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									 Plan for Summer 2011
 Maintenance Projects

    -Summer 2011-
List of Projects for Board consideration
#1 - Unit Overhangs on Units #1, #14, #15 and #18.
Unit #14 Overhang

Unit #15 Overhang

While Units #1 and #18 are not in such bad conditions, they need to be addressed

Refurbish all overhangs using same existing design. Except, remove rock roofing
and replace with asphalt shingles. Consider adding overhang to Unit #9.

Estimate cost: $450 each. For 4, approx. $1800

#2 - Swimming Pool
    Repair fencing around pool.
    Replace asphalt roof on swimming pool pump house

Recommendation: Have fence fixed and new roof installed in Spring 2011.

Estimated cost: $600

#3 -Trees
    Tenants in Unit #6 have complained of dead needles falling from trees.
     Clean-up is constant. They feel that the tree is dying. In looking at the tree,
     I concur. The large tree in front of Unit #12 and #13 had a few limbs
     destroyed by the snow build-up on it. Some trimming is necessary

   Recommendation: Remove tree in front of Unit #6. Since this is a dead tree,
   approval from Vail should not be required. Spray rest of trees identified by
   orange tags. Trim where necessary.

   Estimate cost: $400

#4 - Boiler Room Door
    Door needs to be revamped with a mechanism that can close off air during
     extremely cold weather.

   Recommendation: Revamp door adding insert which can close out extreme
   cold temperature. Improve look of old door or replace.

   Estimate cost: $400
#5 - Wings on Units rear doors

Wings on Unit #5 (and others) need fixing. Changes to Unit #1 and #10 provides a
much cleaner look and gets rid of future problems associated with “wings”.
Rather than putting money into repairing “wings”, just remove them.

Recommendation: Remove “wings” on Unit #2, #5, #7 and #8 similar to Units #1
and #10. During summer of 2012 remove “wings’ on other Units requiring repairs.
Note: Some Units “wings” do not require repair and therefore should keep their
“wings”. Units 3, 6 and 14 are examples.

Estimate cost: $750 each; For 4- Appox. $3000

#6 - Building Fins
There are numerous “fins” on the back-side and front of all buildings, many which
are requiring repair. They are primarily decorative and are not necessary to the
integrity of the building. Removing them would be easy and would also be
beneficial toward the installation of a future new roof. Effected owners could be
given the opportunity to expand their decks at their expense.

Since we are changing the look, I imagine that a permit will be needed.

Recommendation: Remove all south facing fins from buildings A (5) this summer.
Remove fins from Building B (5) next summer. Remove North-facing “fins” in
summer of 2013 and 2014. Estimate cost: $750 each.

By 2014, we should be ready to paint the buildings.

Estimated cost: $750 each: For 5: Total $3,750

#7 - Painting
Touch-up is needed in many places. There are also boards which need to be

Recommendation: Hire Contractor - Est. cost: $2000

#8 - Foundation hole on Unit #4

Frozen pipes resulted from this hole in Unit #4. Hole allowed extreme cold
temperature to enter craw space and freeze pipes. Hole was plugged with towel.
Owners has been contacted of his responsibility to fix hole but has not responded.
Hole should be plugged prior to next winter.

Recommendation: If owner does not respond, Board should have the hole
plugged and send bill to owner.

Estimate cost: $100

Total estimated cost for all 7 items: Approx. $12,050
Note: Lawn maintenance is approx. $3600 making 2011 maintenance budget (if all
approved) approximately $15,650.


Recommendation of the Board:
Project                  Approved                         Disapproved                       Date
1                        ____X____                        _________                         6/10/11
2                        ____X____                        _________                         5/17/11
3                        _________                        X (tree to remain) 6/10/11
4                        ____X____                        _________                          6/10/11
5                        ____X____                        _________                          6/10/11
6                        ____X____                        _________                          6/10/11
7                        ____X____                        _________                          6/10/11
8                        ____X____                        _________                          6/10/11

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