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            Tropical Fish Enthusiast Begs The Public, Please Learn A Little Before You Buy

       By Scott Chambers
       Dated: Aug 17, 2009

       Tropical fish enthusiast Scott Chambers would like to educate the public when it comes to having fish as
       pets. He feels that many people are accidentally harming fish and taking just 15 minutes to do a little
       research online could prevent this.

       Fish as a pet are very different from most other pets in that they require your to provide them with a
       self-contained world in which they can live. There is also the fact that different types of fish require
       different types of environments. Now besides the obvious fact of freshwater vs saltwater fish, another
       critical factor is the temperature of the water and one of the most important things: Are the species of fish
       you are planning to keep in the same aquarium compatible with each other or will they battle for territory or
       worse, does one species consider the other as food?!

        Scott has had fish, or a fish at least, for several years starting out with a single Siamese fighting fish in a
       rather small fishbowl. Siamese fighting fish, also known as a "Betta" fish, are a type of hardy fish that are
       rather maintenance free compared to most species of fish which is why many people start out this way.

        The American Veterinary Medical Association (Source: avma.org/onlnews/javma/jan08/080101a.asp
       Scroll down near the bottom of the page) cites the 2007 U.S. Pet Ownership and Demographics Sourcebook
       showing that in 2006 the number of households with fish as pets rose to more than 75 million.

        Many people are under the mistaken assumption that you can buy a fish and almost just forget about it. It
       just doesn't work that way. An aquarium is a world in itself and while maintaining this world requires more
       time and effort than most pets would need, some find the reward is very much worth it.

        As a result, Scott's passionate plea to the public is to at least do a little research on line first, thus he started
       his website: http://www.tropical-fish-guy-scott.com

        But he will upfront tell you that while learning online is a good idea it would be even better yet to also go
       to a very good, reputable fish store even if it cost a little more. The knowledge you can get can save you a
       lot of problems in the long run and help you avoid that little guilt trip should anything happen to your fish.

        He advises you to shop around if you can as having a truly wonderful aquarium requires advanced
       planning and a really good pet fish store, especially one with it's sole focus on fish, can give you valuable
       advice on how to create the type of aquarium you want.

        Scott says: "One of the fun things about an aquarium is actually the fact that most people can't afford to
       buy everything they want all at once so you get the thrill of every few weeks, or every month or so, of
       adding to your aquarium. This also gives you time to see what you aquarium looks like for a while and
       gives you time to muse on exactly which direction you want to take as far as the underwater world you wish
       to create."

        Scott is also quick to point out he is far from an expert with a degree of some type regarding marine life:
       "No, I don't know everything there is about the purchasing and then the care and feeding of all types of fish,
       but I am learning and my goal is to present to people in the simplest of terms the basic fundamentals
       because while I don't know everything, I do care. And I am sure the vast majority of people considering
       getting fish as pets or, and you should be very careful about this, giving fish as pets as a gift to someone,

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really do care about the health and well being of the fish as well."


I want to get basic information out to people choosing to have a fish as a pet so they do't make, well, stupid
mistakes, that harm the fish, they are just innocent creatures." Scott Casey http://

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