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					What makes you a great interior designer?

My strength is helping people create a cohesive, professional look in their home by
pulling together what they already have along with introducing key design elements
that may be missing. For example, a client may have a room with several pieces of
furniture that are different in style and they don’t want to buy new furniture. I can help
them unify the room and varying furniture styles through the use of color and fabric.

How can you help me sell my property and save money at the same time?

Selling a property as quickly as possible is equivalent to saving money when it comes to
real estate. In order to do this the home needs to make a great first impression. Stagers
are able to play up a home’s best features and downplay its short comings. For example,
if a house has a small dining room a stagger may suggest you take a leaf out of the dining
room table. By making the dining room table smaller the space automatically feels
larger. Also, unlike homeowners stagers are not emotionally attached to a home’s
decorative style. Therefore we can help create a “neutral” style that is less taste specific
and therefore has a greater appeal to potential buyers.

What is your specialty?

I specialize in affordable decorating and window treatments.

What is your favorite "trick of the trade?"

 Paint! Paint is cheap and can hide a multitude of sins on walls and furniture. Paint can
add a pop of color. Paint can give a space a focal point etc…

How long is your average appt and what do you cover?

 My appointments usually last from one and a half hours to two hours, depending on the
size of the property. I find if the appointment goes longer than two hours the
homeowners get overwhelmed and are less enthusiastic about getting starting on the “to
do” list!

How far will you drive to an appt? Where are your boundaries?

I cover Denver, most areas north of Denver (i.e. Longmont, Fredrick, and Windsor),
Broomfield County, Boulder County. I do not cover South Denver.

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