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Name: Stefani
Date: 10/29/03

   Website                             Rate 1-5       Cost           Pop-Up         What do
                                                      Money?         Ads?           you think?

   Barry's Clip Art Server - large     1,2,4,5-yes    free           Not really     I think it’s
   collection of free clip art.                                                     cool website
                                                                                    but need

   Clip Art Connection, The - large    1,2-yes        free           Not at all     It’s alright,
   collection of clip art, graphics                                                 nothing
   and other DTP/Web page                                                           much about
   development resources.                                                           it.

   Microsoft Design Gallery Live       1-5 no         free           No, just       I think it
   Clip Art - provides clip art,                                     asking for     would be
   photos, animations, and sounds                                    download       cool for
   for Office documents.                                             for another    boys to
                                                                     paper          check this

   Discovery Channel: Clip Art         1-5 yes        free           Nothing        It’s
   Gallery - choose from hundreds                                    pop-up ads     awesome!
   of original clip art pieces,                                                     Many
   including animations.                                                            things…

   Clip Art Universe - offering many   1-5 yes        free           Yes, for       Interesting,
   free backgrounds, icons,                                          emailing       because I
   dividers, animated GIFs and                                       about          want to
   more for you to use on your                                       background.    learn more
   page.                                                                            about
                                                                                    and styles.
Free Clipart Kingdom - offers a        1,4,5-yes       $23.99 for   Just once       It’s mostly
selection of graphics, clip art,                       month                        have more
fonts, animations, and photos.                                                      art clips
                                                                                    than other
                                                                                    website that
                                                                                    I’ve seen
                                                                                    since first
                                                                                    one. - offers                1-5 yes         free         Few times       Not bad,
categorized images.                                                                 first time I
                                                                                    have seen
                                                                                    while they
                                                                                    pop-up ads

Go Graph - provides searchable         ?               ?            ?               Can’t enter
directory of icons, animated                                                        b/c it
GIFs, photographs, and clip art.                                                    BLOCKED! - directory of clip art   ?               ?            ?               BLOCKED
sites, listing the rating, features,                                                again..
and visitor stats for each.

Kids Domain: Clipart - offers          1-5 yes         free         Few times       It’s cool and
icons and other special themed                                                      I like it.
clip art.

#1 Free Clip Art - offers clip art     1-5 yesss!      free         5 times         It’s way to
images sorted by category.                                                          awesome!

#1 Free Cursors - offers               1-5 yup!        free         Just once       I like it too
Christian and patriotic themed
desktop cursors and clip art. - source for web        1-5 yes         free         Not really at   Of course I
templates, backgrounds, buttons,                                    all             like it b/c
icons, and other webmaster                                                          there
graphics.                                                                           awesome
                                                                                    I loved it
                                                                                    and it’s

A-Z Free Clipart Graphics -            All of them I   free         Nothing yet     Yeah, it’s
provides categorized clip art          like it!                                     very lovely
images including alphabet,             and more
holidays, people, sports, and          things
more.                                  people will
                                       use it for
                                       reasons. - offers
categorized images. Golf Clip Art - links to
images of golfers, golfing, and
golf equipment and accessories.

All Clipart Site - offers animated
GIFs, buttons, backgrounds,
flags, icons, and more.

All Free Clipart - provides clip art
graphics sorted by category.

All Free Icons - categories
include animals, cartoons,
holidays, sports, and

All Season Clipart - offers a
variety of downloadable images
including holiday, special
occasions, finance,
entertainment, and sports.

Amy's Clipart Archive - features
hundreds of images in a range of
categories including animals,
holidays, and nature. Includes
thumbnails and an animated GIF

Amy's Large Cats - features cat
graphics including clip art,
animations, and pictures of lions,
tigers, and cheetahs.

Angels and Roses - add to the
impersonal look of an email,
background, or original
AussieCritters - graphics for
Australian animals and holidays.

Baby Clipart - offers links to baby
clip art sites.

BannerBlast! - offers clip art,
backgrounds, banners,
animations, and video games.

Barry's Clip Art Server - large
collection of free clip art.

Best Collection of Webimages -
free backgrounds, animations,
bullets, buttons, sets, borders,
and holiday images.

Best of Clipart - free clip art
graphics including holiday, office,
sports, and more.

Bestclipart - Clipart for everyone.
Free images to download.

BGA Graphics - collection of free
cartoon clip art available for

Bow Wow Meeow - offers cards
and graphics with dog or cat

Canadian Flag Clip Art Gallery

Christian Graphic Mall - offering
Christian theme clip art,
wallpaper, screensavers, and
greeting cards including icons,
GIFs, and graphics.

Clip Art Center - a selection of
free clip art downloads online
sorted alphabetically and
directory to similar sites.

Clip Art Clubhouse - offering a
wide selection of clip art graphics
and icons grouped by category,
including animals, cartoons,
holidays, and money.

Clip Art Connection, The - large
collection of clip art, graphics
and other DTP/Web page
development resources.

Clip Art for Golf - golf-themed
graphics, illustrations, and

Clip Art Review - customized
search forms and categorized
guide designed to locate free
graphics on the Web.

Clip Art Universe - offering many
free backgrounds, icons,
dividers, animated GIFs and
more for you to use on your
page. - directory of clip art
sites, listing the rating, features,
and visitor stats for each.

Clipart Guide - offers a
searchable directory of clip art on
the web. - images
of animals, sports, food,
holidays, nature, and other
images. - offers
galleries of free clip art
categorized by type with
thumbnail previews.

clippix - free and public domain
clip art images of animals,
babies, food, Christian, space,
toys, and collectibles.
Cowboy Clip Art - country and
western themed.

DanceArt - feature dance related
clip art and images, training
articles, and fundraising ideas.

Discovery Channel: Clip Art
Gallery - choose from hundreds
of original clip art pieces,
including animations.

eWebgrafix - public domain
image archive offering free
graphics, photos, buttons, and

Fantasy Clip Art

Food Clipart - offers royalty-free,
copyright-safe clip art and photos
for use on personal and
commercial sites.

Free Clipart - offers clip art
images and web elements.

Free Clipart Kingdom - offers a
selection of graphics, clip art,
fonts, animations, and photos.

Free Clipart Website - offers clip
art, backgrounds, and icons.

Free Tubes - offers Paint Shop
Pro picture tubes in png format,
brushes, clip art, 3D models,
props, GIF animations, and
more. - offers free
photos, backgrounds, clip art,
and more.

Funky Guys - humorous
cartoons, inspired on primitive art
and computers. Site includes
illustrations and free graphics
such as cliparts, comics,
animated GIFs, greeting cards,
and more.

Go Graph - provides searchable
directory of icons, animated
GIFs, photographs, and clip art.

Horse - offers a
guide to horse clip art images on
the web.

House Ravenscroft Scriptorium -
Celtic clip art. - offering free clip art
and photos.

Inki's Clipart

Juelie's State Flower Garden of
GIFs - clip art of each State's

Karen Shader Designs Free Clip
Art - hand-painted watercolor
backgrounds, buttons & bars.

Kids Domain: Clipart - offers
icons and other special themed
clip art.

Kurrus.Net - offers free smiley
face graphics, American flags,
butterflies, and more.

Microsoft Design Gallery Live
Clip Art - provides clip art,
photos, animations, and sounds
for Office documents.

Miss Jan's Graphics and Stuff -
holiday, flowers, teddy bears and
other clip art. - directory of fish,
animal, and insect clips art and
animated GIFs.
Neferchichi's Egypt Links & Clip
Art - includes Egyptian clip art,
hieroglyphics and mummification
lessons, links for kids and
teachers, and more.

Noetic Art - clip art created by
the author, orginal and free for
general use. -
featuring black and white
Victorian images and more.

Original Country Clipart by Lisa -
offering recipe cards, shopping
lists, gift tags, and to do lists to
print out.

PrimitiveSpun - offers primitive,
country style graphics.

Quilt Block Clipart by Dawn -
fFree clip art featuring designs,
traditional, original, patriotic, and
holiday quilt block designs.

SakiMonkey's Splendid Site -
specializes in e-mail signature
tags and animated snow globes.
Also offers calling cards and
cartoon dolls, as well as a doll
maker. - offers clip
art including backgrounds,
buttons, textures, wallpaper,
animated GIFs, and dividers.

Speccy Icons - a set of icons
based on the Spectrum.

Strange Benedictions - antique
style images. - offers free
clip art images organized into
several categories with
browsable thumbnail images.

Telephone Art - presents
graphics, photos, and telecom
images of cellphones,
payphones, and people using

Truecolour - free abstract images
for backgrounds originating from
nature and society. Includes
wallpaper and banners.

Weird Clipart Archives - graphics
and animated images.

Zitelli by Design - Choose from a
smorgasbord of graphics and
links. Buttons, rules, bullets,
animations, whatever you need.

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