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									Mortgage Calculators a Must Have on Real Estate Web Sites
If you are a real estate agent and have your own web site, you need to have mortgage calculators on your site. If you bought a pre-made website from
one of the big providers, likely you have one or more calculators included. However, they are often poorly designed, visually unappealing, and
sometimes don't even offer printable results. There are better options to consider. There are online real estate software packages you can purchase
and have installed on your web site. The drawback, however, is that the programs can be expensive, and you will usually need to hire a programmer
to install and test them. There are also several online services that offer online financial calculators that you can link to from your web site, as long as
you keep their advertisements intact. Again, most of these free calculators are not visually appealing, and often lack many of the sophisticated features
(such as printable payment schedules) important to offer your website visitors. In addition, usually they cannot be customized to the look and feel of
your existing website. There is one company that gives you the ability to use their suite of bilingual online mortgage calculators on your web site,
either framed into your existing site or through a custom link, on an affordable monthly subscription basis and with no advertising. The package of
twenty-one online mortgage calculators at Agent Success Club can be branded with an agent's (or lender's) photo and contact information, provide
PDF output of the calculation results, and also include simple explanations alongside complex financial computations. Additionally, they include a lead
capture function to help you build your potential client list. Advantages of using mortgage calculators There are several advantages to providing
branded online mortgage calculators for your visitors such as: * Providing online mortgage calculators service makes you look more professional and
can enhance your credibility with site visitors. The more services you can provide to your visitors without them having to leave your web site, the more
likely they will ask you to represent them in purchasing their home. If they are local, they may even ask you to list their current home as well. * Get
more traffic to your website. The first thing a prospective buyer wants is a mortgage calculator so they can see how much house they can afford to
buy. They could ask the real estate agent but most people prefer to use the calculator so they can try all different combinations to see what their
options for getting a loan are and what it is going to cost them. Mortgage calculator is one of the top search terms used in the real estate business. *
Many visitors will actually bookmark your web site so they can find your calculators again. If you can brand your online mortgage calculators, all the
better because you are building brand recognition which means your visitors will recommend your website to their friends. * With branded online
mortgage calculators, web site visitors will spend more time on your web site, which increases the likelihood that they will contact you with any
questions they might have, or when they find a property they like. Studies have shown that one of the most stressful events that occur in an
individual's life is buying a house. Mortgages are complex financial documents that include several variables such as the term of the loan, varying
interest rates and variable closing costs.   Giving your visitors access to easy-to-use and easy-to-understand online mortgage calculators, especially
ones that can be easily printed or emailed, can make financial jargon much more understandable. Even better, if your branded online mortgage
calculators can translate the complex financial analysis to a "plain English" explanation, your clients are sure to be much less bewildered about how to
interpret the results.

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Matt Coy is the Founder/President of InFront Tools (, and the developer of Agent Success Club
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