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					Sweet Things To Say To Your Boy Friend
The list of sweet things to say to your boy friend should ideally include some praise for a recent accomplishment or a word of caution. He expects you
to walk shoulder to shoulder with him, each within a personal space, and yet in sync. The rhythm of life and the fabric of the relationship the two of you
share should have ample of space for mutual respect and admiration. It is natural for him to look for recognition in your eyes and a 'thrust' forward in
the way you hold his hand. His imagination and concept of a great relationship is one that stretches beyond the ordinary and enables him to be the
person he basically is; no pretense.

Although, men have always been associated as the 'alpha' of society, things have changed in the way they conduct themselves today. They are
epitomes of concern and emotion in a relationship and although not very vocal or extending in their interactions, men probably need more reassurance
than women in a relationship. You play that important role in your boy friend's life. If the two of you do share a special relationship, then you need to be
sensitive to his need for reassurance. He could be a student or pursuing a successful career, no matter what, he yearns for you to be a part of every
endeavor. Your guidance and concern do matter and much more than, 'I like that shirt' or 'I could die a million times for that lopsided grin'.

There are a lot of sweet things to say to your boy friend and it is very important that you weigh your words before uttering them. He most certainly
won't be interested in knowing how 'checks' suit him, if he is groping for ground at the office or needs to work harder at accountancy in college. Be a
part of his life. Make him as comfortable with you, as he is with himself! Friend or other wise, togetherness is always enhanced further by respect and
genuine feed back. However, instead of, 'Oh God, not again?' try, 'You're getting there! Let's do this together'. Or instead of, 'What, no promotion!' try,
'They are keeping the 'big one' for you, I'm sure'. It works like magic.

He looks forward to his interactions with you as a release to all emotions that build up within. You subtly play mentor and guide and his medium of
reassurance from the world. Your boy friend depends on you for the same reassurance he got in plenty, from his mother, as a little boy. There will
always be a comparison of sorts and the sweet things to say to your boy friend should include the fact that you will never let him down. Being 'his'
friend is no more as easy as it was two or three decades back. Today's man is not afraid to express his desire to be egged on and to share his
experiences. You are his rostrum and experiment, prior to his head-on venture into the cutthroat competition that awaits him at every step of the way.

The sweet things to say to your boy friend should include, 'Look at how far you've come!', 'Is this Mr. Big Guy the Sammy I know?', 'Another year and
All Your Dreams Come True!' or 'Baby, I'll always be there for you, no matter what'. He will always turn to you for encouragement and loves to look
over his shoulder and find you around. Love and mutual admiration are two pillars that hold up the 'perfect relationship'. And, it is yours to keep, with a
little more sensitivity and selfless giving. Superfluous show of emotion always gets exposed in the not-so-great situations in life, but genuine concern
and support crosses all bridges and leads to an understanding that goes way beyond the measurable. He counts on you and yet finds it difficult to
express this dependency and need for support, without feeling vulnerable. You can actually make or break a great relationship with what you say!

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