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									                Reference Material for Literature Research Papers.

Sources of general information

 R 809.4 c761ag            Contemporary Literary Criticism (CLC) 60 vol.
 R 809.4 t971              Twentieth Century Literary Criticism (TCLC) 14 vol
 R 810.9 c178h             Cambridge History of American Literature
 R 820.9 c178h             Cambridge History of English Literature 15 vol
 R 810.3 h325o2            Oxford Companion to American Literature
 R 820.3 d756o             Oxford Companion to English Literature
 R 809.89287 g787m         Great Women Writers
 R 820.9 c744              Concise Dictionary of Literary Biography 8 vol
 R 820.9 n532xb            New Moulton’s Library 10 vol
 R 810.9 i19p              Identities and Issues in Literature 4 vol
 R 810.9 a258a             African American writers
 R 810.9 d554              Dictionary of Literary Biography (OLB)

Poetry and Prose

  R 016.82109 k96p2        Poetry Explication
  R 809.1 c934m            Critical Survey of Poetry
  R 809.1 c934mf           Critical Survey of Poetry: Foreign
  R 809.1 m194j            Masterplots II : Poetry Series
  R 809.1 p925c            Encyclopedia of Poetry
  R 809.1003 w927p         World Poets
  R 016.8208004 b225a9     The Seventeenth Century: Bacon Through Marvell
  R 016.8209 b924v         Victorian Poets and Prose Authors
  R 016.8108 c593a         American Literature: Poe through Gar

Short Fiction

 R 016.8 w186t2            Twentieth Century Short Story Explication
 R 809.3 c934m             Critical Survey of Short Fiction
 R 809.3 m194ms            Masterplots II: Short Story Series


 R 808.3 m194ma            Masterplots II: American Fiction Series
 R 809 m423m               Masterplots
 R 809.3 c934r             Critical Survey of Long Fiction
 R 809.3 m194cf            Critical Survey of Long Fiction: Foreign
 R 823.009 m423mb          Masterplots II: British & Commonwealth Fiction Series
 R 813.009 a512b           American Women Fiction Writers 1900-1960
 R 823.8 b862b             British Women Fiction Writers of the 19th Century
 R 823.9 b862b             British Women Writers 1900-1960

.    R 016.809 a293m      Modern Drama Checklist
     R 016.8092 b832d     Dramatic Criticism Index
     R 016.8092 p174a     American Drama Criticism
     R 792.03 h339o3      Oxford Survey of Drama
     R 809.2 c934rm       Critical Survey of Drama
     R 809.2 c934cd       Critical Survey of Drama: Foreign
     R 809.204 m423md2    Masterplots II Drama Series
     R 822.33 s527xh      Shakespearean Criticism 49 vol.

    American Literature

    R 920.073 d554a       Dictionary of American Biography
    R 810.9 d554          Dictionary of Literary Biography
    R 803 m194cy          Encyclopedia of Literary Characters II
    R 813.009 m234s       Major Characters in American Fiction
    R 810.9 m423m         Masterpieces of American Literature
    R 810.9 098d          Oxford Companion to Women’s Writing in the United States
    R 810.9 t791xb        Twentieth Century of American Literature
    R 810.9 c744          Concise Dictionary of American Literature

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