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					                     First Church
             Department/Committee Report
Report Date:                   Elder:

Committee:                     Director:

Committee members:

Date of Previous Meetings:



Annual Goals:








Future Plans




Other important Information:

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                       First Church
               Department/Committee Report
 I created this template for a board report to help board members. Its part
of my church administration series. Below is my contact information if you
          would like to invite me to your church conduct trainings.

Presenter and Author

                   A dynamic and inspirational speaker and teacher, R. Xavier
                Green holds a Masters degree in social work from the University of
                Michigan and a Bachelor of Arts degree in theology from Oakwood
                College. He has worked in the areas of school and mental health
                administration and volunteered as an administrative pastor. His
                area of specialization is organizational management and
                organizational psychology.

He has conducted seminars on the areas of church leadership and facilitated
officers training at his church in Detroit, Michigan He and his wife, Karen, are
the founders of Zavkay Family Services LLC a private practice entity.

Contact information:

ZavKay Family Services LLC
POB 1880
Taylor, MI 48180
Telephone: 313 355 0034 (Office)
Fax: 313 344-1899 (Fax)
Personal Email:

                         ZavKay Family Services LLC
                        Church Administration Seminars

The listing of seminars that we facilitate gives you a compendium of information
that you can utilize for church leadership training and development.

Officers   Transition

In this seminar, we will learn the importance of officer transition and how to
execute an effective leadership transition
                      First Church
              Department/Committee Report
Effective Church Boards

This seminar will explore the characteristics of successful church boards and how
you can transform your church board into an effective board

Emergency/Crisis Team

Does your church have a plan to handle a crisis—suicide, fires, terrorism, sudden
death, bomb threat, physical assault? Learn how to implement a (CMT) Crisis
Management Team.

Church Elections

Church elections can be one of the most politically charged times in the life cycle
of a church. This seminar will discuss strategies in church elections and how
effective planning, communication, and transparency is important in diffusing
tensions and making the election process smooth

Safe House: Strategies to Help Reduce the Risk of Sexual Abuse at Church
and Home

Participants will learn the characteristics of sex offenders and child victims of
sexual abuse, and how to effectively plan and implement strategies to help reduce
the risk of sexual abuse.

Effective Meetings

Everyone hates loooong booooring meetings or meetings that have no sense of
direction. One reason people do not attend church meeting is that the leaders “are
not saying anything”. Effective meeting does not happened by chance—it is
deliberate. This workshop will engaged the listeners in understanding how to
achieve meaningful meetings

Strategic Planning

This seminar will give you a multifaceted arsenal of resources to develop a
strategic plan and strategy initiatives for your church. You'll apply the skills you
learn to the development of your own flexible and achievable blueprint for the
execution of your strategic plan.

Execution: Getting Things Done
                     First Church
             Department/Committee Report
In this seminar, participants will understand the importance of execution in the
overall church growth strategy and ministry. Participants will learn to develop
focused, flexible and achievable strategies for getting things done

Conflict resolution

In every church you will find conflicts, whether it is a small degree or a large
degree. Conflicts can make or break a leader’s ministry. We will explore how to
understand conflict and how to diffuse conflicts.

Leadership and Spirituality

This seminar will look at what it means to be a spiritual leader. We also will
examine the correlation between the two and what are the characteristics of a spirit
filled leader

Leadership in the Bible

This seminar will analyze a few God fearing leaders from the old and New


ZavKay solicits financial assistance to strengthen our ability to minister to
churches. We therefore charge a fee of $300.00 for each seminar. However, the
cost is reduced for multiple seminars.

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