Adding A Sunroom by GatorFace



Interested In Adding a Sunroom on Your Home

Please think about the following questions. This completed questionnaire will assist in quoting
and designing the Sunroom of your dreams. You can find a dealer in your area to assist you in
the quoting and designing process by going to the Seaway Manufacturing Website at and clicking on the “Find a Dealer Now” button.

    1. How do you anticipate using your Sunroom?
       * Family Recreation Room
       * Quiet, Getaway Room
       * Hot Tub Room
       * Exercise Room
       * Entertainment Room
       * Home Office
       * All of the Above
       * Other _____________

    2. Which of the Sunroom benefits are most valuable to you?
       * Gain Additional Space
       * Enjoy the Outdoors
       * No Bugs
       * Year-round Functionality
       * No Weather Worries
       * Custom Designed & Built
       * Excellent Investment
       * Maintenance-Free
       * Increase the Value of Your Home
       * Less $ Than Conventional Construction
       *Constructed in Less Than a Week
       *Other ___________________________________

    3. What style of house do you have?
       * One-Story
       * Two-Story
       * Raised Ranch
       * Other _______________

    4. Where would you like your Sunroom installed?
       * Existing Deck
       * Existing Cement Slab
       * Custom-Built, Energy Efficient Sub-Floor/ Foundation

    5. Financing:
       * Already Secured Funding
       * Still Investigating Options
       * Not Necessary

    6. What are your desired Sunroom dimensions?

       Depth ________________

       Length _________________

    7. Are there any potential obstacles or obstructions that we should consider?

    8. How soon would you like to have a Sunroom installed on your home?

You may also want to take a photo of the location on your home where you would like to put
your Sunroom. This will help to identify any potential obstacles and make the design process
even easier.

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