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					                                                    Washington Lawyers
                                                     Practice Manual
                           ORDER FORM FOR THE 2009 EDITION
 CHAPTER TOPICS:                    (All subscription prices include
                                                                         Price                 Qty.
 Alternatives in Litigation        shipping and sales tax.)
                                   Complete Print Edition
 Appellate Practice                                                    $725.00
                                   – Full 8 Vol. Set
                                   Annual Update* Pages
 Bankruptcy Practice                                                   $350.00
                                   – Print Edition
 Business Law Practice             Complete CD-ROM Edition
                                   – Full Set on single CD
 Civil Trial Practice              Annual Update*
                                   – CD ROM Edition
 Collecting Claims and
 Enforcing Judgments               Print Set and CD-ROM
                                   – Both Editions
 Commercial Practice
                                   Print Set and CD-ROM
 Construction Law                  – Both Annual Updates*

 Consumer Law                      Individual Chapter                   $65.00
                                                                                 Qty of each selection from left
 Criminal Trial Practice
                                   Network License:
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 Damages: Proof & Measure          For multiple users, check the appropriate box to add your Network
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 Domestic Relations

 Evidence                                                         1 - 5 Users         $50.00

 Employment Discrimination                                       6 - 25 Users       $100.00

                                                                   + 25 Users       $200.00
 Guide to Local Courthouses

 Indian Law                        * (Annual Updates are only available to customers whose
                                   subscription is current and who have received the previous year's
 Internet Technology Law           edition.)
                                   Order Information:
 Land Use & Environmental
 Law                                Name:
 Law Office Management
 Personal Injury                    Street
 Probate, Guardianship &
 Estate Planning                    City:
 Public Entitlement Law
 Real Property
                                    Zip Code:
 State Administrative Law
 Tax Practice


Send this order form, with your payment, to KCBA at 1200 Fifth Avenue, Suite 600, Seattle, WA 98101,
                                or order online at www.kcba.org/WLPM.
                                               Washington Lawyers
                                                Practice Manual

The Washington Lawyers Practice Manual is a comprehensive legal reference set, designed for
practitioners statewide, compiled and offered exclusively by the King County Bar Association’s
Young Lawyers Division. Our publication provides instant access to 25 of the most frequently
used areas of Washington State law, and is updated annually. We added Kitsap to the County
Courthouse Guides in 2006! We added a new Indian Law chapter in 2007! We added a new
Construction Law chapter for 2008! Click on the chapter titles on the Order Form at
www.kcba.org/WLPM to see the contents and forms for each chapter.

          All attorneys, statewide, save valuable time and client resources
Large firms use our eight-volume print edition of the Washington Lawyer’s Practice Manual to
support the research of out-of-state summer interns. The full CD-ROM edition* also allows solo
practitioners and smaller law firms to reduce library research time. No matter what size your
practice, the Washington Lawyers Practice Manual allows you to save time and pass valuable
savings on to clients. A great resource for non-attorney professionals and paralegals, too!

                     Sales support free neighborhood legal clinics
Proceeds from the Washington Lawyers Practice Manual go to support our Neighborhood
Legal Clinics program, ensuring our community’s continued access to the justice system at
absolutely no cost. Since 1974, the King County Bar Association’s Neighborhood Legal Clinics
have offered free legal advice and consultation to residents. Last year, over 600 volunteer
attorneys and assistants served nearly 7,200 clients at 30 clinics.


                        o   Over 1,000 FORMS
                        o   Checklists
                        o   Practice Tips
                        o   Bibliographies
                        o   Annual Updates
                        o   Useful statewide, covering 25 areas of Washington State Law
                        o   Available as an 8-volume print set or as a single CD ROM*
                        o   Individual chapters also available on CD

*The CD version of the WLPM has interactive forms, can be key-word searched, and each table
of contents heading is electronically linked to the corresponding section of the text. The CD not
only includes the text of each chapter as a PDF file, but provides the forms in Word, as well,
making them easier to adapt for your own use! We believe the CD is a superior product -- and it
costs less than the print version!

                                         Convenient orders

To receive your edition of the Washington Lawyers Practice Manual, order online at
www.kcba.org/WLPM or mail the order form, with your payment, to: King County Bar Association,
1200 Fifth Avenue, Suite 600, Seattle, WA 98101. If you have questions about your subscription,
phone 206-267-7045(voicemail only) or e-mail: WLPM@KCBA.org.