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Core Stability Exercises - PowerPoint

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									Turn your athlete into an all-star

Core Stability Exercises to help
   build an efficient athlete
          Lemar Mosley
What is the core muscle group ?
 The core is defined as the lumbo-
 pelvic-hip complex
 There are twenty-nine muscles which
 create the core muscle group
 The core is where the center of
 gravity is located and where all
 movement begins
What muscles create the core ?

Lumbar spine

Abdominal Muscles

Hip Musculature
Why Do Athletes Need a Strong
    Core Muscle Group?
All explosive movements begin with
the core
The core has to be functioning
optimally to effectively utilize the
strength, power, neuromuscular
control, and muscular endurance that
athletes have developed in their
prime movers.
   Core Stability Exercises
Prone Press-Up
Table Top
Lateral Tilt
Begin Exercise by placing
stomach on ball, hands and feet
on the ground
Lift right arm and left leg while
maintaining balance on ball. Hold
position for 1-2 seconds
Lift left arm and right leg while
maintaining balance on ball. Hold
position for 1-2 seconds
Begin exercise in back   Tighten buttocks, lift
lying position with      hips without arching
legs on ball and arms    back.
at side                  Lower and repeat
          Prone Press-Up
Begin exercise in push-up position with legs on
Bring knees toward chest while keeping feet on
Straighten legs and regain push up position
Perform push up bringing chest toward the
               Table Top
Begin Exercise with back on ball and legs on the
Lift one leg, straighten knee, keep hands at side
Hold position for 1-2 seconds, return to original
Repeat exercise with opposite leg
               Lateral Tilt
Begin exercise in push-up position with ball
between legs.
Rotate hips and bring one foot towards the
Return to starting position and rotate hips to
opposite side and bring opposite foot toward
Relatively few athletes have
developed the muscles required for
core stabilization
Strengthening the core will provide
an increase in biomechanics,
therefore allowing maximum
efficiency with all movements
Core exercises reduce the risk of
Prentice, William. “Arnheim’s
  Principles of Athletic Training”. 2003

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