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Master Security Inc


									                         HE MA S T E R REVIEW

                                                                                             Volume 2, Issue 3
Cybercrime - phishing for information                                                            Summer 2009

If you have ever heard       you may receive a message            any link. Legitimate
the term Internet Phish-     from your credit card pro-           companies will never                 Inside this issue:

ing, you may have first      vider asking you to validate         ask for this information   From The Corner Office          2
thought it related to a      or update your account               via e-mail.
game on the Internet         information. The message                                        The Little Things Do Matter     2
                                                              2. Never e-mail personal
where you could hook         will then direct you to a                                       Officers of the Month           3
                                                                 or financial informa-
into a big bass or trout.    Web site that looks just like
                                                                 tion anywhere. If you       Perfect Attendance 2nd Qtr      4
Although its definition is   that of the credit card com-
                                                                 enter this information
similar, the true meaning    pany. At the site, you will                                     Employee Anniversaries          4
                                                                 on a Web site, make
of the term is far from      be asked to enter your per-                                     Welcome New Officers            4
                                                                 sure it is a secure site.
catching a prize winning     sonal information, account
                                                                 For example, the ad-        Dumb Criminal Stories           4
fish. According to the       number, passwords, and so
                                                                 dress will begin with
Federal Trade Commis-        forth. Companies like Amer-
sion, Internet Phishing is   ica Online, Ebay, and Best
defined as “a high-tech      Buy have reported that           3. Review credit card and
scam that uses spam or       their Web sites have been           bank statements
pop-up messages to de-       imitated in similar fashion.        monthly for any unau-
ceive you into disclosing    Internet phishing scams are         thorized charges.
your credit card numbers,    considered identity theft                                         Mission Statement
                                                              4. Use anti-virus software
bank account informa-        and although the FTC and                                          To provide the highest
                                                                 and keep it updated.
tion, SSN#, passwords, or    FBI expect to receive over                                        quality security services
                                                                 This software can pro-
other sensitive informa-     250,000 complaints of iden-                                       with an ideology based
                                                                 tect you from accept-         on professionalism, in-
tion.” This form of Cyber-   tity theft this year, the spe-
                                                                 ing these unwanted            tegrity, and dedication to
crime has become in-         cific number of complaints
                                                                 messages.                     the needs of our clients.
creasingly more danger-      about phishing sites will
                                                                                               We feel it is our responsi-
ous to consumers over        not be known because the         5. Be cautious about             bility to provide our cli-
the previous few years       complaints are not broken           opening any attach-           ents with a safe and se-
especially during our cur-   down by type.                       ment or downloading           cure environment and to
rent economic condition.                                         any files from e-mails,       do so at a fair and rea-
                             Although the majority of                                          sonable cost. By achiev-
                                                                 no matter who sent
So how could someone         Internet users do not fall                                        ing these objectives, we
get hooked by a phishing     victim to this scam, what                                         will fulfill our mission of
scam? What happens is        can you do to protect your-  If you would like more in-           protecting our clients’
phishers send an e-mail      self?                        formation about this scam            assets and exceeding
                                                          or other examples of cy-             their expectations.
or pop-up message claim-
                             1. If you get a message
ing to be from a business                                 bercrimes, visit the FTC’s
                                that asks for personal or
or organization that you                                  website at
                                financial information,
deal with. For example,
                                do not reply or click on
 PAGE 2                                                                                        THE MASTER REVIEW

From The Corner Office
It’s hard to believe that summer is        non-payday weeks you need to                2. Security Incident Reports must
coming to an end and cooler tem-           come in or call the office to get your         be completed in detail and con-
peratures will be here before we           schedule. Supervisors do try to get a          tain only the facts involved in
know it. But it is already the middle of   hold of every one but it is your re-           the incident.
August. That means it time to check        sponsibility to get your schedule.          3. Daily Log Sheets are NOT to be
your uniforms to make sure that you        Even if your schedule has not                  completed ahead of time and
have every thing you need for the          changed in the previous month, you             MUST have at least one entry
cooler weather. As you all know it         must still get your schedule each              every half hour detailing where
can take some time to get the uni-         week as it may change due to re-               you are at and what you are
forms in, new jackets can take up to       quests off or additional hours at an-          doing on the property.
three weeks. I am still working on         other site.
getting ties in as I know how bad you                                                  I know not everyone enjoys doing
                                           From reading the Daily Log Sheets           paperwork but it is an essential part
all want them.                             and Security Incident Reports I have        of our job as security professionals.
With the fall time comes special           noticed a few items that need to be         In every S.O.P. there are examples
events like the Canfield Fair and last     addressed:                                  on how to properly complete all re-
minute vacation trips so please have       1. ALL reports must be completed            ports used by Master Security.
all requests off turned into the office       using black ink only. At most
as soon as possible and as always I                                                    If you have any questions or con-
                                              sites these reports are copied           cerns, please remember my office
will do the best I can to accommo-            for our clients and blue ink does
date everyone. Just a reminder that                                                    door is open anytime.
                                              not copy very well.
ALL OFFICERS are responsible for                                                               ~ Aaron D. Shogren
there own schedules. This means on
                                                                                                 Security Director

The family at Master Security, Inc. would           The Little Things Do Matter
like to extend our deepest sympathies to
the entire Masternick family on the pass-           There was a man taking a morning steps, picked up another one,
ing of Attorney John Masternick on Me-              walk on the beach. He saw that          threw it into the water, and said,
morial Day, 2009. Mr. and Mrs. Master-              along with the morning tide came        "It makes a difference to this
nick founded Windsor House, Inc. in                 hundreds of starfish and when the       one."
1959 and developed and operated                     tide receded, they were left behind I found this story at a website
more than 20 nursing homes, cared for
                                                    and with the morning sun rays,          that has all different types of mo-
more than 35,000 residents, and em-
ployed over 20,000 local residents. Win-            they would die. The tide was fresh      tivational stories and poems and
dsor House, Inc. currently operates 11              and the starfish were alive. The        thought how this relates to how
nursing homes and 2 assisted living                 man took a few steps, picked one        we do our job as security profes-
communities in Northeast Ohio and                   and threw it into the water. He did     sionals. It is the little things that
Western Pennsylvania.
                                                    that repeatedly. Right behind him       we do for our clients and their
                                                    there was another person who            employees/visitors that, although
                                                    couldn't understand what this man       at the time may not seem impor-
Master Security, Inc, would also like to            was doing. He caught up with him        tant, make a difference. It is the
send out our deepest sympathies to the
                                                    and asked, "What are you doing?         little things we do that keeps our
family of our Field Supervisor Doug Con-
way whose father recently passed away.              There are hundreds of starfish.         company’s good reputation and
                                                    How many can you help? What             helps us stand out amongst our
                                                    difference does it make?" This          competitors.
                                                    man did not reply, took two more
 VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3                                                          PAGE 3

                            Officers of the Month
   Congratulations to the following Officers for receiving Officer of the Month in the 2nd Quarter of 2009

April ~ Brad Ziegler                                    May ~ Roosevelt Harris
                    Officer of the Month                                   Officer of the Month
                    for April was Brad                                     for May was Roosevelt
                    Ziegler. Officer                                       Harris. Officer Harris is
                    Ziegler started with                                   a five year veteran offi
                    us in January of 2009                                  cer and this is his sec-
and from his very first day he has been                 ond officer of the month award. Officer
willing to cover a shift any time he has                Harris has worked at Churchill Com-
been needed. Brad works primarily at                    mons Giant Eagle ever since his first
Community Skilled Nursing Home but                      day of work and has shown great dedi-
has filled in at many sites when                        cation to his work as he is a true profes-
needed. Officer Ziegler, in his short                   sional with dealing with the client and
time with us, has become a great asset                  the visitors. Thank you Roosevelt for
to this company. Congratulations Brad                   everything you have done for us and our
on your first Employee of the month                     clients.

June ~ Rich Hansen                                      Reminder:
                   Officer of the Month                 The Master Security, Inc. Corporate
                   for June was Rich                    office will be closed on Monday
                   Hansen. Officer                      September 7th in observance of Labor
                   Hansen has been                      Day. As always, Supervisors will be
                   with us since April of
                                                        available via cell phone.
2008 and currently works at Lally Pipe
and Tube in Struthers and fills in at
BW3’S in Youngstown. This is Officer
Hansen’s first Officer of the Month                    Economic depression cannot be cured
award. Officer Hansen has always                       by legislative action or executive
taken pride in the work he does and                    pronouncement. Economic wounds
has been there any time we need help.                  must be healed by the action of the cells
Thank you for the dedication and hard                  of the economic body - the producers
work you do Officer Hansen.                            and consumers themselves.
                                                                               ~Herbert Hoover
MASTER SECURITY, INC.                                Employee Anniversaries:
1745 Belmont Avenue                                  Master Security, Inc. would like recognize the fol-
Youngstown, Ohio 44504
                                                     lowing officers celebrating anniversaries in the 3rd
Phone: 330-746-4448
Fax: 330-746-4447                                    Quarter of 2009 and thank them for their continued
e-mail:                            dedication and commitment to our company:
PROVIDING A HIGHER STANDARD OF PROTECTION                             Michael Shaker - 3 Years
                                                                      Doug Conway - 1 year
Perfect Attendance                                                    Frank Kolesar - 1 year

Master Security, Inc. is made up of officers                          Justin Latimer - 1 year
with a commitment and dedication to our cli-
ents and this company. The following list of
officers is a shining example of that dedication.
Each officer below had perfect attendance for
                                                    Dum b Cr im inal St or ies
the 2nd quarter of 2009. On behalf of our           A man walked into a convenience store, put a $20 bill on
Clients and all of us. Thank You!!                  the counter and asked for change.
   Roy Ahern                 Robert Barber          When the clerk opened the cash drawer, the man pulled
   Wally Colbrunn            Doug Conway            a gun and asked for all the cash in the register, which the
                                                    clerk promptly provided.
   Mike Creatore             Rick Daugherty
   Roosevelt Harris          Marvin Jackson         The man took the cash from the clerk and fled-- leaving
                                                    the $20 bill on the counter.
   Frank Kolesar             Jan Lesnak
   Terry Lewis               Ken Mellott            The total amount of cash he got from the drawer? Fifteen
   Chris Neville             Tom Peslak
   Mike Shaker               Rea Taiclet
                                                    A Sheriff's deputy says “I was recently on patrol when I
   Tom Welsh                 Jessica Wine           noticed three males driving a car into the lot of a liquor
                                                    store, walk in and make a purchase. We have had many
   Brad Ziegler
                                                    problems with underage drinkers so I waited until they
                                                    drove away. I stopped them and asked the young male
                                                    driver if he was old enough to purchase liquor. He replied
                                                    that he was over 21. He looked fairly young so I asked
Welc om e New O ff ic er                            him to show me his driver’s license. I explained that if he
                                                    was 21 or above, he was free to leave.
 We would like to welcome the following new
 officer to the Master Security team:               “The driver, still seated in the car, patted all of his pockets
                    Steve Cresanto                  repeatedly and announced sheepishly that his license
                                                    was in his trunk.

                                                    “The driver got out and opened his trunk which just hap-
                                                    pened to be full of illegal fireworks along with 5 bags of
                                                    marijuana wrapped for individual sale.

                                                    “The driver then patted his front pants pockets and, with
                                                    relief, told me he had found his driver’s license in his front
                                                    pants pocket. It was there from the beginning.

                                                    “The driver, who was old enough to purchase alcohol,
                                                    and his two companions all went to jail.”

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