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					                              Alpine Engineering & Design, Inc.
                                                                                                      Spring 2001 Volume 1, Issue 2

                         Fast Track Product Development

                       Off to a Running Start
Product development can
fall down the list of
priorities as manufacturers
deal with the day-to-day
challenges of existing
product lines. When the
resources are just not
available to take on that
new product design, many
companies look to the
e n gi ne ers at A lpi ne                Rough overall CAD layout is the first step                        Paperless
Engineering & Design for
help.                                                                                                     Prototyping
                              help them with only five             With a list of specifications,
                              months to provide:                   our engineers worked             The designers at Alpine
A manufacturer of man lifts   •   Complete Design                  closely       with        the    Engineering & Design build
had a tight deadline for                                           manufacturer to produce an       the prototypes themselves.
                              •   Prototype                        overall layout.     After a      We go from CAD file to
adding a material handling
lift to their product line.   •   Tested Product                   number of iterations the         prototype without the time
They turned to Alpine                                              layout was ready for the         and expense of detail and
                              •   Drawing Package                  next step in about 6 weeks.      assembly drawings.
Engineering & Design to

                                                                                                    Cutting costs in product
                        Streamlined Prototypes                                                      development:

                                                   After the rough layout we generated a            • Our engineers and designers
                                                                                                      assemble the prototypes of
                                                   SolidWorks® assembly.
                                                                                                      their product designs.
                                                   The solid model of the design served               Design improvements and
                                                   several purposes:                                  corrections are made during
                                                   1.   A check for assembly interferences
                                                   2.   Established the solid geometry for          • Complete finite element
                                                        the finite element analysis (FEA) of          analysis (FEA) of a product
                                                        each assembly                                 during the design virtually
                                                                                                      eliminates surprise failures
                                                   3.   Preparation for service manuals to            or unforeseen weak points.
                                                        be produced later
                                                   It was now time to pull out all of the           • With over 20 years of
                                                   stops on prototyping.           With a             product experience, we
                                                   coordinated effort we had parts ready to           have established an efficient
                                                   weld and assemble in just a few weeks.             and effective product
                                                                                                      development system.
       Page 2                                            Alpine Engineering & Design, Inc.

“Engineers with hands-on
experience in fabrication                    Engineers Getting their Hands Dirty ?
become better designers.”

                                 The design process continued
                                 through the assembly of the
                                 prototype. The overall CAD
                                 assembly was continually up-
                                 dated with changes that would
                                 facilitate production assembly
                                 and simplify the design.

                                 In a few weeks the weldments
Our engineers designed and
                                 and subassemblies were com-
built a test pad for the
                                 plete. As a result of the care-
material handling man lift
                                 ful design work, very few
during the prototyping
                                 changes had to be made to the

                                             15 Weeks from Concept to Prototype

                                 Traditionally, it takes about three
                                 prototypes to get a product ready
                                 for production. The engineers at
                                 Alpine Engineering & Design rarely
                                 need even two. We can do this by
                                 involving the engineers in every phase
                                 of the product development to catch
                                 the problems early.
                                 •    Welded Structure
                                 •    Hydraulics
                                 •    Power Transmission

                                     Let Alpine Engineering & Design help turn your great idea into a great
                                        product. Our multi-industry design experience will benefit you.

                                        Alpine Engineering & Design, Inc.
The material handling man lift
                                                     Experts in Product Development
was tested to 2 times rated
load with no failure or                            Contact us:
permanent deformation.
                                  Phone: 801-763-8484
                                  FAX: 801-763-5755
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