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									    NBA Betting System

Here’s the NBA betting system in detail. As long as you strictly follow my betting

guidelines below, you will be winning almost all of your NBA bets.

In a nutshell, you will be betting that one team is going to win at least one game against the

spread in an 3-game away series where all three of their opposing teams are from the

opposite conference. This is a bet that you will win more than 97% of the time.

Before I go into detail on how to make the bets, I will go over the money management

system. There are only three bet values you should stick to: Bet A; Bet B; and Bet C.

Bet A = Your beginning bet. You can, for example, set your beginning bet at $100 when you

first start out.

Bet B = In case Bet A fails, you make bet B to make up for any loss you’ve suffered from

Bet A, plus any profit you would have achieved from bet A. So, if your Bet A was $100,

your Bet B can be $250.

Bet C = In case Bet B fails, you make bet C to make up for any loss you’ve suffered

from Bet A plus Bet B, plus profit you would have achieved from bet A. So, if your Bet A
plus Bet B was $350, your Bet C can be $650.

There is no Bet D, or E, or anything thereafter. If you lose Bet C, you lose the bet.

However, do not be concerned, because losing a Bet C is something that will almost

never happen. I’ll talk more about that later. Here’s the betting system:

   1. Check the NBA schedule and mark down any series where one team will be

       playing at least 3 consecutive games on the road versus a team on a different


   2. For the team that will be playing 3 or more consecutive games on the road with a

       different conference, make a bet A for the team on the road on its first day by

       buying 3 points.

   3. If you lose bet A, make bet B on the next day for the same team, buying 3 points.

   4. If you lose bet B, make bet C on the next day for the same team, buying 3 points.

A good place to check which conference a team belongs to is here

The only exception is to never bet on a team that is either the best or worst on the road.

If your team has the worst road record in the league, then you should pass on that

series due to the higher risks involved. Likewise, if your team has the best road record
in the league, then Vegas would often set the line too high, so it’s best to pass on that

series as well.

Also, check up on the injuries before making a bet. If your team has its best player

injured, then you should just pass on that series, regardless of any injuries there may be

on the other team. The best place to check to see who’s the best player on your team is

here. This page lists out the best players in the NBA in terms of their efficiency. The first

player to be ranked for your team would generally be that team’s best player.

If you are unfamiliar with betting, below is a screenshot of what you may see on BetUS:

Just follow the instructions above by first clicking on “Sportsbook” at the top of the

screen- then “Basketball” on the left side of the screen - then click on “Game” under the

NBA section.
On the next page is where you select your team. For example, let’s say that you want to buy

3 points for the Cleveland Cavaliers in their game versus the Boston Celtics, you would need

to do as follows:

On the next page is where you get to buy points. Just follow the instructions in the

screenshot below to buy points:
Finally, it’s time to set your wager amount:

If you do not understand what buying points mean, let me explain: Each game that you

wager on will have a point spread. For example, in the Houston vs Dallas game that you

see on the screenshot above, the spread is +5 for Houston and and -5 for Dallas. If you

bet on Houston +5, it means that Houston can lose the game by 4 points to Dallas, and

you will still win the bet. If you bet on Dallas -5, it means that Dallas must beat Houston

by 6 points or more for you to win the wager. Now, if you buy 3 points for Houston, that

would bring the spread to +8 instead of +5. This means that now you will still win the bet

even if Houston loses to Dallas by 7 points. Similarly, if you buy 3 points for Dallas to

bring the spread to -2, it would mean that they can now win by only 3 points or more and

you will still win your wager.
Now, I want to give you an example from the 2006-07 NBA season to make sure you’re able

to follow the betting method. On 3/9/07, the Detroit Pistons had a road game

versus the Denver Nuggets. Their next game was also road game versus the LA

Clippers on 3/11. On 3/13 they had another road game versus Seattle. This means that

Detroit had three consecutive games on the road versus three teams of a different

conference. Therefore, on 3/9/07, you would bet on the Detroit Pistons to beat the

Nuggets on the spread, and buying 3 points on top of the spread, starting with a $100 bet (or

Bet A). On 3/9, Detroit did beat Denver, therefore you have won bet A. Stop at this point and

do not make any more bets in this series. Move on to the next one.

But what if Detroit lost to Denver on 3/9/07? Then, on the day of their next game on the road

(3/11) versus the LA Clippers, you’ll make a bet for Detroit on the spread again, and buying

3 points, this time with a $250 (or Bet B) to make up for the loss you’ve suffered

yesterday, as well as to win a profit.
If Detroit were to lose again on 3/11 versus the Clippers, then on 11/13 bet $650 (or Bet

C) on Detroit on the spread, and buying 3 points in their game versus Seattle to make up

for the losses you’ve suffered in the last 2 bets with Detroit, as well as to win a profit.

You must be wondering, what if Detroit lost again on 3/13? Well, then that means you

lose the bet. I can assure you, however, you will almost never see this happen. I’m a

statistics professional, and I’ve done extensive stat calculations and tests to ensure that

my betting formula results in a win almost 100% of the time. In an entire NBA season,

as long as you follow my guidelines, your chances of losing Bet B in any series is less

than 10%. Your chances of losing bet C in any game is close to 0%. Bet under these

rules and you will profit. Whenever you win a bet in any series, stop and move on to the next


If you have a huge bankroll, your Bet A can start out higher, provided that you have enough

in your bankroll to make a Bet B and a Bet C if needed. Similarly, if you have a small

bankroll, your Bet A can be smaller. Enjoy!

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