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									                                                       LOCAL LAW 77: DDC MONTHLY REPORTING FORM

Contractor:                                                                                             Report #                      Covering the Mo/Yr of:

Project Name:                                                              Project #                   Address:

                                                                                             Phase-in of Local Law 77 Requirements

 The Department of Design and Construction (DDC)                                                Local Law 77 Requirements for Contracts Awarded After:
 requires its contractors to file this form so that it can
 report to the DEP on usage of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel                                          June 19, 2004     December 19, 2004        June 19, 2005          December 19, 2005
 (ULSD) fuel in diesel-powered non-road vehicles,             Contracts in Lower Manhattan      ULSD & BAT            ULSD & BAT           ULSD & BAT             ULSD & BAT
 and on the use of Best Available Technology (BAT)
                                                              Contracts > $2M City-Wide         Not applicable        ULSD                 ULSD & BAT             ULSD & BAT
 for reducing emission of pollutants, as required by          Contracts < $2M City-Wide         Not applicable        ULSD                 ULSD                   ULSD & BAT
 NYC Local Law 77 of 2003.

Please list all diesel equipment over 50 horsepower (HP) used and to be used on site for more than 20 days during contract duration. Indicate the Best Available Technology (BAT)
used for each in compliance with LL77, the Contract, and the requirements of the DEP. See DEP website for regular updates. List each piece of equipment separately, even if it is the
same make and model.
                                                                                                                                                       DEP approved BAT installed
         Days Used                                                                                                                      (DEP sticker must be applied to vehicle indicating BAT type
                                                                                                                                                           and date installed.)
                                     Type                    Make             Model #                  VIN #
                     Future                                                                                                  Rating                                                    Tier*         DEP
 Prior     This
                     Months                                                                                                            Date installed      Make          Model        I, II, III   waiver**
Months      Mo.
                      (est.)                                                                                                                                                                       required

(Use DDC Supplement to Monthly Report Form to attach additional pages if necessary)

 * Attach copy of DEP determination if Tier II or Tier III BAT is proposed or used.
* * Attach copy of DEP Waiver if BAT requirement is waived for any reason during all or part of the contract period
                  Total pieces of Equipment used on site this Month         =                    Total that used BAT this Month      =

                  Total pieces of Equipment used on site this Calendar Year =                    Total that used BAT this Year       =

The use of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel (ULSD) with less than 15 parts per million (ppm) sulfur is required * for all diesel equipment and engines (50 HP or greater)
used on site. Please indicate your fuel use for this month and the running total for the calendar year. Copies of fuel invoices and these forms with required
attachments      must be kept on site and supplied to DDC/DEP representatives upon request.

                                                            ULSD Fuel                                         Other Low Sulfur Diesel Fuels
                                                                                                             Fuel used as Tier III                 Other
                                                         <15 ppm sulfur             16-30 ppm sulfur*
   Fuel Supplier                                                                                                    BAT*               (List fuel-based BAT’s here)
                                                                        gallons                   gallons                        gallons                               gallons

               Totals for the Calendar Year

* Attach copy of DEP Determination/ Waiver.

By signing this document, I certify that the information provided is accurate, that all diesel equipment over 50 hp used on the project during the reporting period by my employees and
subcontractors is included and, except as explained above, all diesel fuel used on the project during the reporting period was ULSD with sulfur content less than 15 ppm, and that all
BAT retrofits have been selected and installed in accord with LL 77. Note that DEP will audit sites to ensure forms are accurate. Fines for non-compliance and fraud will be levied by
DEP against the Contractor according to the terms of the Law.

Signed:                                                                Date:

                               Name and Title

    There are other Prime Contractors on this site whose equipment is not included here.

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