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									                      HTC One M7
Originally the HTC One was rumoured to make an appearance at CES
2013 in Las Vegas, but alas those reports didn't come to fruition.

It now looks like the HTC One launch has been set in stone with the
Taiwanese firm sending out invitations to events in both London and
New York scheduled for February 19.

Although the invite itself gives nothing away, TechRadar sources have
said that this is indeed the HTC One M7 launch event and the handset
will be the firm's next flagship smartphone.

It's interesting that HTC has decided to announce the M7 before MWC
2013 begins in Barcelona later in the month… clearly the Taiwanese
firm is worried about being lost in the noise by revealing the handset
amid the fervour in Spain.
          HTC One (HTC M7) Review

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                     HTC M7 Review

A countdown has also appeared online, ending unsurprisingly on the date when
the new phone will be announced. What is interesting is the HTC One / HTC M7 is
shown off in a lens flare-heavy video too, showing a metallic body and
concentrating quite strongly on the camera too.

A fan has even put together a video showing the hints dropped by HTC countdown;
take a look and decide for yourself how the final phone will look:

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