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									Course Information Sheet: AP Chemistry
Mr. Babb (650)960-8482 What Students Can Expect From This Course: Course Description Year Course. Prerequisite: Chemistry 1AB, Algebra II, Geometry. UC/CSU approved AP Chemistry is a rigorous, college-level course investigating the molecular organization of the universe. The study includes chemical properties of matter, chemical reactions, thermodynamics, gas laws, periodicity, kinetics, equilibrium, solution chemistry, nuclear chemistry and organic chemistry. Arithmetic, algebra and geometry are routinely applied in solving problems. Required Materials Every Day: Text: Chemistry Steven Zumdahl, 5th Ed. D.C. Heath and Co. 2000 Required Purchase: Paul Kelter. Chemistry Study Guide 5th Ed. ( Graphing Calculator Composition Book to be used as a Laboratory Notebook Notebook Paper, Pens and Pencils Expected School-Wide Learning Results:      CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS: Students will be able to make decisions based on valid reasoning and data. For example, they will decide which of two hypotheses is more valid based on the results of an experiment they perform. PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS: Students will be able to evaluate data, ask questions, use their research skills and the scientific method to analyze lab results, and draw conclusions in the form of a lab report. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATORS: Students will be able to communicate an idea or scientific rationale to others in written or oral form. For example, the students will be expected to write a detailed lab report or their group’s data. DECISION MAKING AND RESPONSIBILITY: Students will develop and demonstrate personal character and responsibility by showing respect to other people, their property and their opinions. KNOWLEDGEABLE INDIVIDUALS: Students will read and respond to written assignments that broaden their horizons technically, historically, and culturally. The student will conduct research using primary or secondary source material. SELF-DIRECTED LEARNERS: The student will take responsibility for his/her own learning by organizing homework time to complete assignments. Research topics selected by the student shall seek out ideas and information of personal interest. RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUALS: The student will complete all work in a timely manner that meets ethical standards. In working with others, the student will contribute in a manner that supports effective group participation. COMMUNITY PARTICIPANTS: The student will use learning experiences in class to build knowledge and skills enabling participation in the community at large.


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Assessment and Grading: Assessment and Grading: Quarter Grading Examinations & Quizzes Lab Activities/Reports Homework & Homework Quizzes Performance Semester Grading 50% 20% 20% 10% 1st and 2nd Quarters Semester Final 80% 20%

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The quarter and semester grade will be determined by the following grading scale: 100-90% = A, 89-80% = B, 79-70% = C, 69-60% = D, 59-0% = F Extra Credit is not the norm, however occasionally some points can be achieved by completing an extra unit of study, laboratory or weekend field trip. Students should be able to show their performance by responding well during lecture, class discussions, demonstrations, labs, group projects, writing assignments, nightly homework and class work, test/quizzes, guest speakers, and other activities.

I understand what materials my instructor expects me to bring to class daily, and completely understand that I must turn in daily work or quizzes and pass examinations in order to achieve a passing grade _______________ (Initial) What is Expected From The Student: Homework and Attendance: Homework is assigned Monday through Friday evenings. After reviewing homework, the same problems will appear as homework quizzes at least twice a week. Homework itself is only collected occasionally, as the homework grade is composed of individual quizzes. Homework quizzes are not made up when missed due to absence. One homework quiz grade is dropped each quarter. Nothing sabotages success like chronic absenteeism. Please try to avoid this. If you anticipate missing class due to a field trip, appointment, or early out, consider attending another period. It will require twice as much time for you to learn the information outside of class. Late Work / Make-up Work:     It is not possible to make up homework quizzes when a student is absent—rather one score is dropped each quarter. Late work (labs, etc.) will lose 20% for each day that the assignment is late unless the assignment is late due to an excused absence. Remember to turn in late work. Once that assignment is returned to students it cannot be turned in for credit. Tests are to be taken on the day assigned or on the day you return from an excused absence. If you are unable to make this date, it is your responsibility to make an appointment with the teacher to schedule a make-up test. If you have an unexcused absence (including absences due to campus music or athletic commitments attended without permission) you will not be allowed to make up the test, lab or other missed work and a score of zero is recorded.

Examinations and Quizzes: Chapter examinations are scheduled frequently throughout the course. These exams imitate the style of AP examinations. Multiple choice, mathematical and essay questions compose every exam. Quizzes are scheduled prior to exams in order to practice skills and diagnose student problems. Students missing a quiz will not make up that quiz, rather a quiz score will be derived from the later test score. It is not possible for student to take home exams and quizzes; however in class review is encouraged. Each exam contains both multiple choice and problem solving sections. The final examination covers the entire semester and accounts for 20% of the semester grade. I understand that homework is generally assigned during class, and it is nearly always possible to finish during class unless absent. Students needing more time must turn in the assignment upon entering the class the next day. Examinations are made up on the first day after an absence unless other arrangements are made. _____________ Performance Grades: 10% of the total grade in the class is based upon student behavior. Infractions include: excessive talking, tardiness, unexcused absences, disrespectful behavior to the instructor or a fellow student. Loss of points can be made up by correcting the behavior in future class meetings, or in making up tardiness during lunch or after school. The affect on grades can be severe. Any incidence of cheating (copying, lending another person your work, passing answers on exams, etc.) will reduce the performance grade to zero which lowers the academic grade one full letter grade! If you make a mistake, do your time----do not lose performance points!! Performance grades lowered due to unexcused absences cannot be made up, however. I understand that my class behavior composes 10% of my total grade in the class and that points lost due to tardiness can be made up if I offer time during lunch or after school. I UNDERSTAND THAT ANY CHEATING INCIDENT WILL LOWER MY PERFORMANCE GRADE TO A 1 WHICH WILL RESULT IN LOWERING MY SEMESTER GRADE BY A COMPLETE LETTER GRADE! ___________

Grade Book Update Policy: Grades will be updated on the Student Information System (SIS) every other week. Please allow some time for the instructor to process lab reports and exams before inquiring about student performance. Class Rules:  A student enters the classroom ready to begin working. There should be no talking. _______ A student goes directly to his or her assigned seat, storing or disposing of gum, food, drinks, cosmetics, athletic equipment, stereos, and any other materials irrelevant to the study of chemistry. Writing materials are taken out (pencils sharpened) and the student is prepared to begin an assignment immediately. Students should attend to bathroom concerns before and after class only. _______ A student should refrain from standing up, walking or talking in class unless receiving permission to do so by the instructor. _______ Disrespectful conversation, roughhousing, teasing or name-calling is unacceptable. Mutual respect is the rule here.______ The student is responsible for keeping his or her own work area clean. Writing on desks or books is forbidden. If a student finds his or her work area unclean at the beginning of a period, please let Mr. Babb know at once. _______ The instructor, not the bell dismisses the class at the end of a period. In order to be excused, the each student must clean up his or her work area, pass in all materials, and sit quietly until excused. _______

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Getting Help: If you do not understand an idea please inquire. I am available all day every day to address you questions. Often people are too bashful to ask questions in front of fellow students, but are comfortable in a private conversation or with a few other friends. Stop by every day to get if necessary, but PLEASE GET THE QUESTIONS ANSWERED!! Please do not feel that you should have a tutor or other outside help. It’s my job to help you! _______

I understand and agree to adhere to the content of these guidelines. Parents are encouraged to call or email with questions.

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