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					                  The NEW REVELATION on the Internet

Some of the most representative sites about the New Revelation of Jesus Christ
through Jakob Lorber and Gottfried Mayerhofer in English, German, French,
Spanish, Italian, Dutch/Flemish, Portuguese and other languages (actualized

  --> - English, very well structured site of presentation for
the New Revelation (Lorber and Mayerhofer) with reviews for all books translated in English.

--> - English site of Franky Corne, translator of the majority
of online English variants of the NR works, which can also be downloaded here

--> The New Revelation of Jesus Christ - site in English and Romanian presenting NR,
thematic excerpts, testimonies, brochures, arguments, compatible resources

--> Lorber Publications Canada - Canadian site in English with Lorber presentation,
bookstore, booklets Kinship Spirit

--> Jakob Lorber Austria - Austrian site in German with detailed presentations of Jakob
Lorber and the New Revelation (some prophecies included) and a valuable list of actualised
New Revelation links on the Internet

--> - International database with available NR works in German,
English, Flemish and Serbian

--> - German site from Jürgen Kramke with great
presentations of Lorber and New Revelation, brochures, excerpts, downloads books and
audiobooks (includin g Kurt Eggerlstein's "Prophet Jakob Lorber..."), Lorberfilm, archives of
periodicals Geistige Leben and Das Wort (starting with 1921) and various other texts
concerning the New Revelation

--> - complex German site about the NR from Gerd Gutemann

with download Kurt Eggelstein: Prophet Jakob Lorber predicts Coming Catastrophies
and the True Christianity in German , English and Spanish

--> - German - the site of the publishing house which
owns the original works of Lorber and Mayerhofer, with excerpts from the writings (as .pdf).
Books of Lorber and other authors referring to the New Revelation can be ordered, including

NR translations in Bulgarian, English, Finnish, French, Greek, Italian, Croatian, Latvian,

--> - well organized German site from Peter Eppich with excerpts
from the NR (also about akob Böhme, Meister Eckhart and Emanuel Swedenborg)

--> Die Neuoffenbarung Jesu für die Endzeit unserer Zivilisation durch den
Propheten Jakob Lorber - German site from Helmut Betsch

--> Jakob Lorber und die Neuoffenbarung - German site from Helmut Betsch, good
introduction to the NR

-->, Die Neuoffenbarung Jesu Christi,, Gottes
Neuoffenbarung, - German sites about the New Revelation
from Silvia Ohse - presentations of Lorber, Mayerhofer and Swedenborg, of some of the
New Revelation's disciples, thematic excerpts and list of keywords, newsletter,
correspondence concerning the New Revelation, an appeal to the Messianic Jews

--> - German site about the New Revelation with
downloads of Geistiges Leben and various texts of New Revelation's followers

--> Swiss Jakob Lorber site from Franz Schnyder in German, with Lorber presentation
and NR excerpts

--> Gottesworte für unsere Zeit - Swiss NR site in German from Gerd Gujoth, with
Lorber presentation and NR excerpts

--> Offentlich (Wolfgang Burtscher) - periodicals in German concerning the New
Revelation and others (including very old ones)

--> Jesus2030 - German site with thematic texts from the New Revelation, commentaries,
documentation (including concerning the church and Christianity)

--> - German site with downloads of NR e-books and forum

--> Lorberfreunde-Schwarzwald - German site of the Lorberfreunde Schwarzwald,
organizing Lorber seminaries, with some excerpts and gallery

--> Gott ist meine Kraft and Hanno Herbst - German audiobooks of the New Revelation
- online

--> Geistiges Licht - German site about the NR through Lorber, Mayerhofer and others,
with excerpts

--> Robert Blum movie in German (the real historical character whose life after death is
depicted in the Lord's work through Lorber "From Hell to Heaven")

--> - French blog with many excerpts from the New
Revelation (Blog des révélations du Christ faites à Jacob Lorber et autres scribes du
Seigneur )

--> - French site with downloads of the main New
Revelation's books and some excerpts

--> , http://gej-jacob-lorber.over-    ,    ,   http://ecrits-jacob- - French blogs with various thematic excerpts from the works of
the New Revalation

--> - Italian site of Associazione Jakob Lorber - extensive
presentation of the New Revelation, journal, books reviews, bookstore

--> Jakob Lorber Stichtung - Dutch site about the NR, with presentations and bookstore

--> Inleiding tot de Nieuwe Openbaringen - Dutch site about Jakob Lorber and New
Revelation, with presentations and comments

--> Nieuwe Openbaring - Dutch site about the New Revelation (through Lorber,
Mayerhofer, but also Swedenborg) with various articles about it, download of books and
audiobooks (also in German variant), forum

--> Jakob Lorber - schrijfknecht van God - Belgian site in Flemish with detailed
presentation of the New Revelation in the actual religious and scientific context, bookstore

--> Neoteosofia - Brasilian site of the Uniao Teosofica, an organization focused on the
teachings of the New Revelation, with downloads of NR books and related music, also
organizing meetings in several cities

--> - Afrikaans - translation work for
the majority of the NR works performed by Albert Karl Hoffmann (download available)

--> - English variant of Albert
Hoffman's site with downloads of the Great Gosple of John in 10 volumes and other NR
works (translation by Jurgen Pless)

--> Die Nuwe Openbaring - Die Jakob lorber Stigting van Suid-Afrika - South-African
site in Afrikaans about the New Revelation (containing also works of other authors than
Lorber and Mayerhofer), with books downloading, biographies of scribes/ authors, articles

--> and - Czech sites about the NR (last with
a great, detailed presentation of Lorber and the NR, with downloads, including audio)

--> - Magyar site about the New Revelation with download
of books through Lorber and Mayerhofer, but also others (including Swedenborg)
    Internet discussion groups (English, English- German)

--> JakobLorber (Yahoo Group)

--> Lorber_1800 (Yahoo Group)

--> New Revelation    (Yahoo Group)

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The New Revelation on Scribd:

(numerous other references can be found by a keyword search)


NEUOFFENBARUNGEN JESU CHRISTI durch Jakob Lorber und Gottfried Mayerhofer


THE NEW REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber and Gottfried

Presentations of THE NEW REVELATION and various excerpts


La NOUVELLE REVELATION de JESUS CHRIST a travers Jacob Lorber et Gottfried

Presentations et extraits de la NOUVELLE REVELATION


LA NUEVA REVELACION DE JESUS CRISTO a través de Jakob Lorber y Gottfried


NOVA REVELACAO de JESUS CRISTO atraves Jacob Lorber e Gottfried Mayerhofer


NUOVA RIVELAZIONE di GESU CRISTO attraverso Jakob Lorber e Gottfried


NOUA REVELATIE a lui IISUS HRISTOS prin Jakob Lorber si Gottfried Mayerhofer

Prezentari ale NOII REVELATII si extrase

Other resources:

Facebook: Messengers of the New Revelation of Jesus Christ , Jakob Lorber
(group) ,

Youtube: The New Revelation and the world , JAKOB LORBER (Italian -
Associazione Lorber), Jakob Lorber en espagnol, Translating the Truth

Docstore: Works through Gottfried Mayerhofer , Works through Jakob Lorber

(from NR on the Internet)


Description: References to Lord's New Word (New Revelation) through Jakob Lorber and Gottfried Mayerhofer - actualized 1.01.2013