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JESUS (in The New Revelation)


essay by Wilfried Schlätz

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Translation Alex J. Galloway 9/2007
100110 18:16

                                Wilfried Schlätz
                 Translation from German by Alex J. Galloway
                        Emphasis added by the author


                 I and My Father are one.

                 He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father.

                 But the Father that dwelleth in Me, He doeth the works.

                 All power is given unto Me in heaven and in earth.

                 For in Him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead

        (John 10, 30; 14, 9 & 10; Mat. 28, 18; Col. 2, 9 KJV)

1. Introduction

The presentation which follows is based on the premise that God has
again revealed Himself comprehensively to contemporary humankind in
the writings of the Austrian mystic and prophet Jakob Lorber (1800 -
1864), “The New Revelation”. The Christology (teaching of Jesus Christ)
presented here summarizes the doctrines which God set down regarding
Himself in His New Revelation.

The prologue of the Biblical Gospel according to John states:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God.” (John 1.1, KJV)

The LORD Himself explains this to us in a wonderfully clear and
meaningful way at the beginning of the Great Gospel according to St. John
1,1.6 as follows: "The primordial base (of all existence) was the light (or
the mighty and sacred creative thought, the essential idea. This Light was
not only within but also around God, that is, Light was a substance both
visibly radiating from Him and surrounding Him. This duality appears to
have provided, as detailed below, the justification for the coming
incarnation of God".

For in the moment when God began to give expression to His thoughts of
eternal creation, to give them life and to release them as independent
beings outside the bounds of His divine persona, the justification was also
established for God's incarnation, an event which mystics and prophets
have throughout the ages identified and described as the self
manifestation of the eternal Godhead. As the heavenly Father did not
wish to abandon us, His children, He came among us, selecting both
suitable clothing and an appropriate physical form thus enabling Him to
remain constantly present among His children and allowing His spirit to
live with them for all eternity as an invisible spiritual reality.

2. How could God in His infinity become a mortal human being?

The question posed by our intellect is rather: How is it possible that God in
His infinity should choose to dwell within a mortal human being? And for
some 2000 years or thereabouts, sceptics have been prompted by the
existence of this question to deny the divinity of Jesus Christ and to
regard Jesus as a mere mortal, identical to ourselves. Even in the
lifetimes of Adam and the original patriarchs (1. Moses 5) some 3300
years before the birth of Christ, the same doubt was raised and was
answered by the Lord in these words:-

"Love alone is the measure for My Deity and I cannot be fathomed by any
other measure for I am verily an infinite God. As far as My spatial infinity
is concerned, this is merely a manifestation subject to time, - but in spirit
it is merely the absolute authority of My will, My love and My wisdom: but
the outer form is however identical to the one to which you were all made

in My personal image." (Household of God 2/138.26)

That which you call the infinity of space, is the Spirit of My Will which has
induced this infinite space from the beginning of time filling it throughout
with beings of every kind. This spirit does however have an essentially
tangible focal point, where all the power of this infinite Spirit is combined
in one activity and the power force for the infinite Divine Spirit Being is
Love, as the vitality of this very Spirit: and I am this Love from eternity.

Behold this is the essence of God in all truth and can only be grasped with
the heart, but not ever with the intellect.” (Household of God 2/139, 20
and 22)

God is not therefore evenly dispersed throughout the infinity of space as a
mist or as a holy gas, it is rather that God has a focal point where the full
abundance of the Godhead is concentrated at one single point. The LORD
also shows us this in a wonderful way in the small but extremely profound
booklet "The Fly".

"The most completely free life is only in Me but this life is fashioned in
such a way and presented in such overwhelming perfection that it will
never be grasped or understood in its own sphere by any created being!
It is therefore a holy life, and because this is so, it is an eternal and
infinite life. Consider the concept of complete infinity or envisage a space
with a point at its centre from which endless light radiates in all directions.
The rays of light do indeed have their source at the centre but the farthest
ends of these rays can nowhere ever be discovered. In this central core,
the total life force of all eternity is concentrated and from this core it
radiates outward anew into all eternity." (The Fly 7, 5 - 7)

Within God's central core, the total abundance of all the attributes of
divinity is concentrated as if in a power source. Here is to be found the
infinite richness of Love, Wisdom, Willpower, Order, Solemnity and, above
all, Patience and Mercy, as well as the root source of these seven
characteristics of primordial divinity: Humility.

And this focal point of the eternal spirit of God is not just a single point: it
takes human form. "And God created man in His own image, in the image
of God he was created" writes Moses (1 Moses 1-27). God's power centre
therefore also has human form and He created us to reflect His primordial
image, both the form of our bodily flesh as well as the form of our soul
and then for the first time, the form of our spirit.

We know that God personally created the central core of His being and we
are also aware that all power emanates from His Spirit in the first
instance, radiating out to fill infinity, and that it first defines and then
maintains life, at every point in infinite space. With this knowledge, it is
therefore also possible to answer the initial question as to how it is
possible for God in His infinity to dwell within a mortal human being. The
answer is not that the Godhead in His infinite scope became a
man, but that God's power centre made a permanent home in the
soul of Jesus.

3. Why did God’s incarnation take place on our planet?

In His New Revelation through the writings of His servant, Jakob Lorber,
the LORD shows us that not only all the planets of our solar system with
the exception of Pluto, not only the planetary suns of the same type as
our sun, but even the suns in other domains and the suns in outer space
as well, are peopled by tangible human beings like us.

For these suns are not hydrogen bombs as the materially oriented
scientific thinking of today still believes, but rather complete planets of
higher-level central suns, surrounded by immense gas or air-filled
envelopes, the surfaces of which generate light by burning gas, by friction
against the ether of outer space or which themselves collect the light from
higher suns and pass it on by reflection.

The LORD further shows us that millions of central suns with all their
encircling spiral nebulae revolve round a space universe sun (Diameter:
1012 - 1018 light years) to form with it a space universe. Finally we must
understand that 7 million space universe suns with their accompanying
galaxies circulate round one last primordial central sun which merely
rotates on its own axis and has no orbit.

This primordial central sun with all the space universe suns, universe
suns, subordinate and planetary suns forms a macrocosm or “shell globe”.
Moreover, from endless multitudes of these shell globes the LORD
fashioned the Great Cosmic Man of Creation which is nothing other than
the transubstantiated soul of the supreme spirit, primordially created but
fallen from grace – Lucifer.

And the LORD says at the end of the second volume of “Robert Blum” with
regard to the significance of our planet Earth in the Great Cosmic Man of

“This man in his whole concept is the primordially created spirit Lucifer
(bearer of light). He is still in full possession of his great self-confidence
but no longer enjoys his primeval power. Every part of him is trapped and
judged. There is only one way always open to him and that is the one to
My paternal heart. On all other paths, however, he has been judged and
is as good as dead. He is unable to move one foot or one hand by as
much as a hair‟s breadth.

“However, the fact that this spirit is split apart internally purely in these
fixed shell globes, is his fate, as we have seen. And his life, which has as
a consequence divided into an almost infinite number of segregated parts,
should not therefore be regarded as an entity but as dispersed in the
extreme. For there is only life within any shell globe and outside them all
there is no other life except My eternally immutable and constant divine
Will. Each shell globe is fixed and can not change its position in relation to
its neighbouring shell globe even by a hair‟s breadth. At the very extreme
of the small left toe you perceive a somewhat reddish dot which glitters.
That is in fact the very shell globe in which our Earth is physically located
and within this shell globe - more precisely only at the spot where

Earth is - the complete life of this Great Cosmic Spirit has now
been banished.

“If he chooses to humble himself there and to return to Me, then his
primordial life shall again be set free. Furthermore, this Great Cosmic
Man of Creation will then be pervaded by a completely free life. However
if this primeval spirit of My creation persists in his arrogant obstinacy,
then the present order shall be maintained until its whole substance
has dissolved itself into a new infinitely multiplied soul and spirit
existence.” (Robert Blum II, 6 and 8 – 10)

In “Spiritual Earth”, the LORD gives the answer to the question set down
at the beginning: “Whatever the magnitude of Lucifer's soul once was, it
could not contain more than one spirit. And this spirit, fallen from grace
as a result of its own defects, can not dwell within all the innumerable
shell globes into which Lucifer‟s former primordial soul was distributed.
The confines of its dwelling place have been limited to the Earth on which
you live. He is no longer free to occupy any other physical place in the
world or any shell globe even though they may have once formed part of
his former soul. For this reason, the human beings in these other places
in the world, although normally superior in their nature to those on our
Earth, nonetheless never attain that perfectly Godlike stature achieved by
the children of this Earth. The latter occupy the most remote and least
privileged place in God's spirit but, if they achieve self-improvement, they
are capable of reaching the most exalted heights and of becoming the
most Godlike of all. And for just this reason, I, as LORD, chose the Earth
as the scene of My most sublime acts of mercy and re-created the canopy
of all the Heavens above their ground.” (Spiritual Earth 531, 10/11).

On one occasion, within the circle of His more mature disciples, the LORD
answered the question posed at the beginning even more clearly and
precisely in the following way:

“In all the countless periods of creation in eternity, all of which
represented and formed a Primordial Great Cosmic Man, I have not been
incarnated as a human being in any of their planets through the power
of My will but I communicated with their humankind only through the
purest angelic spirits for each creation.

Only this period of creation is destined, on any small world like
this earth, to have Me in My eternal, primordially divine Being – for
all preceding creations as well as for all those forever following –
incarnated in a finite form and to be taught by Me personally.

My aim was not only to create for all future times and eternities for
Myself, children fully resembling Me, but to truly educate them through My
fatherly love, so that they would then be, together with Me, rulers of the
whole of infinity.

To this end, I, the everlasting eternal God, have clothed the
primordial life centre of My divine Being in the flesh, so that I could
show Myself to you, My children, as a visible and tangible Father and
teach you through My own highly personal mouth and heart the true
divine love, wisdom and power which you would immediately master,

enabling you not merely to become beings of the present period of
creation but also of bygone times and all future periods to follow.

And this period of creation has one advantage above all others, which you
do not yet recognize clearly enough, that it is the only one in all eternity
and infinity during which I Myself was completely clothed in human flesh.
Moreover, of all the countless one‟s available, it was this shell globe with
the solar universe of Sirius and its orbiting 200 million planetary suns it
was none other than this sun, and among its planets none other than this
earth on which we are standing now, that was chosen by Me in order to
become human Myself and to select and educate from among you My true
children - for all infinity and eternity, past and following.” (Great Gospel
of John 4, 255. 2 – 5)

4. The Pre-Existence of Christ and the Emergence of Jesus’ Soul

As the power centre of the infinite Spirit of God made its dwelling place in
the soul of Jesus, the words of Jesus: “Verily, verily, I say unto you:
Before Abraham was, I AM” (John 8:58 KJV) as well as the words of John
the Baptist: “He that cometh after me is preferred before me: for he was
before me.” (John 1:15 KJV) can only be clearly understood if we relate
them to the centre of divinity in the Soul of Jesus. As God has existed
from the beginning of time, we can therefore also speak of Christ‟s pre-

We are however obliged to relate this pre-birth existence to the eternally
living divinity in the soul of Jesus, a soul which itself emerged only a
certain time before His birth.

Since Lucifer's spirit, his ego, has been banished to the centre of this
Earth, the most arrogant and domineering elements of his soul have also
been similarly confined within our Earth. These most tenacious, most self-
sufficient elements of his soul could only be redeemed by the Heavenly
Father Himself with the LORD personally guiding them through the
successive stages of the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms in order
finally to unite them with the soul of Jesus. In reality, Jesus was also a
true human being because His soul matured in the same way as our own
by a process of natural development. He was all the more a true human
being as every human characteristic, every positive as well as every
negative feature, was present in the soul of Jesus and of far greater
practicality than in any other human being.

The Lord God Himself, therefore, structured and assembled His own soul
utilising the most developed and self-sufficient parts of the soul of Lucifer,
elements which could only be found on our planet Earth in the closest
proximity to Lucifer's prison. A secret of infinite importance is of great
significance here. If, as the Lord has predicted, in 2000 years (counting
from 1860, GGJ 4,112.5), at the earliest, the Heavenly Father should
proclaim the next great New Revelation to mankind on earth, it may still
be too early under some circumstances to release more precise details.
The most important factor is that the soul of Jesus was that of a true

human being. It embraced every possible character trait which any one of
us possesses or which any other human soul has had in the past, has now
or ever will have. However these facets of character are of greater
intensity and strength in the soul of Jesus, whether their influence is
positive or negative, than could ever be found in any other human soul.

The LORD Himself explains the human properties of the soul of Jesus in a
wonderful way in Chapter 299 of the “Childhood of Jesus”:

“Now it is written in the Scriptures „He gained in grace and wisdom before
God and Man and remained submissive and obedient to His parents until
He began His teachings.‟ (Luke 2,52)

“Question: How could Jesus, as the sole eternal Divine entity, gain in
grace and wisdom before God and Man, when He Himself was God from
eternity? And in particular, before man, as He was after all the infinite and
most perfect Being?

To understand this correctly, one should not regard Jesus exclusively as
the one and only God: but one must see Him as a man, in whom the
exclusive and eternal Divinity is confined in a seemingly dormant manner
within Himself, just as every man‟s spirit is imprisoned in his being. And
that what every man has to do according to the Divine order to free his
spirit, also had to be done earnestly by Jesus, the human being, to free
the Divinity within Himself, so that He could become one with the Spirit.

His soul was like the soul of every other human being and was all the
more afflicted with weaknesses, because the almighty Divine Spirit had to
put the most powerful bonds on Himself so that He could be contained
within His soul. Thus also Jesus‟ soul had to withstand the greatest
temptations by denying itself, in order to remove the bonds around its
Divine Spirit, and therewith increase its strength for the infinite freedom
of the Spirit of all Spirits, and thus become wholly one with Him. And in
this did the increase in wisdom and grace of Jesus‟ soul before God and
man consist, and that to such an extent, that the Divine Spirit gradually
and increasingly became one with His undoubtedly divine soul, which was
the true Son.” (Childhood of Jesus 299, 1 – 7 and 17 – 19)

5. Christmas

Jesus‟ earthly body was Maria‟s first and only son. He was not conceived
by a terrestrial method of carnal procreation, His conception was rather a
pure act of creation by God.

Jesus said: “Everyone who carries the flesh has received his body from a
mother‟s womb: only the first human couple received theirs by the will
and hand of God. And so this My body is also out of a human mother
although not begotten through a human father in the ordinary way, but
solely through the almighty will of the Spirit of God. This is quite possible
in the case of very pure and devout people and used to happen frequently
in the olden days to quite unspoilt, simple and very devout people: and it
happens even in these My days every now and then.” (Great Gospel of

John 6, 90. 8-9)

“Originally, Adam was meant to construct a bridge within himself over
which it would be possible from him to cross from the material to the
spiritual. All that was required from Adam was self-control and obedience,
such was the nature of this bridge, and the outcome both for Adam as for
all humankind, all of whom are descended from him, could have been the
awakening and blossoming of spiritual life.         But Adam fell and an
immediate reversal took place into matter, the polarity opposing the
spiritual. If Adam had not been disobedient, none of his succession could
have been disobedient, because Adam would then have destroyed a seed
within himself which could then no longer be passed on. But Adam by his
conduct fertilised this seed: in his descendants it grew into the tree of sin,
the inflexible leaf canopy of which scarcely permits any further light from
the spirit sun to shine through.

“Jesus‟ soul succeeded in breaking this tree of sin and not just penetrate
the leaf canopy, because Jesus the man, motivated by His love of God,
voluntarily imposed on Himself the commandment of unconditional
obedience, doing nothing against the will of the Father. He thus became a
shining example to those who followed.

The soul of Jesus therefore attained within Himself the level that Adam
had not been able to reach and, in so doing, the man Jesus reconciled
within Himself the Deity, whose sanctity had been offended by Adam‟s
failure to observe the commandment of obedience.

In Jesus the man, the necessary conditions were fulfilled to re-establish
the former state of bliss for all creatures. Here redemption is to be found
not only in that this path which leads directly to God is now opened but
also because this path was followed by Jesus, the Son of Man, who thus
became the Son of God. (Digest from Chapter 75, Volume 11 of the Great
Gospel of John)

If Jesus‟ earthly body had been conceived carnally in the material sense,
He would have inherited Adam‟s disobedience and it would have been
impossible for Him to follow the path of absolute obedience and to release
us and all mankind from the compulsion to disobedience. Through His
spiritual conception, His soul was poised at the same neutral starting point
where Adam had once stood before his fall. And because Jesus‟ soul. by
observing total and unconditional obedience to God, built the bridge from
the material to the spiritual - while Adam did not succeed because of
disobedience - every human being can now use this bridge and return to
God by increasingly subordinating wilfulness of self to the Will of God and
by humbling himself before God. By His unconditional obedience,
facilitated also by the spiritual nature of His conception, Jesus has freed us
from the compulsion to disobey, so that we, despite our conception by
carnal procreation, can now at any time cross the bridge built by Jesus
and return to God, provided only that we so wish.

It is truly a material historical fact that on the night of Jesus‟ birth, a host
of angels were permitted to cloak themselves for a short time in human
form enabling them to bring the good news of the Saviour‟s birth in
person to the shepherds in the fields: and also, to lead the shepherds to

the stable cave in Bethlehem (not Nazareth) and to worship the Lord God
as an infant     Moreover, the spiritual eyes of many spiritually mature
humans were briefly opened on that night so that they could watch the
host of heavenly creatures singing in praise.

In the words of Jesus:- ”As far as My so-called brothers and sisters
(Matthew 13, 55 and 56) are concerned, they were in fact the children of
Joseph from his first marriage. They were not Mary‟s children as I was
her first and only child. Regarding the sisters, they were not Joseph‟s
daughters but those of a poor relative. They were called „sisters‟ because
they lived and behaved in complete acceptance of Joseph‟s will as well as
Mary‟s. Three of these brothers went with Me, namely James, Simon and
John while two remained at home, took up Joseph‟s craft and looked after
Mary until I entrusted her future care to John.”
(Appendix to the Great Gospel of John p.242)

6. The Three-Month Infant Jesus

James, the youngest step brother of Jesus, describes in his lost ‘Gospel
according to James’ the youth of Jesus up until His 12th year. The LORD
has restored this missing Gospel to modern mankind through the pen of
His servant Jakob Lorber. It includes a wonderful story about the three
month old Baby Jesus.

“In the evening, Mary put the tired Infant into the cradle which Joseph
had made when they came to Ostracine [Egypt]. As usual Joseph‟s
youngest son acted as nursemaid and rocked the Infant to sleep, while
Mary went into the kitchen to prepare the evening meal. Joseph‟s son
hoped that the Infant would soon fall asleep, because he wanted to join
his brothers in watching the lighting of a triumphal arch, not far from the
villa that had been built in honour of Cyrenius.

He rocked the Child diligently and sang and whistled while doing so but
the Infant did not seem to fall asleep. When he stopped the rocking, the
Child immediately started to move about, indicating to the brother that he
was not asleep yet. This sent James almost into despair, because outside
it was brightening up already with all the burning torches. He therefore
decided to leave the Child alone for a little while, even when He was not
yet asleep, in order to have a look at the spectacle.

But when James raised himself, the Infant spoke: “James, if you leave Me
now, you will fare badly! Am I not worth more than this silly spectacle
outside and your vain curiosity? Look, all the stars and angels are in envy
of the service you do to Me, and you have no patience with Me and want
to leave Me? Truly, if you do that you are not worthy to be My brother!
Just go, if the spectacle of the world is dearer to you than I am. See, the
whole room is full of angels, ready to serve Me, if your small and easy
task is too much of a burden for you!”

This speech took away James‟ desire to leave the room in an instant so he
remained beside the cradle, asked the Infant for forgiveness and
continued to rock Him diligently. And the Infant spoke to James:

“Everything is forgiven you; but do not get tempted by the world another
time! For I am more than the world, all heavens and all men and angels!”
These words shocked James to the core: for he gradually became aware
Who was there within the Child. Now Mary and Joseph and all the others
came into the room and sat down at the table: and James promptly told
them what happened to him.” (Childhood of Jesus 63, 1-20)

7. The Twelve-Year-Old Boy Jesus in the Temple of Jerusalem.

The three days Jesus spent in the Temple of Jerusalem as a twelve-year-
old boy, days which are recorded only in a few verses in the Gospel
according to Luke (2, 41 - 51), are revealed to us by the LORD in the year
1859 in the form of a detailed verbatim report. We are privileged to
experience, as if in a tense living drama, how Jesus posed His question to
the high priests, learned scribes and Pharisees regarding the meaning of
the Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament (Jeremiah 7, 14-16:
Jeremiah 9,5; Micah, 5,1) and as to why they should not all be taken as
relating precisely to Him, Jesus.

And the high priests, elders and learned scribes turned away and sought
to prevaricate because they did not wish to concede that these texts had
predicted the birth of Jesus. It is a wonderful and gracious gift from our
Heavenly Father that he documented this confrontation for us in the form
of a verbatim report in the German language. In this way, we, the
mankind of today, can experience the three days in the temple, thus
bridging the gap of some 2000 years which have intervened since the
actual day when the discussion took place.

8. The Development of Jesus from His twelfth to His thirtieth Year
of Life.

The most important facts are stated by the LORD Himself in Chapter 300
of the work “Childhood of Jesus”:

“Just how did Jesus, the Lord, live from His twelfth to His thirtieth year?

He constantly felt the presence of the almighty God within Himself as a
living power; He knew in His soul that everything contained in the infinity
was and would always be subject to His slightest gesture. In addition,
however, He had the most powerful urge in His soul to rule over
everything. Pride, lust for power, complete freedom, inclination towards
pleasure, desire for women and the like, as well as anger, were the
principal weaknesses of His soul. But He fought against all these powerful
and deadly driving forces of His soul from His soul‟s will.

He humbled His pride through poverty; but how hard a method it was for
Him, to Whom everything belonged, for He could not call anything „His‟!
He subdued the lust for power by subservience and by the most willing
obedience to those who were, just like all men, nothing before Him!
Although infinitely difficult, He assailed His eternal supreme freedom by

surrendering Himself to men to do the lowliest tasks like a slave-like

By frequent fasts, He fought against the most powerful urge to live a life
of pleasure - out of poverty, and also out of the free will of His soul. He
fought the desire for women through repeated hard work, scant food,
prayer and the company of wise men. Indeed - He had to endure a
tremendous amount on this point, because His personal appearance and
the tone of His speech were highly captivating.

Moreover, as He could see through the wickedness of men at a glance -
and saw their deceit and hypocrisy, mischievousness and their selfishness.
it is also understandable that He was very excitable and could easily feel
offended and enraged: but He restrained His divine nature through His
love and compassion following thereupon. He thus practised the most
difficult self-denial throughout His life to restore the disrupted eternal
order! And therefore it can be easily deduced how it was that Jesus as a
man spent eighteen years facing and fighting against constant
temptations. (Jakob Lorber, Childhood of Jesus – Ch. 300)

This period was exactly as described in the Letter to the Hebrews:
“Jesus was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.” (Hebrews
4, 15)

Moreover, the forces which developed in Him can be enlisted by us today
in our daily struggle for life and they help us to escape from all these
temptations. They are the forces of the Holy Spirit which forged itself in
Jesus through His self-abasement of the Divinity and which lives within all
men since Pentecost, inasmuch as man is open to receive It.

Jesus as Man explored all the depths of His soul by self-analysis and
personal introspection. He acquainted Himself with each individual soul
atom in His human persona together with the respective individual flaws in
all the elements of His soul. In this way, He learned the total burden of all
the unsound aspects of the soul and experienced every spiritual hardship
to which any soul whatsoever can be subjected. The more clearly and
meaningfully He recognised the total extent of hardship and suffering in a
soul, the more His longing to be helpful was awakened. However, the
power to help effectively was initially not yet available and it only
gradually increased in Him as the fruit of His constant acts of self-denial.
Through these, the centre of power of the Godhead in His soul became
progressively more liberated as chain after chain was removed.

A chain of this kind is formed by an atom of the soul which is still
extremely arrogant and domineering. When this element achieves self-
denial, repents and changes course, one chain is eliminated because a
soul atom humbled in this way can then immediately be entered by the
Divine Spirit which, in so doing, conquers one more facet of the soul. With
each considered decision we make in favour of loving our neighbour or of
self-abasement, we surrender another fragment of our own ego, one atom
breaks off from our self-centred persona and this liberated atom can then
again be irradiated by the rays from our spirit and be repossessed, so that
one day we can say with Paul: “Now I do not live anymore, but Christ
liveth in me.” (Galatians 2, 20)

A similar process took place daily and hourly within the soul of our LORD.

For this reason, no one can any longer say since Jesus survived these
conflicts: “I am obliged to sin. I can not resist temptation.” After the
most pernicious and most tenacious of the atoms in Lucifer‟s soul have
been released into a state of humility, it is a simple conclusion that the
much weaker elements of his soul present in our souls, are redeemed by
our own acts of self-denial with the help of His Holy Spirit. The most
difficult change, which had to be resolutely forced through, evolved during
the 18 years in which Jesus‟ soul developed. In the New Testament, this is
indicated by comparing the temptations of Jesus. (Matthew 4, 1 - 11:
Mark 1, 12 and 13: Luke 4, 1 - 13)

The detail of the changes which took place in Jesus‟ soul in these 18 years
far exceeds our present powers of comprehension: it will at the earliest be
the subject of the next great Revelation of God in 2000 years. In His
thirtieth year, Jesus had reached the point that His soul was completely
one with the centre of the Godhead within Him.

We previously always regarded as separate entities, the human soul of
Jesus on the one hand, and on the other, the Godhead as the source of
the gentle voice of conscience but otherwise passive in its behaviour.
However, the human element in Jesus stepped back completely from now
on and for the remainder of the three years of His ministry. We are
therefore dealing principally with the LORD God Himself in Jesus, because
in the course of this trial of strength lasting eighteen years, every atom in
Jesus‟ soul was completely humbled and placed itself at the disposal of the
Godhead for evermore.

Jesus gradually and systematically relinquished every atom of His human
ego and humbled each one completely under God‟s will. In the thirtieth
year of His life, there was no longer any element of His soul which either
opposed or resisted the Godhead. In this way, He had achieved in His
thirtieth year the complete abasement of His soul, in other words, its

The soul of Jesus had therefore become a perfect cloak for the Godhead‟s
power centre and that was the necessary precondition for the three-year
ministry during which the LORD God Himself in person taught us, His
children, about all important matters, with the intention that we should
one day aspire to the rebirth of our souls, that fusion of spirit and soul,
but only insofar as this is our wish.

9. The Three Year Ministry

Fragments of the teachings and deeds of Jesus come down to us in the
New Testament. However, these fragments conceal a life of such
significance that it has promoted the spiritual advancement of mankind for
some 2000 years as well as influencing in a most decisive and definitive
way the whole spiritual history of the last 2000 years. John writes at the
end of his Gospel: ”Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of

them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not
have room for the books that would be written.” (John 21, 25 NIV)

That applied to the “world”, i.e. to mankind from the year 33 A.D. to the
present. However, because of the period of continual spiritual
development through which mankind has passed particularly in the last
100 years, the spiritual element in many souls has become more aware
and this particularly finds expression in the more numerous questions
about, searches for and research into, the truth. Mankind today is
therefore in the position to grasp and understand all the books which
might still be written on the remaining deeds and words of Jesus. For this
reason, the Heavenly Father dictated these books into the pen of His
servant Jakob Lorber, and his successor Leopold Engel, and mankind
today possesses in the eleven volumes of the Great Gospel of John a
verbatim record of all the important conversations which Jesus conducted
during with men of all races and of all contemporary peoples during His
three year ministry. For every man, irrespective of race or nation, who
had the maturity of soul to recognise the Lord God in Jesus, has met Jesus
at least once in these three years.

In this unique document, in the Great Gospel of John, mankind possesses
the gift of all the important words spoken by Jesus, a gift of such
magnitude that it will probably only be understood and appreciated for the
first time after hundreds of years have elapsed. It is some 2000 years
since Jesus spoke in person during a three year period with these
inquiring and mentally more mature men. And the mankind of today
would be endlessly disadvantaged if all that remained to us of His spoken
word was these few snatches which have been passed down to us in the
New Testament. Then we could with reason reproach God, saying: “The
contemporaries of Jesus were more privileged than we are as they could
question Jesus personally and receive His responses individually from Him.
We on the other hand are supposed to be satisfied with the few verses in
the New Testament which are in part handed down to us as false
transcriptions and inaccurate translations. We are faced with a chaotic
jumble of 1000 different interpretations of the Bible, all of which
contradict each other, and we no longer know what is genuine or false,
true or untrue, right or wrong. We are therefore not out of line in wishing
to put the whole Bible to one side for ever,”

This reproach to God is however unnecessary and unjustified because the
Heavenly Father has indeed presented us with a verbatim record of the
words He spoke during the three years of His ministry, the Great Gospel of

It is as if a voice recorder had been used and the result translated into
modern German in the most perfect way, thus enabling us to experience
the conversations between Jesus and all His disciples as if we were
watching a film.

We read what Peter said, his doubts and objections, and we read the
answers given by the LORD Jesus. We become acquainted with hundreds
of men at widely varying stages of maturity and development, who were
all brought to Jesus in remarkable ways. Each came with his troubles, his
questions and doubts, with his antagonism to God and with his

incarceration in the material world. For each individual one, the Saviour
laid bare the damage within him, showed him the root causes of his doubt
and his lack of vision, gave him light and inner truth. Everyone who has
experience even of only a small portion of this Great Gospel of John,
perhaps read briefly but with a willing heart, can confirm the way in which
the reader is spellbound, as if his own eyes and ears had been witness to
the events described.

As the centre of the Godhead was incarnated in Jesus, it is therefore
understandable that all the miracles attributed to Him by the New
Testament were also actually performed and therefore became material
historical facts. Certainly, Jesus performed most of these deeds only
within the most intimate circle of His most mature disciples in order not to
overwhelm the souls of more immature people or to influence their minds
unduly. His more mature disciples on the other hand knew that in His
spirit He was Jehovah himself.            They therefore regarded the
understanding of His signs and His miracles as self-evident.

In addition, all the miracles performed by Jesus are not “miracles” in the
true sense of the word, they are merely the effects of the applied natural
laws of the invisible reality of soul and spirit.

The LORD shows us in „Spiritual Earth‟ that our scientific grasp of the atom
is merely a working hypothesis (a scientific assumption) but not concrete
reality. For example, our metallic atoms (iron, gold, copper, silver,
platinum etc.) are in reality not elements but composite structures which
even consist of some twenty material and identifiable intelligence particles
or microscopic animals (“micro-animals“).

These micro-animals, which are only visible as the tiniest and most
complex animal forms under linear magnification by 6 - 10 million times,
consist after all of miniscule, atomistic, egg-shaped animals, which contain
within them a complete micro shell-globe, whose microcosmic bodies are
even partly inhabited. (See Household of God, 182, 24 - 27 and Natural
Earth 18, 8 and 9)

The so-called “elements”, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen, of
which the whole of organic creation is composed, are nothing other than
an infinitely complex mixture of billions of different physical micro-animal
species. All these micro-animals, from which the molecules in the cells of
our physical bodies are composed, are therefore present both in the air
and in water. When Jesus therefore wished to revive again a partly
decomposed corpse, he only had to command the physical micro-animals
in the air (which have a specific intelligence and their own will) to enter
the corpse, to attach themselves in all the defective places and at that
very moment every cell in that body again became fully functional. The
soul of the deceased person which had lingered in a state of spiritual
reality was again reunited by Jesus with its earthly substance restored by
Jesus to full functionality and at that moment the dead body resumed its
earthly life.

10. Jesus’ Teachings regarding the Trinity

Jesus dealt with the question of the Trinity, the triple unity, and with it the
closely linked possibility of confusion with the concept of three Gods.

The LORD said: “Listen! If God, as the Creator of all beings, yet different
from all other beings created by Him, doubtlessly was, is and will be
eternal, does that impose upon Him an immutable necessity to remain in
that particular primordial centre? If already man has been given free
movement in all directions of even the body, and endlessly more so of the
spirit, why should the absolutely free God restrict Himself in that wherein
He gave even His created beings full freedom?

I tell you: Since the divine Endlessness in everything has also the might to
move freely without any limitation, It surely also has the right to convert
Its glory into the flesh in order to present Itself to Its created men visibly
and comprehensively as an eternally most perfect man, too.

However, the endless Glory of God does not have the power - and cannot
possibly have it - to create outside of Itself other absolutely identical
deities. If it were capable of this, It would have to create outside of the
one infinite space other quite as infinite spaces, which every logically
thinking person must recognize as absurd. For if the one space is infinite
in all directions, where could another quite as infinite space begin?

Therefore, another perfect God with the fullest infinite glory is quite as
inconceivable as would be another infinite space. From this you can
clearly see that I, now walking on earth in the flesh as a son of man like
you, am one and the same God that I have been from eternity and shall
remain in all eternity.

Therefore, I cannot do anything against My eternal glory, but everything
for it.” (Great Gospel of John 08/26, 1 - 3)

“I am - now as a man in the flesh before you - the Son and was never
begotten by anyone else but Myself and, thus, I am My very own Father
from eternity. Where else could the Father be but in the Son and where
else the Son but in the Father, thus one God and Father in one person.

This body of mine is, therefore, the glorified form of the Father for the
sake of men and angels, so that I may be to them a conceivable and
visible God. Now you can see, hear and speak to Me and yet live, for
formerly it was said that no one could see God and live. Thus, I am
completely God: within Me is the Father, and the power emanating from
Me through My love, wisdom and almighty will, actively filling endless
space everywhere, is the Holy Spirit.

As you now see Me among you as a God-man, I am definitely here with
you in this dining hall on the Mount of Olives with the centre of My entire
primordial being complete and undivided and am, therefore, nowhere else,
as a truest God and man simultaneously, neither on this earth nor
anywhere else. However, with the power emanating from me, which is
the Holy Spirit, I fill actively all the heavens and the earthly material as
well as the endless space. I see everything, from the greatest to the
smallest, know everything, am aware of everything, control, create, guide

and rule everything.” (Great Gospel of John 08/27 2 - 4)

11. Gethsemane and Golgotha

The LORD reports to us in the Great Gospel of John Volume 11:
“Now, in Gethsemane came the moment when the whole impact of the
impending disaster was felt by the soul of the Son of Man and the Deity
again withdrew completely in order to leave the freest decision to the Man

Therefore, He felt the terror of the hour and Jesus said “My soul is
sorrowful, even unto death.” He also then said to the three. “Stay here,
and watch with Me.” Then He went a little further away and prayed the
words: “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from Me: yet not as I
will, but as You will.”

However, since these words did not express His own firm decision as yet,
the Deity did not yet re-enter into Him. Jesus went back to His own and
found them asleep.

From this He saw that He could find a support only in the Father within
Him, and He awakened the three and spoke the well-known words:
“Can you not watch with me for one hour? Watch and pray, that you
enter not into temptation! The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”
With these words He referred not only to the three, but also to Himself.

Then Jesus went back again and again prayed: “My Father, if this cup may
not pass away from Me, I will drink it and Your will be done!” Once more
driven by unrest, the soul sought external contact with its own, again
finding them asleep, and this time so fast asleep that they did not wake
up. but only stirred drowsily when called.

Now Jesus, the Son of Man, had conquered. With one merciful glance He
looked at His disciples, hurried back and exclaimed in a loud voice:
“Father, I know it is possible for this cup to pass away; yet Your will alone
be done, therefore I will drink it!” Now the Deity in Its fullness re-entered
into Him and strengthened Him, permeating Him fully and saying: “My
son, for the last time you had to decide! Now, Father and Son within you
are united and have become forever inseparable. Bear what has been
given you to bear! Amen.” (Great Gospel of John 11. 72, 4 -15)

What happened on Golgotha will not be fathomable to its greatest depths
for all eternity because here God performed an act of self-abasement
which Lucifer had regarded as the most impossible of all impossibilities.
Every arrogant individual thinks of God as arrogant. Everyone who seeks
to dominate, who would like to be a great lord himself visualises God as a
great Lord. “You regard all others as capable of anything you yourself can
think or do.” And Lucifer had also only thought of God as arrogant and
had assessed God as being even more arrogant than himself.

And here on Golgotha, just as during the whole development of Jesus‟
soul, God Himself performs a feat of self-abasement, an act of humility,

which is simply unimaginable. The Creator imprisons Himself here within
the narrowest space and the very marked deficiencies in Jesus‟ soul were
the chains, with which He bound Himself. It is already an act of humility
for God to confine Himself here within such a tiny space and to subject
Himself to this for our sakes.

But immeasurably greater still, is the happening on the cross. This is not
simply the death of some defenceless martyr who must simply suffer in
silence, because the soul of Jesus could have, if He had so wished, called
all the angels with their immense power to His aid at any moment, putting
an end to all His suffering and in so doing, greater harm would not have
befallen His soul. But for us something appalling would have happened as
then we – that is our souls at the end of our lives - would never be able to
detach ourselves from the material world.

Only through His infinite love for every individual one of us, through
compassion for the suffering that would have threatened us and which has
already to some extent threatened and confronted us, only from within
this love did He take it upon Himself to suffer everything of His own free
will. And the Godhead in Him suffered too. For here the Godhead permits
Itself to be crucified by feeble small creatures of Its own making. This
signifies a humility in God which is unimaginable to us. It is the unending
proof of His love for us.

In calling out: “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?” (an Old
Testament verse from Psalms 22, 1), Jesus did not wish to convey that
God had turned away from Him but that Jesus‟ earthly body, being still in
its material form, remained subject to pain and death. For this reason,
the life force in the soul of Jesus‟ earthly body sought help in its
abandonment through the text of the psalm - setting the example that
every man on earth should seek help only from God.

Jesus says: “My third word on the cross was: „My God, My God, why hast
Thou forsaken me!‟      Even My friends mistook this cry for human
weakness. And even they began to harbour doubt as to how it came
about that I had previously put Myself forward as God and that I was now,
in My death agony, deliriously calling out to God that He had abandoned

Oh, you short-sighted mortals! Did you fail to perceive, that only the
spirit in Me was God, while the outer shell, the flesh, was formed of
weaker material and therefore had to be subject to both pain and torment
as your bodies are? For what merit would there in fact have been, had I
not atoned for the heavy guilt of mankind while I was still enclosed in this
shell, with its human frailty and incompleteness, if I had obliged the
material world to remain obedient to Me until the death on the cross?”
(The Seven Words of Jesus Christ on the Cross pp, 5 and 10. The true
significance of His Seven Words on the Cross was revealed to us by the
Lord Jesus and is available from the downloads tab of

With the cry: “It is finished!” (John 19, 30) Jesus‟ soul also withstood and
survived the last most difficult step and could now in the most intimate
way join with the Father, now benign for all eternity, within His Soul.
From Good Friday onward, there is no remaining disunity between Jesus‟

soul and God‟s spirit: they are one. Now, God can, at any time, appear to
us incarnate in the soul of Jesus. And that now happens in the spiritual
world for the first time. When Joseph of Arimathia and his friends
removed Jesus‟ soulless shell from the cross, the Heavenly Father Jesus-
Jehovah-Zebaoth revealed Himself in all the realms of the spirit world for
the first time as the now visible LORD God.

Before Jesus, no created being could look directly on God and continue to

The Godhead lived in Its inviolable holiness in a central domain called the
Spiritual Sun, to which no created being had access. Even the highest and
most perfect spirits could only see the Godhead from afar as the Spiritual
Sun. Before Jesus, a meeting with God in person was therefore not
possible. Even the forms in which God walked the earth in primordial
times, Asmahael, the lord Abedam, Melchisedek, one of the three men
who came to Abraham, these were essentially created beings, men like
us, who were specially charged with God‟s Spirit for this particular
purpose, so that they, in the hours in which it was necessary, spoke and
acted as if God personally walked among men. It was however never
directly the Lord God Himself but a human or angel spirit only charged
with the Spirit of God to the extent necessary for the fulfilment of the
particular purpose.

But even in the cradle in the stable cave in Bethlehem, the centre of
infinity is found in the Infant Jesus. With this infant at its heart, all infinity
was both ruled and guided, without this being obvious from without. And
now it is exactly the same with the resurrected Jesus. We shall personally
meet the Creator in the incarnation of the risen Jesus. And in this way, the
infinite chasm between the inviolable holiness of the Godhead and
ourselves, the souls and spirits which fell into the material world has been

A bridge has been built both within and by Jesus, which any one of us,
any human being at any time, can cross if he is open to receive the forces
which already lie dormant in the heart of His spirit in the form of God‟s
spark, waiting to be awakened. The veil rent in twain in the temple
signifies that the infinite chasm between the Godhead and ourselves has
been bridged in Jesus. (Matthew 27, 51)

12. Journey to Hell

As we have seen, Jesus our Heavenly Father showed Himself immediately
after departing from His mortal shell, in all the realms of the spirit world
for the first time as the visible, Lord God incarnate.

First of all he ventured into the darkest and gloomiest realms of the other
world, in which arrogant and domineering human souls voluntarily prepare
for themselves a true mental hell. Jesus our Heavenly Father then
revealed Himself to these souls as they dwelt, of their own free will, in

their arrogance and lust to dominate. He preached the Gospel to them,
asked them to humble themselves and to follow Him into His newly
formed Heaven. A large number of these souls, poor as beggars by their
own fault, followed this call from the eternally incarnate LORD God and
were immediately accepted into Paradise, the first step towards the proper
Heaven, in the same way as the repentant criminal on the cross had been
accepted. The ancient fathers of Christianity included Christ‟s journey to
hell into their profession of faith in order to constantly place the immense
love of Jesus our Heavenly Father directly in the line of vision of those
internally infirm souls. (See also 1 Peter 3, 19 and 20 and 4, 6)

13. Easter

The central significance of Easter is not that now an earthly corpse was
brought to life again and transfigured. Indeed, Jesus continued to live
immediately on Good Friday afternoon, only His body died. And the fact
that He returned on Easter morning, transfigured His body and took it into
His splendour as a garment for His soul, was the final stage. To some
extent too much value was placed on the fact that Jesus‟ earthly body was
resurrected, as originally there was little or no belief in any continuation of
life after death, especially in pagan nations, and now considered that an
eternal life after death had become possible for the first time through
Jesus‟ victory over death on earth.

No, this is not the case! Eternal life was also achieved by all the humans
who died long before Jesus, for example, the major figures in the Old
Testament and the Egyptian fellahs who helped build the pyramids. Jesus
did not save us from the physical death of our bodies but only from the
death of soul and spirit. Our souls and to some extent also our spirits were
in imminent danger of death. And He released us from the peril of
everlasting death of the spirit and soul. He therefore paved the way for
the final release of all souls and spirits locked in the material world.

Jesus said: “On the third day of Passover the Deity returned and called
the body of the Son of Man, which forthwith completely dissolved (its
material element was transformed into a dynamic soul substance!) and
was added to the soul as a garment. This process was seen by the Roman
guards as a brilliant light which lit up the tomb and frightened them so
much that they ran away to spread the news that I had risen. (Great
Gospel of John 11, 76)

14. The Appearances of Jesus and His Ascension

In the same way that many angel spirits clothed themselves briefly during
the earthly life of the LORD in a visible body, which they assembled for
themselves out of the air using the power of their will, so Jesus
transformed Himself briefly into material form to show Himself to His
disciples as the resurrected Christ and to comfort them.

Jesus said: “In the midst of this gathering of disciples (after Easter) I

entered and greeted the assembled who, after their first surprise,
thronged around Me, overwhelmed by joy. This evening I once again
taught them about the purpose of My dying, as well as the teaching
ministry now conferred upon them. I also admonished them to have no
fear, since with a firm trust and with love for Me they were safe from all
persecutions. Through My appearance I proved to them everlasting life in
My Kingdom, and all now firmly believed and their hearts were full of zeal.
Then I said farewell after advising them to gather here again in eight
days. After eight days followed the described scene with Thomas, again
according to John. (John 20, 26 - 29)

“During this time after Passover I personally appeared to all those who
had been in direct contact with Me, in order to prove to them the truth of
My words and to strengthen their hearts for the dissemination of My
teaching. No one was excluded. Those who because of My death were
incensed against the Jews were calmed and those who had become
wavering were strengthened. However, it is futile to describe all these
incidents, since nothing extraordinary occurred. These deeds were to
them merely a crowning of their faith, and nothing was thereby added to
My teaching. For instance, the story of the two disciples at Emmaus gives
a fairly accurate account of all such similar events: this is why it was

“I had told the disciples to gather again on a certain day at the
innkeeper‟s and so it happened. This day was the fortieth day after
Passover. Therefore, all who were close to Me gathered and I again
entered into their midst and led them to the top of the Mount of Olives,
which commanded a good view. There I gathered the apostles around
Me. The other disciples were standing around us in a wide circle. Once
more I admonished them all to adhere firmly to Me and My teaching. I
also commissioned My disciples to go out into all the world and preach the
Gospel in My name.        Then I said farewell to them, declaring that
henceforth they would no longer see Me physically, yet at all times would
remain spiritually united with Me. Then I blessed them, and shortly after I
had vanished from their midst.” (Great Gospel of John 11, 76)

Jesus‟ soul body whose substantial soul covering consisted of the
transfigured substance of His former earthly body, could of course
penetrate any material as pure energy of a higher order. Only within the
assembly room of the disciples did Jesus briefly clothe Himself in an
earthly body in order to appear before His disciples in human form.

The original account of the Passion of Jesus Christ is available on the
download tab of our website or by sending a blank
email to

15. Pentecost

As a result of God‟s acts of humiliation and self-abasement together with
the subsequent incarnation, something changed in God Himself. We are
no longer faced by the untouchable holiness of the Godhead, which we are
unable to approach, it is rather that God is developing a love for us and a
compassion which now represents the new creation. And from this new

spirit if love, from this new spirit of humility, love and compassion, as it
became reality on Golgotha for the first time, each of us has received a
spark which remains in the heart of our spirit as God‟s spark which will
one day wish to be awakened and will penetrate and pervade our spirit,
our soul and one day even our resurrected and transfigured fleshly body.

A distinction is made between the rebirth of the soul and that of the spirit.
The rebirth of the soul however consists in our spirit becoming one with
our soul. However, the rebirth of our spirit signifies that God‟s spark is
ignited in our deepest interior and irradiates our spirit with the life of the
new creation, so that this life of new creation becomes alive in us and we
thereby become for the first time inhabitants of the new heavenly
Jerusalem, insofar as that is what we wish. The disciples of the LORD were
the first human beings to achieve the rebirth of their spirits in that on
Pentecost morning God‟s spark fully entered each of their spirits and filled
it with the life of the new creation, so that even their souls and to some
extent their earthly bodies were irradiated by this Holy Spirit of humility,
love and compassion.

16. The second coming of the LORD

The LORD said:
“On the occasion of My Second Coming, I shall not again be born as a
child somewhere of a woman, for this My body remains transfigured as do
I, as a spirit, in eternity, and so I shall never again need another body in
the manner indicated by you.

“However, first I shall come invisibly in the clouds of heaven, which means
to say: I shall first approach humanity through true seers, wise men and
newly awakened prophets. And in these days also maidens will prophesy
and young men will have clairvoyant dreams announcing My advent.
Many will listen to them and mend their ways, but the world will call them
mad fanatics and not believe them, as was also the case with the

“Moreover, I shall from time to time awaken people to whom I shall
dictate through their heart all that is now, during My presence here,
happening and being discussed. What is written down will, within only a
few weeks and days, be multiplied in many thousands of identical copies
in an artful manner well-known to the then living people and thus become
accessible to them. And the people of these days, almost all of whom will
be able to read and write, will be able to read and also understand the
new books.

“This way of spreading My teaching from the heavens, given anew and
uncontaminated, will then make it possible to reach the people all over the
earth much more quickly and effectively than is possible now through
messengers in My name by word of mouth.

“When in this way My teaching will have been brought to the people of
good will and active faith and at least one third of humanity will know of
it, then I will also, here and there, come personally and bodily visible [in

the transfigured spirit-body] to those who love Me most, are longing for
My return and have a fully alive faith.

“And I Myself shall form of them communities which no power in the world
will be able to resist. For I shall be their commander-in-chief, their forever
invincible hero, and shall judge all the dead and blind worldlings.
(Great Gospel of John 9. 94, 2-7)

Jakob Lorber was one of the worldlings to whose heart and pen the
Heavenly Father Jesus dictated details of the events and conversations
which took place at the time of His presence on earth.        The New
Revelation through Jakob Lorber is therefore the return of Jesus in the
clouds of heaven.

17. Conclusion

We wish to close off this Christology, which the Heavenly Father has again
restored to us through His new, pure teaching from the heavens by
quoting a passage from the unique testimony to Christ written by His
favourite disciple, John, in the second volume of the “Spiritual Sun “,
Chapter 13, verses 2 and 3.

“Jesus is an entity so immense that as His name is spoken, all of infinity
trembles with reverence! If you say „God‟, you indeed name the most
supreme being of all: but you use the name in its infinity as it is there
that it fills the endless universe with its endless power from eternity to
eternity. But in the name „Jesus‟ you describe the complete, almighty,
quintessential centre of God: or, even more clearly expressed: Jesus is
the true, most intrinsic, quintessential God as a human, from whom all
Divinity which fills infinity, primarily flows like the rays of the sun, as the
spirit of His unending power and strength. Jesus is therefore the
embodiment of the full abundance of the Godhead. Alternatively: the
Godhead lives in Jesus in its infinite abundance in a truly physical
presence. Therefore, always the entire divine infinity is stimulated when
this infinitely most holy and exalted name is uttered in true love.”

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