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					                                                            Paris Model United Nations 2004
                                                                          Secretary General

                                               Salem Hassan
                                               Salem Musa J. Hassan was born in Paris on January
                                               19 th 1985. He was born into a diplomatic family, his
                                               father being the Ambassador of Oman to UNESCO.
                                               He grew up in a true diplomatic atmosphere; attending
                                               conferences since the age of ten, and receptions
                                               beforehand. His passion for a global change arose
                                               from his understanding of the structure of the United
                                               Nations System and the suffering of the people with
                                               little to no opportunities. Salem is particularly
                                               interested in reforming the United Nations to better
                                               suit the demands of today's international community.

                                               Hassan joined Model United Nations club at the
                                               American School of Paris (ASP) in 2000. He was
                                               accepted on ASP's THIMUN 2001 delegation but
                                               could not attend the conference. He started off his
                                               MUN conferencing career in 2001 by attending the
                                               first PAMUN, representing Bangladesh in the Human
                                               Rights committee and helping out with administrative
                                               work. He went on to represent the Philippines at
THIMUN 2002. Hassan attended Harvard Model Congress Europe in March and received the
Outstanding Delegate Award. He went on to represent Kuwait and Chaired the Human Rights
Committee in PAMUN 2002. He then was a member of ASP's THIMUN 2003 delegation, representing
Sudan in GA-1. He then Chaired the Political Committee in PAMUN 2003. Hassan continued by
attended THIMUN 2004 representing Algeria in GA-5. He attended Harvard Model Congress Europe
2004 representing Ireland in the European Constitutional Convention and received the Outstanding
Delegate award.

Finally, Hassan was appointed as Secretary General of the PAMUN 2004 conferences in May of 2004.
He quickly started working on new changes and innovations. He will be the first Secretary General to
host a three day PAMUN. He will also be the first Secretary General to inaugurate the change of
venue, from ASP's facilities to the UNESCO Headquarters, right in the heart of Paris

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