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									Setting Up PSP Internet
Setting Up Your PSP's Internet in No Time

One of the main selling points of Sony's blockbuster handheld gaming console, the PlayStation Portable or PSP, is the ability to access various
wireless networks, be they from routers or other PSPs for multiplayer. However, you can also use that wireless connection to access the Internet via
the PSP's built in web browser, so your PSP quickly becomes not just a great gaming platform, but also an entire multimedia platform. To make this
entire process fun and easy, you can read this guide to learn about setting up your PSP for Internet usage.

In Three Easy Steps

Firstly, you'll want to enable your PSP for setting up Internet. It needs to be able to detect any available networks, so you'll need to enable the wireless
adapter by the switch on the left hand side of your PSP. If it's turned off (pressed down), your PSP won't be able to detect wireless networks. Push it
up so that you can get an active connection going. When you do the first step for setting up PSP Internet, your PSP will automatically set up a
connection with any neighboring PSPs, but you'll need to manually set up a connection if you wish to access the Internet.

Next for setting up PSP Internet, go to the main screen of your PSP and enter the Settings menu, scrolling the whole way down to the Network
Settings at the bottom. Select ?infrastructure? network and return to the previous menu to actually set the network up. Choose New Connection, and
give it a unique name (because you can save up to 10 different connections). You can choose between a manual input of the network settings or an
automatic scan, so you can go ahead and do the automatic scan.

Lastly, just choose the correct network you wish to connect to, and you're done setting up your PSP's Internet. The first thing you probably want to do
(especially if you've never connected to the Internet with your PSP previously) is go update your PSP's firmware with the latest patches and
performance enhancements. If you've done that, then go ahead and connect to the Internet with your PSP's web browser, or play a multiplayer game.
These three steps only take a few minutes to do, and then you get to enjoy your PSP the way it's meant to be experienced ? as a complete multimedia
platform. By setting up your PSP's Internet, you can access the web, check your e-mail, and play multiplayer games.

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