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Unicity International


									Unicity International Named among Top 500 Privately-held Businesses in the
United States

Unicity International has been recognized as one of the Top 500 Privately-held
Businesses in the United States by

Each year, collects and compiles the „Top Business List‟ on a
State and National basis. The data is used to determine the top privately-held
businesses and most successful entrepreneurs across the United States. Unicity
International was ranked 1st in Utah and 87th on the national level.

Recently, the company received a letter from Governor Jon Huntsman of the State of
Utah, offering his congratulations and encouragement. “I applaud you and your
employees for your hard work and dedication. It is because of hard working people,
such as yourselves, that Utah continues to have the fastest growing economy in the
nation,” Governor Huntsman stated.

“We‟re honored by DiversityBusiness‟ recognition of Unicity International,” said
Owner, Chairman and CEO Stewart Hughes. “This recognition acknowledges the
strength of our company and the growth and financial success we have experienced.
Our positions as number one in Utah and number 87 in the United States speak to
the stability we have achieved and the bright future we have.”

He added, “We believe that this recognition from underscores
the universal nature of our business and employment opportunities. The majority of
our distributors are female and minority individuals running their own independent
businesses in the United States and in 21 countries worldwide.”

“We also have employees from throughout the world, with many different cultures
and nationalities represented in our headquarters staff. We have demonstrated that
people from all walks of life can succeed in our business, and we are gratified that
others are noticing that fact.”

Click here to read the letter Steward Hughes sent to Franchise Owners and
employees of Unicity.

Click here to see the letter to Stewart Hughes from Utah Governor Jon M. Huntsman

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