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					The Promise of Beautiful Skin

Wrinkle Free. Anti-Aging. Firmer skin. Cure for Acne. Natural Beauty --- the claims on
cosmetic products promises the world for anyone looking for beautiful skin. But how much is
marketing hype versus factual?

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It breathes, protects, regulates body temperature, filters
and is affected more substantially from external toxins, sun damage and pollutants than any other
system. It is one of the major means of detoxification. It also reflects an individuals's health
status and self care.

Healthy skin does not happen by accident, you have to work to get it. There are several factors
that prevent beautiful skin:

   poor diet and lack of nutrients
   too much caffeine, tobacco or alcohol
   lack of sleep
   allergies and diseases
   poor hygiene
   too much sunlight and wind
   environmental pollution
   rough skin treatment
   harsh skin care products

Repairing and improving skin starts by addressing those same factors. That is easier said than
done, especially when it comes to skin care products and cosmetics. Be cautious of any products
that claim to repair or reverse signs of aging, disappearance of wrinkles, cure for acne or firmer
skin --- it is just not possible, as much as we would like to believe it --- to get these results from
skin care products alone. The lack of labelling standards and the use of toxic compounds in most
skin care and cosmetic product lines makes it difficult, even for those people who are
consciously focusing on choosing healthy alternatives.

There are over 900 different chemicals available for use in cosmetics and skin care products,
many that have toxic substances and that may be dangerous to your health. It is important to
remember that the skin absorbs very well. When you use products with harmful chemicals these
chemicals get absorbed and affect internal organs and systems.

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The following outline some of the more harmful ingredients that you need to look for:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is primarily a degreaser. It works so well that it is also used as an
industrial engine degreaser, garage floor cleaner, water softeners and auto cleaning products.
When used on the skin it has been shown to strip the hair of natural oils, impede hair growth and
breakdown cell membranes. It has also been linked to severe eye problems, weakened immune
system, hair loss, intestinal and other skin problems.

Propylene Glycol is a common moisture carrying ingredient used to keep cosmetics from drying
out and to make them easy to spread. This ingredient is derived from petroleum products and is
also used in things like ant-freeze and brake fluid. It has been known to cause irritation to skin,
eyes, nasal and respiratory passages and may cause liver and kidney damage.

Isopropyl Alcohol is also a petroleum by-product that is used as an antiseptic. It has been found
to dry out the skin, destroy the friendly protective bacteria on the skin surface or cause
headaches, respiratory or digestive disturbances.

Mineral Oil and Petroleum Jelly are both derived from petroleum. These substances dry the
skin, clog pores and prevent the natural detoxification ability of the skin --- that is they keep
toxins and wastes in the body instead of letting them being released during sweating. This
results in premature aging of the skin.

Artificial Colours are often derived from coal tar and can contain a lot of heavy metals and

Fragrances can be found in most skin care products. The term doesn't really tell you anything.
There are over 4,000 different chemicals that could be used. Most of the allergic reactions to
products are due to fragrances. They can contribute to mood changes, memory and sleep
problems and headaches.

When choosing skin care products the best advice is to be an informed consumer. Carefully read
the labels. If you don't know what an ingredient is than find out. Make your buying decisions
based on what is in the bottle not the promises made on the label.

And remember. Beautiful skin is the reward of a healthy happy lifestyle.

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