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					                              ABT Global, Inc
                            A Global Documents Communications Company

   John Parry & Alexander
   1224 Lincoln Avenue
   Walnut Creek, California 94596

   Human Resources

Client Profile:
   John Parry & Alexander was founded in 1995 to provide Human Resource and Administrative
   Services support to companies that have a desire to keep their costs variable and their infrastructure
   minimal. In that regard, one should consider JPA as an outsourced provider of internal services.

   JPA brings with it decades of experience provided by a group of professionals that has the flexibility
   and efficiency of an entrepreneurial team. JPA is a known leader in producing a quality product.
   Completing work for clients that is “right the first time” is the standard by which JPA measures its
   effectiveness and overall success.

Business Need:
   JPA manages thousands of documents for some of the world’s most influential companies. Keeping
   the confidential information of these companies and their employees safe and secure is a key issue
   facing JPA both at present and in the future.

   John Parry & Alexander now offers its clients the most secure, efficient, and effective means of global
   document communications, storage and access available.

WebXpress Benefits:
  1. JPA was able to implement a short term solution that might otherwise have taken 12 to 24 months
     to implement thereby diverting valuable Accounting and IS resource currently deployed on core
     growth oriented corporate projects.
   2. Avoidance of significant capital expenditures to develop an in-house solution that would have cost
      in excess of several hundred thousand dollars.
   3. Internal administrative and marketing efficiencies were realized immediately.

ABT Global, Inc.                                            979.690.9378
Client Comments:
       WebXpress places confidential employee and corporate Human Resources information into the
       hands of the persons that are authorized, authenticated and permissioned to access and view that
       information on a global basis utilizing the ubiquity of the Internet and any web browser.

       Although JPA operates in different continents they enjoy a virtual file cabinet solution that
       provides a seamless, fluid Human Resources process in a secure environment with zero
       workstation impact and zero staff resource allocation during the implementation process.

ABT Global, Inc.                                          979.690.9378

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