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					           Sell your properties to Russian buyers

      Thousands of customers cannot complete sales to local people just
because the supply of properties is great but in practice there are very few

      By offering your property for sale or rent to Russian buyers you are able
to make a real deal and get a fair price for your property.

      Russian buyers are among the most active in buying property abroad.
Making a real deal helps you keep your investments or get some income from

Some of the most attractive countries for Russian property investors are:

          Turkey, Germany, Spain
          England, Bulgaria, Montenegro
          Italy, Greece, Cyprus
             USA

Why the information we provide about your property on the phone is
important and efficient?

       More than 60% of the Russian buyers experience language difficulties
when communicating with agencies and property owners abroad. The fact that
we provide the information for your property in Russian language facilitates the
buyers a lot. All details about the property quickly become clear to them and
they can recognize its advantages.
       In the course of the conversations with the buyer we emphasize these
advantages and give clear and specific information to the buyer. In many cases
the description and the photos in the standard ads are not enough to convince
potential buyers to take action. Our service dramatically reduces this rate and
increases the percentage of people who are interested in this property by 35
percent. Buyers get the most detailed information about the property that has
attracted their attention for free.

Why exactly Russian buyers?

       In fact the sale of property to Russian buyers is one of the options, which
you can use. The current situation in many countries shows that the real estate
markets are stagnant and the interest of local people to buy property is low.
Russian real estate experts evaluate the purchases of properties abroad by
Russian citizens to over $15 billion per year. That's right, over $15 billion.

       These are facts that indicate the existence of new opportunities for you as
a seller.
Where the Russian citizens prefer to buy property?

      As can be expected many of them prefer to buy properties in European
countries. Among them Germany, England, Spain, France and Italy can be
outlined. A significant number of properties in Montenegro, Bulgaria, Greece,
Turkey and Cyprus are also sold to Russian buyers. The reasons for buying are
      Making investments, acquiring a vacation property, buying property to be
used during training or education in the country and even for medical purposes
related to treatment conducted abroad. You understand that there is no universal
profile of Russian property buyer and the motives to buy a property may be
completely different. On the other hand, this shows that Russian buyers can have
an interest in dozens of different offers on the market and to be attractive to
sellers. Of course within a reasonable offer and clear relationships between the

What price is ready a Russian buyer to pay to buy a property abroad?

      First, it depends on the destination. If we talk about entrepreneurs, it is
obvious that their resources are greater and they easily turn to prestigious
properties in the UK, Germany, and quite often in Italy. In these cases
investments of over $500000 are seen as normal. The mass Russian buyer,
however, has more modest resources. He/she can afford between $150000 and
$200000 and probably will be interested to know the possibilities for a mortgage
in the respective country. And this is not surprising. The terms of the mortgage
loans and interest rates in Europe are considerably more lucrative than in Russia.
Are Russian property buyers abroad active?

      This is a reasonable question. Today more and more often owners of
properties in Europe say that they publish ads in local agencies and media and
there is no interest for months. Some more facts. Russian buyers are so active
that in some countries the deals concluded with Russian investors exceed 15%
of the whole real estate market.
      This is a truly significant percentage. In Turkey and Bulgaria this is
explained not only by the favorable geographic and climate conditions but also
by the relatively attractive prices. But in countries like Spain, Italy, Germany
and France prices are put aside. Social environment, cultural traditions,
opportunities for business and education are major factors influencing Russian

What attracts Russian buyers the most?

      First, this is a favorable climate and sunny and warm weather. Russia is
located in the north and in many cities climate conditions are harsh. Harsh
Russian winters are a challenge even for local people. This is why a favorable
climate, the presence of sea, a short and warm winter can become a strong
argument for each seller.
      The main property purchases by Russian citizens are exactly in resort
towns, where access to the beach is easy and the summer is long and hot. It is
hardly a coincidence that in countries like Turkey, Greece, Spain and Bulgaria
most properties sold to Russians are precisely in this kind of areas. What is also
important is the attitude of local people to Russians, low crime rates and
tranquility. These are the main factors that can influence the purchase decision,
but they are not limited to them. Business opportunities, education opportunities
and the use of medical services make apartments in well developed urban areas
preferred by some buyers.

                    Need selling property? Do not wait passively!

               Our service is unrivalled and is available to everyone.

You simply have to select the relevant plan and provide us detailed information
about the property, including description, photos and videos.

      1. We translate the description into Russian and publish it in Internet
      2. We start to actively promote your property
      3. Upon request from a client, we answer all questions regarding the
      property on a local Russian phone number.
      4. When the person declares a serious interest to buy or rent the property,
      we connect the person with you or your authorized agent to finalize the
      details of the deal.
      5. We do not take any commission from the deals concluded between the
      parties.      For more details please visit:

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Description: Thousands of customers cannot complete sales to local people just because the supply of properties is great but in practice there are very few buyers. By offering your property for sale or rent to Russian buyers you are able to make a real deal and get a fair price for your property.