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									                  PURCHASE ORDER
Mailing Address:                                                                                    Payment Method
Visual Paradigm Int’l Ltd.                                                                          Check Payable to:
Rm 702, Park Bldg., 476 Castle Peak Road,
Cheung Sha Wan, Kln, Hong Kong                                                                      Visual Paradigm Int’l Ltd.
Fax number: +852 2744 6722                                                                          Rm 702, Park Bldg., 476 Castle Peak Road,
Email address: sales@visual-paradigm.com                                                            Cheung Sha Wan, Kln, Hong Kong

License Information                                                                                 Billing Information                                      Use my license information
Name                                                                                                Name

Email                                                                                               Email

Company                                                                                             Company

Address                                                                                             Address

City                                                    State            ZIP Code                   City                                                       State            ZIP Code

Country                                                                                             Country

Phone                                          Fax                                                  Phone                                             Fax

Ordered Product Information
Product                                                                                                                         Price              Quantity                            Subtotal

Please refer to the price list: http://www.visual-paradigm.com/shop/pricelist.jsp
                                                                                                                                                  Total: US $

                                                Customer Signature                                                                                     Date

All Visual Paradigm license includes a 60 day free upgrade. During the 60 day period, all product upgrades, are included with out additional charge.
The Maintenance Agreement for Visual Paradigm products, renewable each year, entitles the licensee to twelve months of free upgrades. The annual cost of the Maintenance Agreement for a
Visual Paradigm product is 20% (if the customer purchases the product and Maintenance Agreement together, or if the licensee renews their Maintenance Agreement) / 30% (licensee did not
have any Maintenance Agreement or the Maintenance Agreement has been expired) of it's current published list price. For customers who purchased the product and the Maintenance
Agreement together, the Maintenance Agreement will start after the free 60 day period.
Phone, e-mail support and LIVE Help are free of charge.

Floating License
All Visual Paradigm's Products support floating license (except Personal and Community Edition). The c ost of the floating license is available at 30% on top of its current published list price.
When you purchase software with the floating license option, we will send you the floating license server after the transacti on was completed.

All Visual Paradigm products are delivered electronically. Our policy is no refunds once you have purchased the product. Please download and try the evaluation version before purchase. The
evaluation version is fully functional; the evaluation version only adds a water mark when printing, copying and pasting diagrams.
           Payment Instruction for Offline Purchase by Check
Step 1 Fill the Purchase Order form.
                                                                  I) Select the check box Use my
                                                                     license information to copy your
                                                                     License Information to Billing

Step 2 Print out the filled Purchase Order form.
                        Step 1       Click on “File” then select “Print…”.
                                     You can also print by pressing the “Ctrl + P”.
                        Step 2       Select an appropriate printer, then click on “Print”.
                        Step 3       If the form printed improperly, you may try to make some changes
                        (Optional)   in your “Page Setup” dialog box. To do this, click on “File” then
                                     “Page Setup…”.
                                     In addition, you can have a preview of the print out by click “File”
                                     then “Print Preview”.

Step 3 Write a check payable to
                                 PAY:        Visual Paradigm Int’l Ltd.
                                 US Dollars: One thousand six hundred seventy eight
                                                and fifty cents only
                                 US $:          1678.50
                                 If address is required:
                                 Rm 702, Park Bldg., 476 Castle Peak Road,
                                 Cheung Sha Wan, Kln, Hong Kong

Step 4 Mail the check together with the filled Purchase Order form to us.

From:                                             To:
                                                  Visual Paradigm Int’l Ltd.
                                                  Rm 702, Park Bldg.,
                                                  476 Castle Peak Road,
                                                  Cheung Sha Wan, Kln, Hong Kong

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