives received the following number of performance units: Mr. Garcia—
24,439.87; Mr. Hyde—5,214.17; Mr. Kelly—8,147.32; Mr. Williams—8,147.32; and Ms. Tornay—3,910.73.


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