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Balsa Wood Tower Project


									                  Balsa Wood Tower Project

    Your group’s job is to design and construct a balsa wood tower only using 5 sticks.
   Before construction may begin, you must have a sketch of your tower completed and
 turned in. The tower must stand at least 7 inches tall and have a flat top (no points). The
goal of this project is to see how much force can be applied to the top of the tower before
it collapses. I will be taking participation grades during the week on your progress and to
         ensure that you are working diligently. This is due at the end of the week.

                      You will be graded on the following.

           Sketch of Tower                                          25
    Keeping area clean, no horse play                               25
      Tower Meets Specifications                                    25
     Completed Tower by Thursday                                    25
                          Total                                    100

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