The History Of Hitler by mohannadsoudene


									The History Of Hitler

 Hitler Is the best known dictator of all time, Everyone knows him for
the holocaust of the jews and wanting to take over the world. He wanted
to build Germany back up from the World War 1 when they lost and Germany
went into a great depression. In the late 30's Hitler started off
invading parts of Europe that were historically claimed as part of German
territory until the partition of them from Germany after the Versailles
Treaty of 1918 which was part of Germany's surrender in WW1, or had been
part of other countries for hundreds of years but used to be part of
German territory. Hitler wanted to rid the world of the problems the
world face. He wanted to create a perfect world rid of Jew's and anyone
not the Aryan race. Europe was just a stepping stone to create a larger
army and a greater amount of people to back his cause so he could take on
America and actually beat us.
Hitler was an extreme German nationalist. In addition to his hatred to
the Jews, He was also anti-attitudes - anti-democratic and anti-
Republican. He was an ardent Darwinist which means that he believed that
the process of survival of the fittest by natural selection should be
artificially speeded up by the government, for example by killing
'incurables' and various 'undesirables'. Hitler’s first plan was just to
take back most of Germans land that was lost in ww1 but the plan went
wrong the brits declared war on Germany and that was never in hitlers
plan His plan was just to declare war on the polish and the soviet union
and take there land, but the Brits got involved in sept 3 1939 this
caused the war to spread westward and hitler thought he had enough power
to take over the whole of Europe then the world
Hitler's aims were aggressive, and he openly stated them in his book
"Mein Kampf" in 1924 It stated Destroy the treaty of Versailles, Create a
greater Germany a country of all German people and to conquer land for
Germany in eastern Europe. Once he came to power, Hitler set about doing
exactly what he had said he would do. For each of his actions between
1935 and 1939 his plan during that time was to invade Poland and
Czechoslovakia but when the brits came in his whole plan changed as said
before . A Brief summary of Hitler’s Actions leading up to ww 2 wheir
That he left the league of nations, Attempted a Nazi coup in Austria.
Poland and Germany sign alliance. Germany broke the military clauses of
the Treaty of Versailles. German troops reoccupied the Rhineland. Rome-
Berlin Axis signed Anschluss with Austria. Sudetenland handed to Germany
as a result of the Munich conference, Then Germany invaded Poland and
World War Two started.
In Hitlers reign of terror there’s was only a few groups to benefit from
his reign and they were only his close friends and family and very close
colleeges ,if he hated you, you were dead even if you where his family.
Hitler’s reign benefited the hole country but only for the Germans, in
Hitlers reign the germans felt proud and brought a sense of strength
after the treaty of Versailles and made alot more jobs and actually gave
holidays to workers for the first time but he achieved this by kicking
jews out of there jobs and killing them, kicking women out of there jobs,
men had to join the army and work in public places like building
motorways and factories. So Germans benefited from this reign and did not
and obesely the Jews suffered in his reign
The effects of Hitler in Germany were many things. He brought back war to
Germany because everything that was related to war was against the law
due to a treaty signed by the germans in world war 1. He was very
powerful and gave the people hope and happiniess to get out of the kind
of depression they were in. He promised better lives for young and old
just by supporting him. He also made Germany a country of the poorer
sections of society (workers, peasants, etc) as he believed that these
classes of society were the main backbone of Germany,
Hitler did leave a good and bad legacy. He left a legacy of being one of
the cruellest inhumane dictators in the worlds history. He killed jews
just because he didn’t like them (in my opinion i think he was insecure
about being a jew). The world today would know him as a tyrant, a mass
murderer but at the same time he was a brilliant leader.. a tactical
genius and a very good manipulator. The best specs for a successful

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