Bushcraft Knives

					            Handmade Bushcraft Knives

                                       Knife Description
These knives are crafted from high quality 01 tool steel (Steel specification follows) and
professionally hardened and tempered to a Rockwell value of 59-60. The blade is a clip point
design with a Scandinavian bevel – providing an efficient and easily maintainable edge both in the
workshop and in the field. Each blade is fitted with a choice of ergonomically shaped hardwood
handles and vulcanised fibre liners bonded to the knife’s full tang with epoxy resin and brass cutlers
Each blade is hand rubbed to a 2500-grit mirror polish and oiled to prevent oxidation. The handle
scales are sanded through to 800 grit and finished with Brixwax ™, providing a weatherproof
smooth finish. Each knife is supplied with a hand stitched leather sheath (either left or right
handed/hip) with a riveted leather belt loop, available in a variety of colours (both leather and
stitching). The sheath is oiled and waxed to ensure a long life and is individually formed to fit each
Each knife is supplied with a small booklet entitled “understanding you knife”, which explains the
processes that went in to making your knife, and the steps you should take to care for and maintain
your knife throughout its life.

                                      Knife Specification
      Knife Length:  220mm
      Blade Length:  95mm
       Blade Width:  25mm (widest point of knife is 30mm)
   Blade Thickness:  2, 3 or 4mm
  Handle Thickness:  20 to 25 mm (depending on grip size, S,M,L)
     Handle Liners:  1mm thick Vulcanised fibre in a variety of colours or 2.5mm Black plastic
      Handle Scales: Available in a variety of hardwood types. Typically – Ash, Mahogany,
                     Curly Birch, Apple.
       Sheath Type: Deep sheath with full welt. Double stitched with riveted belt loop.
                     Available either in Black or a variety of shades of brown (depending on
                     stock) provided with either matching or contrasting coloured stitching.
                                       Steel Specification
   Carbon            Silicon        Manganese         Chromium          Tungsten         Vanadium
   0.95%             0.40%           1.20%             0.55%             0.55%            0.15%

                                       Design Schematic
                           12cm                                        10cm

      For More information, orders, individual requirements and prices please contact me at:
                  Dan@Grenfell-Explorers.org.uk or phone on 0781 693 5997.

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