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Winsome Interactive Project Planner
Thank you for considering Winsome Interactive for your project!
Answering the questions that follow will help us put together a solution that best reflects your
company and your goals. Your responses will determine what we create for you.

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About You

Company name: Answer here.

Primary contact for this web project: Answer here.

Primary contact phone: Answer here.

Primary contact email: Answer here.

Company location: city/state/country

Tell us about yourself, your company and your product(s) and/or services. What do you do and
why does it matter?

Answer here.

Check the box that best describes your organization:

          [    ]   Large Business (50+ employees)
          [    ]   Small Business (less than 50 employees)
          [    ]   Startup
          [    ]   Educational Institution
          [    ]   Nonprofit Organization
          [    ]   Individual

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About Your Project

Is this a redesign of an existing site or a new site?       [    ] Redesign   [   ] New site

What is your current website address (URL) or intended future website address?

Answer here.

Describe the concept, project or service this site is intended to provide or promote.

Answer here.

What business goals do you aim to achieve with your new website? What purpose will the new
serve? What business problems are you trying to solve with a site redesign?

Answer here.

How many pages will your site need? Describe each page or section below.

Answer here.

Do you have any special requirements listed below or otherwise? Please check all that apply
and describe in further detail below.
      [ ] Flash Design/Development
      [ ] Audio or Video Integration
      [ ] Search Capability
      [ ] Blog
      [ ] Mobile/iPhone/Smartphone Website Design
      [ ] Ecommerce (Sell Products online)
      [ ] Content Management System
      [ ] SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
      [ ] Email Marketing
      [ ] Social Media
      [ ] Logo Design
      [ ] Business Card/Letterhead
      [ ] Website Hosting Recommendations
      [ ] Website Copywriting

Describe in detail here.

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What is your timeframe for this project?

Answer here.

Do you have a color scheme and/or specific imagery that should be used on the website? If so
list below.

Answer here.

Using phrases and adjectives, describe your site’s desired look and feel. (“Clean, modern,
dramatic, fun, bleeding-edge, Web 2.0” etc.)

Answer here.

Do you have any professional photos available for use on the new website? Will you require,
professional photography or stock photography?

Answer here.

What websites, either inside or outside of your industry, do you feel could be used as a
benchmark or could inspire this project in either design or functionality? Please include website

Answer here.

Who will be responsible for maintaining the site after launch?

Answer here.

Once your new website is launched, how will your audience find out about it?

Answer here.

About Your Competition

Who are your competitors? Please provide their website address and list their strengths and/or

Answer here.

What differentiates you from your competition?

Answer here.

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About Your Audience

Describe the primary and secondary users of your site (age, gender, income, location, and any
other demographics and user groups).

Answer here.

What primary action should the user take when visiting your site? (Examples include: contact
for more information, request services, subscribe to a newsletter, make a donation, buy
products, read editorial content)

Answer here.

How will you measure the success of your new website? (Examples include: increased website
traffic, inquires from website, website sales, email opt-ins, time spent on site, donations.)

Answer here.

About Your Budget

What is your budget for this project? *Required.
(Answering this question will help us determine the best way of developing your website or what can be produce within your budget. Although
responding to this question may seem counterintuitive, sharing this information now will help save time and resources on both ends.)

Answer here.

Thanks for completing this form!

Please email the completed document to
We look forward to working with you!

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