Martha Stewrt by He Is Legend


									Eeva Pukkila
English philology

                                   Written translation -1

On December 27th in 2001, Martha Stewart urged her stockbroker to put up for sale her

4000 shares in a pharmaceutical company called ImClone. Compared to her fortune of

billions, the shares were pretty much worthless. The stock price plummeted the next day.

   That was the time of scandals in huge companies. The Securities and Exchange

Commission started wondering why such a noticeable amount of shares were sold only

days before the index crashed. It was discovered that the Chief Executive Officer of

ImClone, Sam Waksal, who was dating Martha's daughter, had sold his personal shares

the previous day. And who else had done the same? Martha Stewart!

   It was big news in America. Martha Stewart, America's favourite homemaker, had

been engaged in insider trading.

   At trial, Martha couldn't be charged with insider trading, but rather with what

happened after the SEC started investigating the matter. Martha had kept information

from them and lied during the interrogation while trying to wriggle her way out of the


   On March 5th the court found her guilty on four felonies. During the SEC

investigation, she had made three false statements and committed perjury. Martha's

sentence will be announced on June 17th.

   The maximum penalty for each crime is 5 years in prison and a 250 000-dollar fine.

Therefore, in theory she could be sentenced to jail for up to 20 years and she would have
to pay a million dollars in fines. In the American press it's generally estimated that she

will have to spend from 2 to 3 years in jail. Martha personally doesn't think she will be


   The media have made cruel jokes about Martha, who according to some will start

decorating her cell by painting the walls efficiently with a sponge.

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