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					                                        SANJAY JAIN
Department of Accounting & Finance                                     104 High Street
Salem State College                                                    North Andover, MA 01845
352 Lafayette Street                                                   (978) 258-6775
Salem, MA 01970                                              
(978) 542-7238 / 542-6027 (fax)

       Teaching:       Corporate Finance, Investments, Real Estate Investments, Personal Finance
       Research:       Market Efficiency, Bonds, Bankruptcy, Corporate Restructuring, Agency Theory.

       Ph.D. University of Mississippi       Major : Finance
             Minors: Econometrics and Managerial Economics
             Dissertation: An Empirical Test of Investment Restrictions, Market Structure Changes
                  NRSRO hypothesis, and Efficiency in the High Yield debt Market.
             Date Defended : February 28, 1997

       MBA (1979), University of Delhi, India          Major : Finance
             Minors : International Finance and Marketing
             Thesis: A trend analysis of lending policies and procedures of The Industrial Finance
             Corporation of India.

       B.Com.(H) (1977), University of Delhi, India            Major : Finance

     Licensed as Massachusetts Real Estate Sales Person 2003-2008
     Licensed as Real Estate Broker in Commonwealth of Massachusetts 2008
     Cleared Level I of CFA exam and enrolled in Level II Examination (2004)
     Certified Negotiation Specialist Certification, Coldwell Banker University 2005
     Participated in CFA Institute Continuing Education (CE) 2003-2008
     Completed Professional Development (PD) program of CFA Institute 2005
     Earned two credits for CE by completing Code of Ethics training CBRB RE School 2008

       Associate Professor: Dept. of Accounting & Finance, Salem State College (since Fall 1997)
              Course Assignment: Principles of Financial Management, Intermediate Financial
                      Management, Applications in Financial Management, Cases in Financial Decision
                      Making, Investments, Sources of Capital, Real Estate, Fundamentals of Personal
                      Financial Management

       Visiting Professor, University of Mississippi, Summer 1997
               Course Assignment: Management of Financial Institutions

       Assistant Professor, St. John’s University and College of St. Benedict, Minnesota (1996-97)
               Course Assignments: Corporate Finance; Investments and Mathematics of Finance

       Graduate Instructor, University of Mississippi
             Course Assignments: Principles of Corporate Finance; Principles of Investments;
                                     Money and Banking; Macroeconomics & Microeconomics;
                                     Economic Statistics; Current Economic Topics
       Research Assistant, Department of Economics & Finance, University of Mississippi
              Assisted Dr. Delvin D. Hawley in various research projects and course related assignments
              including grading spreadsheet assignments, tests and helping students with questions and

       Tutor, Learning Development Center, University of Mississippi
              Helped students with learning disabilities

     Graduate Assistant, Office of Research, University of Mississippi. 1994-July 1996
           Assisted in locating funding opportunities for all disciplines
           Created and maintained homepage for Office of Research on the WWW
           Maintained a comprehensive faculty database using SPIN system
           Used and trouble-shooted Novell 4.01 network system

       User Consultant, OCIS:IBM, Mac & AT&T Labs , Univ. of Mississippi 1991-May 1996
              Supervised and maintained User Labs using Novell 3.11 network system
              Conducted seminars on Unix; Internet; CMS; and Software Expertise

       Deputy Manager Purchase, ESSAR Shipping Pvt Ltd, India 1983-88
              Negotiated contracts and arranged supplies to the fleet around the globe
              Developed an automated Inventory Control System using dBASE+

       Assistant Commercial Manager, Jagatjit Textile Mills, India 1979-1983
               Undertook floor training in the composite textile mills for two years
               Coordinated the procurement and storage of all material
               Maintained liaison with head office and other branches for overall administrative controls

    Delta Mu Delta, National Honor Society in Business Administration (2001, 2004)
    Nominated and selected in Who’s Who in America directory (2005)
    Omicron Delta Epsilon, International Honor Society in Economics (1991)
    Graduate fellowship and scholarship recipient
    All India National Merit scholarship recipient

     Financial Management International Association (FMA)
     Southern Financial Association (SFA)
     Midwestern Financial Association (MFA)
     Eastern Finance Association (EFA)
     Boston Security Analysts Society (BSAS)
     CFA Institute (formerly Association of Investment and Management Research (AIMR)

     President, Indian Association of Merrimac Valley (2008)
     Treasurer, Indian Association of Merrimac Valley (2004-2007)
     Founder member, New England Enterprise for Theater and Arts (2008)
     "A Study of the Relation between Common Stock Returns, Market Value and Default Risk,"
      Co-authored with Dr. John Dobson and Amitava Chatterjee, Journal of Economics and Finance,
      Vol. 14 No. 2 (Fall 1990), pp 135-42.

       “Writing a Winning ERP Proposal” Co-authored with McLanahan et. al. Proceedings of the
       Twelfth Annual Conference of the Production and Operations Management Society, POM-2001

     Chair, Accounting & Finance, Division of Continuing Education (2005-2008 Summer)
     Graduate Coordinator, Accounting & Finance Department, DGCE (2005 – 2008 Summer)

     Supervised internship of Aida Jovani with Citizens Bank and with her paper “The Mortgage
     Crisis” (2007)

       Supervised internship of Roland Skreslet with Putum Investments and with his paper “Does the
       market risk premium increase as you take on more risk in mutual fund industry? A look at value,
       Blend, and Growth Funds at Putnum Investments” (2007)


       Submitted “Impact of Reduced Pension Obligations on Firm’s Operating Performance, Financial
       Status and Debt Capacity” to Southern Finance Association meeting (abstract not accepted). Co-
       authored with Sanjay Kudrimoti, Raminder Luther (2010)

       Published “Financial Manual” co-authored with Dr. Luther and Dr. Lam and funded by the
       General Program of Professional Development of MSCA/BHE Contract Continuing Scholarship
       Fund (2005)

       Presented “Venture Capitalism in India” to the Summer Global Institute (2005)

       Reviewed “Debt Overhang and Trickle-Down Macroeconomic Stability in a Developing
       Economy”, for 2001 International Academy of African Business and Development Conference.

       Co-Presented SAP managerial Accounting Module with exercises to Faculty at School of
       Business. The module was co-authored with Professor Larson

       Co-Presented “Are Exchange Traded Funds a Better Alternative to Mutual Fund Investing?” at
       Faculty Symposium School of Business, Co-authored with Dr. Luther and Dr. Amaria (Mar 2001)
       Paper submitted to NBEA (2001)

       Presented “Matrix Prices versus Exchange Prices: A Study of Investment Restrictions, Bond
       Rating Changes, and Bond Market Efficiency” at Financial Management Association meeting
       (Oct. 2000)

       Discussed “Impact of Junior Debt on Senior Debt: The Information Effects and the Effects of
       Credit Quality and Purpose” by Linn and Scott at Financial Management Association (Oct. 2000)

       Received a grant of $700 from Faculty/Librarian Research Support Fund to conduct the study of
       Bond matrix prices. (Fall 1999)

       Presented “An Empirical Test of Investment Restrictions, Bond Rating Changes, and Efficiency
       In the High Yield Debt Market” at Southern Finance Association meeting. (Nov. 1997)

       Presented “An Empirical Test of Investment Restrictions, Bond Rating Changes, and Efficiency
       In the High Yield Debt Market” at Faculty Symposium, (Spring 1998)

       Discussed “Expiring Real Options and IPO’s , by John Ligon “ at Midwest Finance Association
       meeting. (March 1999)

       Discussed “How Robust is the Morkowitz Model? by Puckett” at Southern Finance Association
       meeting. (Nov. 1997)

       Discussed “The Market Response to Presentations to Financial Analyst Groups Inside and Outside
       of New York City, by Gosnell and Polonchek” at Southern Finance Association meeting (Nov.

       Discussed “Investment Style Segmentation and the Reaction to Analysts Pronouncements: An
       Empirical Analysis, by Albert Jr.” at Academy of Financial Services meeting (Oct. 1996)

       Discussed “Empirical Characterization of Term Structure Dynamics, by Hsu and Chu” at
       Financial Management International Association meeting (Oct. 1996)

       Reviewed “Tax Shield/Bankruptcy Models and Capital Structure Decisions: An Investigation
       based on Shareholder Value” for Journal of Business and Economic Studies (May 1999)

       Reviewed “Causal Flow from Dollar Fluctuations to U.S. Inflation: An Empirical Revisit” for
       Journal of Business and Economic Studies (Nov 1998). Reviewed revised manuscript of the paper
       (Sep 1999)

       Reviewed “Fiscal Deficits, Trade Deficits, and Real Interest Rates” for Journal of Business and
       Economic Studies (1997)

       Reviewed ”Volatility Persistence in the S&P 500 Futures Index” for Journal of Business and
       Economic Studies (1997)

       Reviewed several articles for acceptance for presentation at the Midwestern Finance Association
       meeting (1995)

       Critiqued papers at the Research Group meetings at Salem State College

    All Faculty Committee, Bertolon School of Business (2008-Now)
    Graduate Business Program Advisory Committee (GBPAC) (2007-10)
    Academic Policy Committee (1999-2005, 2008, 2010)
    AACSB Curriculum Subcommittee (2007)
    Search Committee Finance Faculty (1997-98, 99-2000; 2000-01, 2001-02, 2007, 2008)
    Search Committee Dean School of Business (2002)
    Departmental Curriculum Committee (1997- 2009)
    Strategic Planning Committee member (1997 - 2007)
    Research Group (1997 - 99)
    Graduate Business Programs (1997 - 2000)
    Library/Media Development Committee (1998 - 99)
    Academic Computing Committee (1998 – 2002, 2008)
    SAP Working Team (1998 – 2002)
     Finance Association, Faculty Advisor (1997 – 2007)


     Selected to serve as Advisor for Undeclared Business Majors as an alternative assignment (Fall

     Served as a Mentor and Academic advisor with the Academic Advising Center for First Year
     Students Orientation, “The Academic Experience” (1998,1999,2000, 2001,2002, 2006)

     Attended “WinterTech II” training workshop for Technology Enhanced Pedagogy in the classroom
     (Winter 2007)

     Participated in the “Pilot program for Faculty Online Services” a workshop for Peoplesoft offered
     by Faculty Support Services department (2007)

     Attended weeklong Boot-camp for WebCt training (2006)

     Attended “Laptop Bootcamp II” offered by Library, Instructional and Learning Support
     department (2005)

     Attended “Groupwise Training” workshop offered by Information Technology department (2005)

     Attended workshop on how to use Blackboard in our curriculum (2002)

     Served as an observer for MIS811 – Web based course on the “Blackboard” platform (2002

     Developed course modules for SAP related curriculum for ACC106; Wrote CPIP grant as a group

     Drafted a proposal for three year rolling schedule for newly approved MBA program, with Anurag
     Jain and David Goodof (Summer 2008)

     Served as a team member for SAP project. The objective of this project was to incorporate SAP in
     the curriculum. (Summer 99 - 2002)

     Attended Sapphire 1999 University Alliance meeting in Philadelphia (Sep. 1999)

     Undertook training in SAP-FI module (AC010 Financial Accounting and Reporting) at SAP
     training center in Waltham, MA (Fall 99)

    Developed a new course “Foundations of Finance” (MBA foundation) for the newly developed
    MBA program (2007)

     Explored offering courses in accounting course in accounting certificate program in UAE, with
     Continuing Ed. (2006)
Served as Chair, Graduate Business Programs Advisory Committee (2007)

Submitted FIN322 for “Q” designation for the business core courses and received approval
through college wide curriculum committee (2006)
Attended Faculty Research Bootcamp (June 6 – June 9, 2005)

Completed the CFA Institute Professional Development (PD) program (2005)

Developed and received approval for a new course “Fundamentals of Financial Planning and
Insurance” for Graduate Certification in Financial Planning (2004)

Developed course modules for SAP related curriculum for ACC106; Wrote CPIP grant as a group

Conducted a faculty survey on use of various mathematical concepts in different courses and met
with Math department to disseminate the results/follow up actions (2003)

Served as Curriculum Team Leader of Strategic Planning Committee. The committee planned a
new Faculty Curriculum Symposium Series to discuss curriculum related issues (2000)

Invited Cabot Money Management to make a presentation to the Investments class about
Investment Strategies (Fall 2002)

Developed courses for graduate and Undergraduate curriculum. (Spring 1999)

Served as Chair, Peer evaluation committee for reappointment of Dr. Kudrimoti (2008)

Served as Chair, search Committee for Temp Full Time Acct. & Finance position (2008)

Served as Chair, Peer evaluation committee for promotion of Dr. Lam, Acct. & Finance (2008)

Served as Chair, Peer evaluation committee for reappointment of Dr. Phlam, Economics (2008)

Served on Peer evaluation committee for reappointment of Dr. Ardon, Economics (2007)

Served on Peer evaluation committee for reappointment of Dr. Beckworth, Economics (2007)

Served on Peer evaluation committee for reappointment of Dr. Lam, Acct & Finance (2007)

Served on Search Committee for tenure track position in Acct. & Finance (2007)

Evaluated Alternative Assignment (research paper) of Dr. Luther, Spring 2007

Served as Chair, Economics Department for one day to evaluate the Dr. Siden as the Chair of
Economics Department and for Post Tenure review of Dr. Crofts, Economics (2006)

Served as Chair, Peer evaluation commtt. for reappointment of Kenneth Ardon, Economics (2006)

Evaluated Alternative Assignment (research paper) of Dr. Lam, Spring 2006

Served on Peer evaluation committee for reappointment of Dr. Lam, Acct. & Finance (2006)

Served as Chair, Search Committee for Tenure Track position in Accounting & Finance (2006)
Served as Chair, Peer evaluation committee for reappointment of Dr. Lam, Acct. & Finance (2005)

Served on Peer evaluation committee for reappointment of Nisreen Bahnan, Marketing (2005)

Served as Chair, Peer evaluation committee for Promotion of Dr. Luther, Acct. & Finance (2003)
Served on College wide Tenure Committee for Prof. Corcoran, Occupational Therapy Dept.

Served on Search Committee for Dean of School of Business (2002)

Served as Chair, Search Committee for tenure track position in Accounting & Finance (2002)

Presented a lecture on “Corporate Power: When Corporations Rule the World” to the Business
Institute class 2002

Attended the MBA Forum sponsored by Kaplan Testing to promote Salem State College (2002)

Organized and led Finance Association on trips to Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and Boston
Stock Exchange. (2001-2002)

Presented a lecture for Business Institute Class “Investment Climate in Russia” (Summer 2001)

Conducted Faculty seminars during Summer 2000, Summer 2001, and Fall 2000 for SAP
modules; Worked on a continuous development for SAP as a SAP team member

Serves as a panelist for “Financial Strategies Discussion Group” class to Explorers Group for Fall
2000 semester.

Taught a class on “Worlds Hotspots: India” to Explorers Group Spring 2000.

Presented a lecture for Business Institute 2000 Class “The Financial Giants – Who owns the

Presented SAP proposal and lessons learned at Sapphire 1999 to Business school faculty at the
Annual Faculty Retreat (Fall 1999)

Served at DECA regional Conference to judge the case study presentations made by District 5 & 6
High School students. (Spring 1999, 2000)

Coordinated various activities for the Finance Association in the capacity of an advisor. The
activities included a trip to the Boston Stock Exchange and participation in “Boston Globe Stock
Market Challenge”, a stock market simulation game (1997 - 2007)

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