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The Silk RouTe _ Beyond - Noble Caledonia


									         The Silk RouTe
           & Beyond
           B y e X C l u S i V e P R i VAT e J e T

THE   LEAdER   IN   LUxURy TRAvEL TO             REmOTE        ANd    ExOTIC   dESTINATIONS

                             4 – 19 September 2013
                    t u r k e y       C h i n a     u z b e k i S t a n
                    a r m e n i a       G e o r G i a     u k r a i n e

                              I N   A S S O C I A T I O N   W I T H

               T H E    C A P T A I N ’ S           C H O I C E        T O U R
    We are once again delighted to be working with our Australian based partner,
    The Captain’s Choice Tour to provide you with an exclusive tour by Private Jet.
    For more than 18 years The Captain’s Choice Tour has been offering travellers unique
    journeys to the world’s most remote and exotic destinations, utilising all modes of
    transport including private aircraft, luxurious trains and beautiful ships.
    The Captain’s Choice Tour is renowned for taking travellers to remote and exotic
    destinations around the world and this tour of the Silk Route & Beyond is no exception.
    From London fly by Private Jet to Istanbul to admire the stunning Blue mosque; visit
    the Silk Route cities of Kashi, Samarkand with its Registan Square, Bukhara and Khiva;
    explore yerevan, one of the world’s oldest inhabited cities; immerse yourself in Georgia
    with its multi cultural diversity; and visit Black Sea cities of yalta and Sevastopol.
    Travelling by Privately Chartered aircraft assure you of the very best air travel – all
    Business Class seating, ample legroom and the finest in onboard food and wine
    including Champagne.
    The full range of The Captain’s Choice Tour benefits and enhancements ensures your
    journey is a hassle free exploration of some of the world’s most remote and exotic
    destinations. This unique Private Jet tour not only offers a convenient and efficient way
    to travel to some truly fascinating destinations, but the onboard camaraderie that builds
    between passengers and crew creates new friendships and special memories that you’ll
    treasure forever.
    We invite you to join The Captain’s Choice Tour on this remarkable travel experience.

                                                                                                b lue m oSque , i Stanbul

    e X C l u S i V e
    P R i VAT e J e T
    T R AV e l
    The Captain’s Choice Tour was born in 1994 with an
    innovative privately chartered jet tour and, since that time,
    this style of tour has become an integral and immensely
    popular part of their Tour Programme. In 2013 they have
    once again exclusively chartered an all Business Class Airbus
    A319 CJ aircraft, operated by Omni Aviation, to bring you
    this remarkable tour incorporating incredible destinations.
    Omni Aviation was founded in 1988 and has over 20 years
    in charter operations and is regarded as one of the leading
    aviation groups in Europe.
    Experience the many benefits of Private Jet travel including:
    n Private Jet travel utilises your holiday time to best effect.
    n The ability to arrange flight schedules directly to each
    n Benefit from expedited customs and immigration
      arrangements where possible.
    n Greater control over luggage and the security of our aircraft.

    P e r s on a l i se d S e rv i c e
    When sightseeing at each destination the group is divided into
    smaller groups of approximately 24 guests per coach
    to ensure that your experience is personalised and intimate.
    To enable you to comfortably hear the guide they provide each
    guest with a personal headset for the duration of the tour.
    The Captain’s Choice Tour experience is unlike any other.

l i f e A B o A R d
y o u R
P R i VAT e J e T
Our privately chartered Airbus A319 CJ aircraft is specially
configured to spaciously seat just 48 guests in very
comfortable Business Class seats. Two seats lie on either side
of the aisle and each seat contains its own entertainment
system. All flights are during the day and are of short to
medium length in duration.
Onboard you will be cared for by a specially trained
and highly experienced flight crew plus, of course,
The Captain’s Choice Tour Escort Team, which includes
a doctor. The crew will soon become like family as they
remain throughout the tour and welcome you back
onboard after each exciting destination.
Onboard meals are of a high standard and accompanied
by fine wines including Champagne. Visiting these remote
and exotic destinations is an incredible adventure. Seeing
them with the luxury of your Private Jet is the most unique

i maGeS CourteSy of o mni a viation
                When you travel with The Captain’s Choice Tour you can be
                confident that there are no hidden extra costs.* They are genuinely
                all inclusive. Your tour cost includes the following:

                n Business Class air travel on our Private Jet.
                n All travel and transfers.
                n Five star accommodation (or best available within
                    remote areas).
                n   All meals including regional banquets and entertainment
                    plus numerous dine-around evenings, where you choose
                    from a selection of restaurants.
                n   Wine, beer and soft drinks are included with dinner.
                n   An experienced Tour Escort Team and doctor travel
                    with the group.
                n   All sightseeing excursions and entrance fees.
                    Sightseeing includes personal headsets for enhanced
                    comprehension and enjoyment.
                n   All tipping and taxes.
                * Excludes connecting international flights.

T h e C A P TA i n ’ S C h o i C e T o u R S T y l e
The Captain’s Choice Tour style of luxurious, all inclusive touring takes care of the details,
removes the hassles and makes accessible unforgettable destinations that are logistically
difficult for independent travellers to visit. The tours are meticulously planned and provide
an enchanting insight into countries with diverse cultures, customs, history, natural
wonders and man made edifices.

S o l o T R AV e l l e R S
Many guests travel alone. A convivial group of passengers ensures making friends is easy
and a personable Tour Escort Team means there is always someone to share the joy of
travel. They guarantee to match you with another solo traveller at no additional cost or
a single room supplement is offered should you wish to have sole occupancy of a room.

   Select is a flexible program unique to The Captain’s Choice Tour. Select offers you a choice in dining
options and several touring activities. As you read the tour itinerary you will notice italicised text preceded
by this symbol [ ]. All Select options listed in this brochure are included in your tour price (unless
otherwise indicated).

                                                                                                                                                     FO ND N
    The Silk RouTe & Be yond                                                                                                                            R 2 EW

        T u R k e y, C h i n A , u Z B e k i S T A n , A R M e n i A , G e o R G i A , u k R A i n e

        Discerning travellers find it near impossible to combine the highlights of Central
        Asia and the Crimean coast with ease and at a desired level of comfort. Fly from
        London to the mystical city of Istanbul; delve into the historic Silk Road cities
        of Kashi (Kashgar) in far western China; visit Samarkand, the quintessential
        Silk Road city with the awe inspiring Registan Square; stay in the living museum
        city of Bukhara; and see the 2,500 year old walled city of Khiva. Explore Yerevan
                                                                                                t op left : m ir - i -a rab m edreSSa , b ukhara ;
        – the mountainous Caucasus region in the ancient country of Armenia; visit              G eGhard m onaStery , y erevan ; m arket ,
                                                                                                S amarkand ; G eometriC deCoration , k hiva ;
        Georgia – the charming city of Tbilisi and see the remarkable cave frescoes of the      o rnate C eilinG , b lue m oSque , i Stanbul
        David Gareji Monastery complex. Your tour concludes in Ukraine, where we spend
        time exploring the fascinating Black Sea cities of Yalta and Sevastopol before flying
        aboard our Private Jet back to London.

                                                                                    the Silk route & beyond

         t r av e l        d at e S                  Prince’s Islands. The island was once used as an
                                                     exile destination and to this day no motorised
         4 – 19 September 2013 (16 Days)             vehicles are permitted.                                                                                                                  Private Jet
                                                                                                                     UKRAINE                                                                  Coach
                                                        This evening we enjoy some Turkish cuisine
                                                     at a restaurant close to our hotel.                          To
   day 1: WedneSday 4 September                                                                                 London
     London – Istanbul (Turkey)                          day 4: Saturday 7 September                         From         Yalta
    Join our Private Jet this morning at London                                                             London
                                                       Istanbul – Kashi (Kashgar) (China)                        Sevastopol
                                                                                                                                                                U Z B E K I S TA N
Stansted Airport. Champagne provides a                                                                                                      GEORGIA
                                                         Rejoin our Private Jet for the direct flight to                                                                       Khiva                  CHINA
fitting introduction to your onboard dining                                                                              Black Sea
                                                     the oasis city of Kashi, traditionally known as                                          Tbilisi
experience. Sink into your spacious Business                                                                                                                        Urgench          Samarkand          Kashi
                                                     Kashgar, in far western China. Situated at the                                   Yerevan                                                         (Kashgar)
Class seat and get to know your fellow travellers                                                             Istanbul                    ARMENIA                             Bukhara
                                                     foot of the impressive Pamir mountains, Kashgar
and dedicated cabin crew.
                                                     was once the primary trading post bridging East                  TURKEY
    We arrive in Istanbul this afternoon and
                                                     and West on the Silk Road. Largely inhabited
check in to our five-star hotel for a three
                                                     by the Uyghurs this ancient city is dotted with
night stay. Relax after your flight or enjoy the
                                                     Islamic architecture and evokes the exotic aura
facilities of our luxurious accommodation prior
                                                     of the Silk Road.
to joining fellow travellers at our Welcome
Reception and dinner this evening.                        day 5: Sunday 8 September
    day 2: thurSday 5 September                                     Kashi                                  the quintessential Silk Road city. many words          After lunch at a local restaurant you will
                                                         This morning we visit the famous Sunday           have been used to describe this incredible          have time to explore more of this fascinating
              Istanbul                                                                                     city, including ‘Pearl of the muslim World’         city independently.
                                                     market, offering a cornucopia of exotic products
   This morning we tour the ancient district                                                               and ‘Rome of the East’. Originally known as                 Enjoy another dine-around dinner
                                                     within the largest international trade market in
of Sultanahmet to visit the Blue mosque, the                                                               maracanda, Samarkand is believed to date            this evening.
                                                     northwest China. Traders come from near and
Hippodrome, the magnificent Byzantine                                                                      back to the 6th century BC, when it was
                                                     far to sell their wares and to make purchases
Church of St Sophia and opulent Topkapi                                                                    capital of ancient Sogdiana. destroyed in             day 8: WedneSday 11 September
                                                     from a huge variety of goods. The bazaar is
Palace. After lunch, overlooking the Golden                                                                329 BC by Alexander the Great, it later fell to            Samarkand – Bukhara
                                                     open every day but Sunday is undoubtedly the
Horn, there will be time to explore the                                                                    Genghis Khan.
                                                     liveliest, with a bustling and colourful scene.                                                               This morning we fly across the Kyzylkum
Grand Bazaar.                                                                                                 Check in to the comfortable Samarkand
                                                             Choose from an afternoon exploring                                                                desert and arrive to the splendour of
       Enjoy a dine-around evening, where                                                                  Grand Hotel and relax.
                                                     more of the market independently; or join                                                                 Uzbekistan’s largest oasis city, Bukhara.
you choose from a selection of the hotel’s                                                                    This evening we are treated to a
                                                     a tour of the city, visiting the 500 year old                                                             The Old Town centre is very much intact and in
restaurants and local dining establishments.                                                               spectacular private dinner in Registan Square.
                                                     Kah Mosque displaying the domes, minarets and                                                             use, with little change over the past 2,000 years.
                                                     arches characteristic of Islamic architecture.        Registan Square is the city’s heart, skirted by     There are over 140 protected buildings here
      day 3: friday 6 September                                                                            three madrassas and a mosque. The square has
                                                     A saunter through the city’s maze of narrow                                                               and it is difficult to select only one highlight!
               Istanbul                              alleys and traditional houses bestows the feeling     a dramatic effect during the day, at night it’s     The highlight of our tour includes a visit to
    This morning we visit the renowned               of walking back through time. We also see the         splendour intensifies.                              The Ark, the fortified residence of the Emirs of
dolmabahce Palace, built by the Sultan beside        Abakh Khoia Tomb, where five generations of a                                                             Bukhara, rulers infamous for their cruelty who
the Bosphorus, and the underground cistern,          famous Islamic master are buried.
                                                                                                               day 7: tueSday 10 September                     survived into Soviet times. Lunch is within one
dating from the Byzantine era. This afternoon               Choose from a selection of restaurants for                  Samarkand                              of the city’s many madrassas (spectacularly
is free to explore the old and new city at your      a dine-around dinner this evening.                        Samarkand’s architecture gives an indication    tiled Islamic schools). We then travel out of the
leisure, perhaps take a trip to the Spice Bazaar.                                                          of its former status as one of the most important   city to visit the Emir’s Palace of the moon and
       If you have previously visited Istanbul you       day 6: monday 9 September                         cities in Asia. We spend the morning visiting       Stars before transferring to the comfortable but
may prefer an entirely free day to soak up the                                                                                                                 basic Zagaron Plaza hotel for an overnight stay.
                                                        Kashi – Samarkand (Uzbekistan)                     the many fabulous buildings including the
atmosphere of this amazing city. Alternatively                                                             Bibi-Khanym mosque, the Ulugh Beg
we offer a cruise across the Bosphorus and the          This morning we join our all Business
                                                     Class Private Jet for the flight to Samarkand,        Observatory and awe inspiring Registan Square.
Sea of Marmara to Buyukada, the largest of the
                                                                                  the Captain’S ChoiCe tour 2013

       day 9: thurSday 12 September                          This evening’s dinner features Armenian
     Bukhara – Khiva – yerevan (Armenia)                  cuisine and folklore music.
         Join your Private Jet for an early morning           day 12: Sunday 15 September
     flight to Urgench before a short drive to the
     2,500 year old city of Khiva, at the crossroads
                                                                yerevan – Tbilisi (Georgia)
     of mongolia, Russia, China and Persia.                  A free morning allows you time to relax prior
     Once one of the region’s most important              to our lunchtime flight aboard our Private Jet to
     trading centres its former wealth is evident in      Tbilisi. Upon arrival we wind our way through
     the magnificent buildings, mosques, bazaars          Tbilisi’s narrow streets and inner courtyards
     and minarets contained within the walled city        and take a stroll down Rustaveli Avenue.
     and which have been restored with the support        The old town is renowned for its wonderful
     of UNESCO. Lunch will be at the Khan’s               mix of cultures and the wooden houses feature
     Summer Palace before we make our way back            beautifully carved balconies. The Narikala
     to Urgench and rejoin our Private Jet for the        Fortress dominates the city skyline and the multi
     direct flight to yerevan. Upon arrival we transfer   ethnic markets give the city its cosmopolitan
     to the luxurious Armenia marriott, in the heart      feel. Our hotel for the two night stay is the
     of the country’s capital.                            ornate Tbilisi marriott.
                                                                 This evening sample some fine Georgian
         day 10: friday 13 September                      food on a dine-around evening.
                                                             day 13: monday 16 September
        yerevan is one of the world’s oldest
     continuously inhabited cities, dating back
     to the 8th century BC. Today we explore this                Join a half day trip to the David Gareji
     historic city including the Cascade monument         Monastery complex, located in a semi desert
     for a stunning city panorama and the museum          75km south east of Tbilisi. Founded in the 6th
     of Ancient manuscript. We also see the City Park     century the monasteries are remarkable for
     and Opera House. Later we visit vernissage, an       their original cave frescoes. After a picnic lunch
     open air market featuring Armenian handicraft,       we return to Tbilisi for a free afternoon.
     and the closed market that sells local produce.             Join a full day tour to Gori, birthplace
            Enjoy a dine-around evening and select        of Joseph Stalin. We will see the huge fortress
     from a variety of restaurants.                       guarding the town and visit Stalin’s Museum
                                                          and statue. We continue to Uplistsikhe, an
       day 11: Saturday 14 September                      ancient cave town dating from the 7th century
                  yerevan                                 BC. Alternatively you may simply wish to enjoy       followed by a tour of the Lividia Palace, an        day 15: WedneSday 18 September
                                                          a leisurely day at our hotel and stroll Tbilisi’s    Italian Renaissance style villa built in 1911
        This morning visit Etchmiadzin, the Holy
                                                          fascinating streets.                                                                                               Sevastopol
     See of the Armenian Apostolic Church.                                                                     as a summer residence for Tsar Nicholas II.
                                                                   Enjoy another dine-around dinner                                                                  Located between the sea and lush valleys
     We also visit the circular Zvartnots Temple and                                                           It was here that Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt
                                                          this evening.                                        held their yalta Conference in 1945, which         Sevastopol sits on a group of hills that form a
     later the National Art museum. For lunch we                                                                                                                  natural amphitheatre over the bay. This morning
     visit a family home in Garni; meet with the                                                               determined the divisions of the subsequent
                                                             day 14: tueSday 17 September                      Cold War. We will also see the extraordinary       we drive to Sevastopol and commence our
     local community and see ‘lavash’ (traditional                                                                                                                exploration at the Panorama museum, where
     Armenian bread) being made.
                                                                Tbilisi – yalta (Ukraine)                      Swallow’s Nest Castle, a turreted fairytale
                                                                                                               castle perched on a hill. Our final two nights     the siege of the city in the Crimean War
            This afternoon you may wish to join              An early lunchtime flight aboard our Private
                                                                                                               will be spent at the Oreanda Hotel, surrounded     comes vividly to life in the painted murals.
     an excursion to the Garni Pagan Temple and           Jet brings us to the Crimean city of yalta, on
                                                                                                               by the spectacular Crimean mountains and           Later we take a drive out of the city to the
     Geghard Monastery, where a vocal quintet             the north coast of the Black Sea. Our excursion
                                                                                                               overlooking the Black Sea.                         ‘valley of death’, the site of the ‘Charge of the
     perform a selection of Armenian religious music      begins with a visit to the Chekov House museum
                                                                                                                                                                  Light Brigade’.
     exclusively for our group.
                                                                              the Silk route & beyond

                                                                                                         C loCkWiSe from top left : v ieW of b ukhara ; W allS of the anCient City of k hiva , k hiva ;
       r eGiStan S quare at niGht , S amarkand                                                     h oly t rinity C athedral , t biliSi ; S piCeS at the b azaar , i Stanbul ; S WalloW ’ S n eSt C aStle , y alta

       This afternoon you have the option                                                                                         PRICES PER PERSON
of joining a complimentary excursion to
Chersonesus, a Greek colony founded in                                                                  Prices are all inclusive per person, twin share flying from London in Business Class
433 BC. Later it passed into Roman, Byzantine                                                                                               by Private Jet.
and Genoese control and is thought to be the
birthplace of the Russian Orthodox Church.
                                                                                                   private Jet from london ............................................................. £16,695
   This evening we come together for our
Farewell dinner.                                  the promenade prior to our Private Jet flight    SinGle room Supplement................................................................ £2,565
                                                  direct to Stansted where we arrive in the late
  day 16: thurSday 19 September                   afternoon. Enjoy the fine food and convivial      Single rooms are available at a supplement or we will allocate two single travellers of the
          yalta – London                          atmosphere as you farewell new found friends                        same gender to a room without any additional cost.
  A leisurely morning allows you time to stroll   and reflect upon your incredible journey.

a l S o ava i l a b l e i n a S S o C i at i o n W i t h t h e C a p ta i n ’ S C h o i C e t o u r :

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