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                                   Sesame Street Offers a Free Series Exploring Divorce
                                   Fairfax, VA (Law Firm Newswire) February 19, 2013 – After 40 years, Sesame Street, the long-running
                                   children’s show on television, is talking about divorce.

                                   Sesame Street has put together a series for children and parents, “Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce." The
                                   Muppet character, Abby Cadabby, explains to Elmo that she lives in two different houses, because her parents
                                   reside in two different places. She also explores all the different ways she feels about having parents who are
                                   divorced with the help from her human friend, Gordon. “You can feel mad, or bad or scared, or sad, all at the
                                   same time too,” he sings.

                                   The kit includes a video series exploring different topics surrounding divorce, downloadable songs, and a
                                   collection of downloadable, printable guides and tip sheets for parents. There are even Android and iTunes apps

                                   The goals of the series include explaining the concept in an easy-to-understand fashion, acknowledging all of the
                                   different feelings a child may have about their parents' divorce and helping children to understand that they are
                                   not alone – divorce happens to many families.

                                   "Children sometimes need extra help understanding large changes in their lives, and divorce can be one
                                   of the biggest upheavals they will face," commented Fairfax divorce attorney Lisa McDevitt. "Parents need to
                                   reassure their children that they had nothing to do with the split, and will continue to be loved, no matter what
                                   changes between their parents."

                                   In 1992, Sesame Street introduced the concept of divorce by splitting up Snuffleupagus’ parents. But children
                                   who viewed the show as part of a test panel reacted badly. It took twenty years for Sesame Street to try again,
                                   just in time; the divorce rate is two-and-a-half times what it was two years ago, and four times what it was 50
                                   years ago. A team of writers, researchers and producers in the Sesame Workshop worked on the project for two
                                   years prior to launch.

                                   The video series is not being aired by the PBS show, but is offered free online and is designed to be suitable for
                                   children ages two years of age through eight.

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