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					                                     Letter-writing Guide
There are 5 key parts to a friendly letter: Heading, Greeting, Body, Closing and Signature.

In a friendly, informal letter, this is where you write the date. This goes at the top of the page on
the right-hand side. You should write at the least the day and month. You may include the day
of the week and the year if you choose. Some people write their address here too, but you do
not have to.

If you are writing an email, you don’t need to include the heading; the computer will include the
date when you send it!

This is where you address your friend for the first time in the letter. It is very similar to greeting
someone face to face.

        Sample Greetings:        Dear Juan,                     Hello James,
                                 Greetings Simone,              Hola Juanita,

It is very important that you capitalize the first letter of each word in a greeting. Also, when you
write notes to a friend, use a comma at the end of the greeting.

The body of the letter is where you communicate with your friend. This is where you ask how
they are doing and tell them what you are doing and feeling. In a friendly letter, it is polite to
begin by asking your reader about their life. After that, you may tell them something about you.

        Sample sentence starters:

        Ask about your friend:                            And tell them about you:
                How are you?                                       My summer has been fun.
                How has your summer been?                          This summer I…
                What have you been up to?                          I have been doing…
                Are you playing any sports?                        With my family, I went to…
                Have you been traveling?                           I went to Camp

Remember to use punctuation and capitalization! For example, capitalize the first letter of a
sentence and be sure to use punctuation at the end of each sentence.

Closing and Signature:
The Closing is where you end your letter and say good-bye. After that, you write the Signature
(your name).

        Sample Closings:         Sincerely,             See you at school,
                                 Best wishes,           From,

Careful! In the closing, you only capitalize the first letter. This is different than the greeting. After
the last word we use a comma and sign our name.
                           Sample Letter

                                         Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Dear Kayli,

How are you? Are you having a good summer? Have you gotten to
travel to cool places or are you going to camp? I hope you are having
fun whatever you are doing!

My summer is okay. I got to go to a cool camp, Camp Opsawala. It
was on a lake and I learned to swim. After, I went to my uncle’s
house in California. I liked California because of the beach.

Did you receive a letter from school yet? I did. I will be in Mr.
Bryant’s class. Whose class will you be in? I can’t wait to see you at

Take care,