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									 new rent Law no. (4) for the year 1996

    In subsequent years of the Revolution of July
26 the rent price stabilized as a form of direct
control over the prices and redistribute of wealth,
but it the situation started to reflect between the
years 96 / 97, where the State introduced
amendments to the rent laws and reducing the
duration of the contracts to a limited duration and
made it in depending on the agreement between
the landlord and tenant to open the chances of re -
negotiate the value of the rent, some have argued
that this is a step in the direction of overall
liberalization and from the economic point of view,
after the number of unoccupied housing in 2008
reached more than a million houses in Cairo only,
where many prefer to keep there unit unoccupied,
rather than face the problems with tenants who
refuse to leave the housing unit, so the Government
enacted the new rent law to be a step in the reform
of the relationship between landlord and tenant so
as to provide an adequate compensation to
property owners encouraging them to offer their
units   for    rent   and   make    maintenance      work
necessary to maintain the buildings and, if this goal
was achieved, according to the law of the market,
the level of rent will be determined when there is a
balance between supply and demand, thereby
yielding adequate returns to owners and not dirt
cheap, as well as appropriate for the tenants and
not very high but that law is still in need of further
reforms in order to achieve its purpose to take into
account the economic and social side.

    This is because despite the enactment of this
law, but more than 60% of Egyptians still ruled the
old rent law, which imposes strict price for the
benefit of the tenant and which result in poor
service       maintenance    of    old   buildings   and
disadvantages    of   the   old   rent   laws     is   the
deterioration of the buildings for its low rent, which
led to neglect building maintenance and the impact
of the architectural style of buildings, but in the
social terms the majority of Egyptian people
especially low-income rentals thought that the Law
No. 4 of 1996, known as the new rents will be a
blessing as it will provide more housing units to
resolve the crisis, rental housing and appropriate,
but later discovered that it had applied curse.

    The aim of the enactment of this law solve the
housing problem by encouraging the rich to invest
their money in construction of houses has become
one imagines that this law miraculously will reform
with the magic wand to increase the rich richer and
the emergence of apartment seekers to impose
harsh conditions on them.

    This law was very unfortunate that the cause of
the reluctance of young people from marriage to
complete their religion and injuring hundreds of
thousands of Spinster girls, and the reason is that
the owners are imposing colossal rents that unable
any youth for his performance.

    Also exploited by owners of old properties,
which was established under the laws of rent prior
to this law to raise housing units rent exponentially
along with imposing of the preparatory under
payment, and it is a large amount of money
requested by the lessor at the beginning of the
contract consisted of several thousands of pounds,
and its is enough that the Rent Act named as the
new one was the reason for raising the prices of
everything in Egypt, particularly the prices of food
commodities and non-food.

    This law has given to the property owners the
right to impose their conditions on tenants without
supervision or control and to do whatever they want
done to achieve their personal interests.
    The rents in accordance with this burdened law
in an insane way so the rents of residential units
modest even in the popular districts of not less than
several hundred pounds may be more than a
thousand pounds in an upscale neighborhood with
thousands of pounds in addition to that the owners
ask for several thousands of pounds as an under
payment or advanced rent payment.

    And it didn’t stop at this point, but that the
problems of the new rent law also is that the rent
period would not be over the lease term of 5 years,
which is injuring to the stability of families and
affording them the problem of search in for other
alternative house in addition to the transfer of
furniture which is     subject    to damage by the
removal and installation, it is true that the owner is
entitled to take advantage of his personal property
but not the ugly exploitation of its inhabitants.

    I wish to reconsider this law either to rescind it
completely or amends the texts to achieve a
balance between the right of the tenant and the
landlord and canceling the text, which sets a
maximum rental period of five years.

I also call on the need to return to a system of
committees set rents to achieve full justice to the
landlord and tenant.

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