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How to Buy:
We appreciate your taking the time and trouble to browse
We are a self-service marketplace for the stone industry worldwide to enable you to
effortlessly get the best possible cost - quality - delivery - payment combination. In any
case, the information will save you costs and time and will improve decision-making and
increase satisfaction.

We will email your inquiry to several good suppliers at a nominal cost.However, the first
step in the buying process is to specify properly your inquiry by answering the questions

- your name, company name, location (city/state/country)
- your phone number - this will not be posted
- all specifications e.g. quantity, size range, application if buying stone
- from which geographical areas are you willing to buy?
- at what stage of the buying process are you?
- what steps need to be completed before you can finalize a supplier?
- by which date do you expect to finalize / place an order?

Best is to answer the full list of questions given below. If you do not have the requested
information at this stage, give as much information as you can, and ask whatever
questions or doubts you have. BUT DO IT NOW. The silliest mistake is to wait to gather
more info but if you are at a planning stage and need any type of help, send detailed

If you want SAMPLES, read at the bottom.

If you are a RETAIL buyer, inform :
- your location & phone number
- quantity estimate
- price range or budget
- stone name or type
- image in or on any website
- needed by when
- reason why you can not source through yellow pages

To request a quote for COMMERCIAL QUANTITIES of stone, inform:
- your city, state and phone number
- zip code, if in USA , to calculate delivery costs
- at what price delivered will you definitely place an order? else give price range
- how soon can you order?
- who has to approve the order?
- approximate quantity?
- want to import or buy domestic?
- what is the application? any drawing?
- stone type e.g. marble?
        Phone: + 973 3968 6629 - +973 39612281 Fax: +973 17 795 239 - P.O. Box 30498 - Budaya, Kingdom of Bahrain
                                      E-mail: -
- product e.g. tiles?
- size range? do you want offers in metric or in ft/in.
- surface? e.g. polished, honed, sawn, natural i.e. cleft, flamed, bush-hammered,
- shade variation e.g. standard, minimum, doesn't matter?
- quality? e.g. first / best, commercial, rejects?
- stone trade name?
- country of origin?
- image e.g. on any website?
- date needed by?
- who will inspect?
- will you pay for postage cost of samples?
- your profile

NEXT finalize the courier charges or give your DHL / UPS / Fedex account numbers

        Phone: + 973 3968 6629 - +973 39612281 Fax: +973 17 795 239 - P.O. Box 30498 - Budaya, Kingdom of Bahrain
                                      E-mail: -

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