Section 1 - NC JCI Senate by zhouwenjuan


									                                            SENATE SCENE
Volume 41 Issue 3                                                                        NOVEMBER 2012

                                          PRESIDENT US JCI SENATE
                                          BRUCE L. GEDDES #35527
I would like to thank the Michigan JCI Senate and President Patti Reitsma #55847 for their wonderful
hospitality at their 40th anniversary weekend in Frankenmuth MI. There were about 130 Senators and guests at
dinner on Saturday night. The following Friday Jean and I attended the 16th annual dinner of the Toronto Area
JCI Senate in Toronto ON. The dinner had about 70 Senators and guests in attendance including out
Ambassador to Canada, Phyllis Bowers #51430 and her husband Eldon #45999. As always it was a very good
night and our own Russ Copper was the perfect host.

My travels then took First Lady Jean and I to the Fall Frolic in New Hampshire. President Nate Cyr #3492 and
the New Hampshire JCI Senate provide great hospitality and a fun weekend. Chairperson Collette Welch
#69240 did a wonderful job, especially since this was her first project as a senator serving as chairperson. We
then traveled on our shortest trip of the year to the OHIO-MI-IN border bash (25 minutes from home) which
was chaired by Jon #58932 and Jenny #64688 Bruner who did a great job.

As I write this I have just returned from the Colorado JCI Senate 40th Anniversary dinner. Senators from
Kansas, Texas, California and all across Colorado were there to enjoy the fellowship and help the Colorado
Senate celebrate. Thank you to President LeRoy Nitsch #16406 for the hospitality and friendship.

By now state presidents and treasurers have received your December dues kits and I am sure you are all
working hard to have them completed in turned in by Dec. 1st. Go that extra step and reach out to those
Senators that may not be current members and invite them back.

I will be meeting with the US Jaycee State Presidents in December at their state president retreat in TN. I have
asked the current US Jaycee Presidents coach for feedback on what the various states think about their senate
organizations and some is already coming in. I will share this with our State Presidents on an individual basis
as I receive it. If anyone has specific comments on this please send them to me by December 1st. The purpose is
to improve communication between the organizations

 As we approach the holiday season let us all take a moment to remember those who have suffered and may still
be in need as a result of hurricane Sandy and provide help in whatever way you chose.

                                         FRIENDSHIP WITHOUT BORDERS
                                       Administrative Vice President
                                           Larry Bohn #37024

                          In October I had the privilege of attending two great Region meetings.
                          Congratulations to Region 6 VP Donna Delaney #55560 and Region I VP Fran Kass
                          #60798 for well-run and entertaining Region meetings. My thanks to the Minnesota
                          Senate, particularly Co-chairs Sharon #44742 and DJ #44743 Leppla and President
                          Leslie Heinonen #66333, and the New Hampshire Senate with Chairperson Colette
                          Welch #69240 and President Nate Cyr #3492, for the wonderful hospitality!

                            Sandwiched in between the region meetings, I participated in a conference call with
                            the Senate Exec Committee and Jaycee leadership, including President-elect Chrystal
                            Ramsay #68800, to discuss the Jaycees Membership Growth Plan. The Jaycees have
                            taken a hard look at what needs to be done to insure the future of the organization
and they are willing to take new approaches and make the hard decisions to help the Jaycees grow and thrive.

My next Senate stop will be at the Mid-Winter Board meeting in San Diego. I know that Chair Katina Repp
#64726 and her committee are doing all they can to make it a great weekend and you won’t want to miss it!
The schedule for the weekend is included later in this issue of the Scene

Until San Diego, Ronnie and I extend to you our wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving, a Happy Holiday season
and a happy, healthy, prosperous 2013!

                                          Brian Trautman #61774

                        Hello everyone. Since the last Senate Scene, Kelly and I have been to the Region VI
                        meeting and the South Dakota Holiday Party. Thank you to Co-chairs D.J. #44743 and
                        Sharon #44742 Leppla and Minnesota President Leslie Heinonen #66333 for a great
                        Regional meeting. A huge thank you to Marsha #47936 and John #42828 Dahl as well
                        as the rest of the South Dakota Senators for the wonderful time and hospitality shown
                        to Kelly and I at this event. I have no travel plans until December when I meet with the
                        outgoing and incoming Wisconsin Jaycee State Presidents. The next Senate event for
                        me will be the Winter Board meeting in San Diego.

                        Kelly and I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New
                        Year and we look forward to seeing you in January.

                                           Randy Young #46420

The dues kits have been emailed and are due back to Vicky Dempsey and the checks with cover sheets to me by
December 1st in order to be considered on time. They can be sent in sooner! I hope you are doing everything
you can to grow our organization. If someone is not renewing, ask why and don’t forget to ask those Senators
that are not members to rejoin our organization to continue supporting our Jaycees.
The Presidential Sweepstakes ticket sales have slowed so continue to promote
the tickets and keep doing the $5.00 drawings at all your meetings. This is an
important fundraiser for our organization and requires everyone’s help to make
it successful.
When writing a check to the US JCI Senate for dues, tickets, products,
Mentors, etc., please put the reason for the check in the memo section. I have
received some checks with no documentation or note and I need this
information for our accounting. Remember that CHECKS and ticket stubs for
the Presidential Sweepstakes get sent to Carolyn Smith, and Mentors ads and
sign in sheets with CHECKS get sent to Walter Cahoon.
Debbie and I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

                                            Chairman of the Board
                                           Steve Sutherland #27073

                                         I start of this Senate Scene Article on a sad note. Having been through
                                  Hurricanes Ivan, Dennis, and Katrina, I feel sad in my heart for those of our
                                  Senate family as well as all those adversely affected by Frankenstorm Sandy.
                                  My prayers for your well-being are given daily. My prayers to Senator Tim
                                  Vincent, Missouri Senate, and Region 6 Senate in the sudden loss of Lori
                                         October saw me at two wonderful events: the Florida Bash in
                                  Okeechobee, Florida for airboat rides, live gators, gator tail, swamp cabbage,
                                  and other regular food. Thanks Florida Senate and Eric Crews. Next, I took a
                                  10 day roundabout trip to Fall Frolics. Flew into Manchester, New
                                  Hampshire, and stayed a couple of days with Senator John McAuliffe, who
                                  helped us tour New York City including the 9/11 Memorial, American Girl,
                                  Hard Rocks, and the New York Jets v. Indianapolis Colts game (even got to
see Tim Tebow play a few downs)! My wife and I then left the warm hospitality of John and did the New York
Revolution trail: Fort Stanwix, Oriskany, Saratoga, and Fort Ticonderoga. We made a short trip to Ottowa,
Canada (Hard Rock, of course) then down through Vermont: Vermont Teddy Bear Factory and Ben and Jerry’s;
then on to Fall Frolics in Laconia. While at Frolics, we traveled to the top of Mt. Washington (by car), saw the
Castle in the Clouds, the Kamanganus Highway, Loon Rescue Center, and the Capital in Concord. Collette and
Charlie Welch put on a good Frolics.

        November will see me in Seattle with the Washington Senate for dinner on my way with President
Bruce to JCI World Congress where we hope to represent you well.
        By the time you read this we will have a new US President - either Governor Romney or the new,
changed, moving forward Bill Clinton, - I mean Barack Obama - but the US JCI Senate is just getting started!
        Thus, the following information and guidelines for the 2013-14 election campaign that commences
Friday, 12:00 Noon, January 25, 2013 at our Board Meeting in San Diego, California (applies to the candidates
for President, Administrative Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the ten National Vice Presidents.)


         “To qualify for any office in the corporation, candidates must be current dues paid members of an
affiliated SOM, which is current in its indebtedness to the corporation. No officer of this corporation shall hold
any local, state, or national Jaycee office.”


       “In addition to the qualifications for candidacy as specified in these by-laws, the following is
requirements for any elective office:
              5.       A letter of recommendation from the candidates SOM;
              6.       A completed official application from, as furnished by the Secretary;
              7.       A filing fee of fifty dollars ($50) for Presidential candidates and twenty-five dollars ($25)
              for all other candidates. Filing fees are for deposit to the corporation’s general treasury and are
              not refundable under any circumstances.
              8.       Formal announcements of any candidacy shall not be made prior to 12:00 Noon of the
              day before the mid-year meetings.”

        Any candidate planning on announcing during the Board of Directors Meeting on Saturday in San Diego
will need to have submitted the above filing items to the Secretary before Noon on Friday of the Board Meeting
with copies of all forms and payments to myself as Chairman of the Board. Official application forms are
available on our website.
        The following time constraints are allowed for announcements at the Saturday Board Meeting (provided
the candidate has qualified):
               a.      NATIONAL VICE PRESIDENTS: Candidates may have a representative announce their
               will be allowed one minute for their representative to announce their candidacy.
               c.      PRESIDENT: Candidates will be allowed two minutes for their representative to
               announce their candidacy.

       Names of announcers must be provided to myself as Chairman of the Board by Midnight Friday prior to
the Board of Directors Meeting in San Diego.

       Please have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving and remember and say a prayer for our Veterans and our
Troops who make Thanksgiving possible, as well as those less fortunate than ourselves.

                                                  National VP Region I
                                                    Fran Kass #60798

The annual Fall Frolic was held in Laconia, New Hampshire on the
weekend of October 19th – 21st . The fall leafing season is always a big
draw to New England and the leaves were in full color. Chairman,
Colette Welch #69240 put together an outstanding weekend. We
visited the Castle in the Clouds and drove to the top of Mount
Washington. And of course, we spent many enjoyable hours visiting
with Senators, both from within and without Region I.
The Connecticut Senate meeting will take place on November 9th in
Cheshire and the Jaycee banquet to award new Senatorships will take place on November 10th in Southington. I
look forward to attending both and meeting the new Senators.
The Massachusetts JCI Senate Holiday Social will take place Nov 30th – Dec 2nd at the Sea Mist Resort in
Mashpee, Cape Cod. Reservations can be made directly with the Sea Mist at 508-477-0549. Room rates are
$80 per night for a room that sleeps and has privacy for four and $110 per night for a two bedroom condo, if
available, that sleeps six. All on a first call first serve basis.
Plan on great hospitality with a complimentary Saturday morning breakfast in the hospitality room, a silent
auction, and the traditional Yankee Swap following Saturday night dinner at the 99 Restaurant. The casual
atmosphere weekend offers indoor swimming, winter golf, on-site miniature golf, tennis, nearby beach walking
and extensive shopping at Mashpee Commons –only minutes away.
Topping it all off will be the U.S. JCI Senate President Bruce Geddes #35527 with his wife Jean #68886. The
registration fee is $20 per person, payable to the MA JCI SENATE, and mailed to Paul Carney #10861, P.O.
Box 463, N. Falmouth, MA 02556. For more information, you can contact Paul at
The Maine Senate’s next gathering will be Saturday Dec 8, 2012 at the Hollywood Casino, 500 Main Street,
Bangor. Senators will meet by the elevators just inside the entrance at 11 AM, hold a quick meeting, eat onsite
at the Epic Buffet, and try some gambling. The buffet cost is $10.99, with special rates for groups of 15 or
more. After that, folks can stay and try their luck at the casino games or go shopping in Bangor. Another option
is to see the musical Annie, performed by the Penobscot Theatre at 5 PM. (Contact the Bangor Opera House
directly at (207) 942-3333 for advance tickets, as tickets will sell out early). Contact Maine Senate President
Gail Sumner #46588 ( if you plan to attend, or for more information.


                                           National VP Region II
                                            Ken Martin #36535

The Region 2 Senate Organizations were busy in the month of October.

They were helping Jaycee organizations, meeting, and having fun. The Delaware Senate held their meeting for
October and are planning a trip to Pumpkin Chunkin in November. The New Jersey Senate is planning several
upcoming socials. The New York Senate held a meeting in October in conjunction with the New York Jaycees.
The Pennsylvania Senate assisted the Pennsylvania Jaycees to sell Ice Cream at the National Apple Harvest
Festival sponsored by the Upper Adam Jaycees, held the WV/PA Border Bash (winning the Poo-Lympics and
Sending the Pooh-d-em to West Virginia) and are planning a meeting in conjunction with the Jaycees the first
weekend in November. I want to send a special thank you to the New York
Senate for hosting Lois and I at their meeting.

As we enter this busy holiday season, I want to wish everyone a Happy and Safe
Thanksgiving...what better time to continue building Friendship without Borders.
                                            National VP Region III
                                            Diane Baerveldt #48476

Nothing like a good hurricane to give you time to write your Senate Scene article!
Thank you Hurricane Sandy!!!

It’s been a busy fall in Region 3. Maryland had their Wine Festival in Ocean City the
last weekend of September with over 6000 participants. Thanks to President Bruce
and lst Lady Jean along with Treasurer Randy and Debbie for coming to help us out.
The Virginia JCI Senate traveled to Colonial Downs for their annual trip to watch the horse’s race. Also in
October the WV JCI Senate along with Judy Nuessle and I from MD met in Coriopolis, PA for the annual
Border Bash between PA and WV JCI Senates. Judy and I joined with our Region 3 brethren from WV in
contests of great skill and daring-the Polumpics. Unfortunately, we lost by 2 two points and the
beloved(dreaded) Poodium ended up in the back of President Chris Hufford’s car and on its way back to WV.
There are rumors that there may be a bonfire soon…Nevertheless, this was the XXI annual Border Bash and Joe
Sabella has posters from every one of them.

In November the MD, VA and WV Senates will hold their Fall Board Meetings with their respective Jaycees.
MD will be adding to our Region 3 Pot of Gold by presenting a Senatorship at the Sat. evening banquet. On
Dec. 8th, Calvin and I, along with the Woelppers will head to Richmond, VA as their senate gathers to celebrate
the holidays to share glad tidings and tasty spirits with each other.

The DC Senate is working on their Constitution and Bylaws. They are also initiating the Scholarship program
for deserving college bound seniors from the District of Columbia.

From Region 3, the Small but Mighty Region, we are hoping that everyone weathered Hurricane Sandy and that
you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

                                             National VP Region IV
                                               Rita Bowles #59336

October is the unofficial beginning of the holiday season and we, as Senators as well as past Jaycees, begin to
gear up for the season of giving. As I look at the activities going on around Region IV, I am once again
reminded of what caring and giving people make up this organization.

In AL, the Westfalls once again opened their home for the Fall Wine Tasting event. FL will be hosting their
meeting in November and in combination with a "Reunion of the Gulf Coast" Senators while both GA and NC
are planning holiday social events in December. SC is meeting with their JC's in November also and will be
helping with judging and with the Outstanding Young American ceremony.

Our Senators are involved in so many other charitable opportunities both within our organization and in their
communities. Just listen and you'll hear them talking about projects involving our veterans, projects involving
children, projects for animals, projects for education, projects for this and projects for that. Many Senates, like
the NCJCI, will be working fund-raising projects over the next few months. It seems we just can't stop
ourselves sometimes!
As this momentum moves forward into the next year, keep your ear to the ground for some
exciting news coming from the USJC's. Jennifer Ray gave us an overview at the September
National Meeting but the picture just keeps getting bigger and brighter. I think we'll all be
pleased to support this initiative in the coming months.

Your "Bad to the Bone" VP

                                             National VP Region V
                                             Gary Pittenger #24804

                                    Fellow Senators –

                                    As I prepare this article, my thoughts direct themselves away from Region V
                                    for a moment. The eastern portion of our great country has been attacked by
                                    a huge storm. We, in Region V, pray that our families, friends and fellow
                                    Senators in the path of this devastating act of God are safe and sound.
                                    As we race into the fall, the Friendship Five Racing Team is up to full speed.
                                    The Ohio–Michigan-Indiana Border Bash was held in Maumee, OH. It was
                                    very successful and had 47 attend the Saturday evening meal. Co-chairmen Jon
Bruner #58932 and Mitch
Schoonover #59758 did an outstanding job throughout the weekend. The competition this year between the states
was a scavenger hunt at a local antique mall with what appeared to be over a million items for sale. There was a
list of 30 items that each team was to locate and identify which booth the item was found along with the vendor
number. They had 1½ hours to complete the hunt. There was a three-way tie between the states, each locating
17 of the items, but due to some trickery – Michigan was declared the winner. This was followed by the Presidents’
Challenge which was won by Ohio Senate President Gary Brooke #58420. Congratulations to all the winners and
participants. Of course, the hospitality was great.
The following weekend allowed us the opportunity to visit Indiana. The Indiana JCI Senate held their fall meeting
in Chesterton, IN on November 2-4. President Mike “Animal” Shoback #45316 has planned a social reunion
type atmosphere for the weekend. All Senators, whether members or not were invited to attend the activities.
Saturday evening was a pizza party for those in attendance. Hopefully they will remember the good times and
decide to
renew their membership. The Indiana Jaycees held their meeting just up the road from the Senate for those that
wished to attend both events. Indiana definitely knows how to provide outstanding hospitality.
The Ohio JCI Senate is conducting their fall meeting on the weekend of November 9-11 in Dublin, OH in
conjunction with the Ohio Jaycees All-State Meeting. President Gary Brooke #58420 anticipates a good turn
out and fun weekend for those in attendance. Senators will be assisting with training and elections for the
At this point in the race, the caution flag begins to wave bringing the drivers in for a pit stop symbolizing the
start of the holiday season. Thanksgiving always reminds us of family and all the special things for which we
are thankful. Region V is thankful for our Senate family but this is the time of the year to prioritize our
individual families to the top of the list. December begins to put us in the Christmas spirit with shopping, social
with families and friends, Santa Claus for the young and young at heart and sharing our spiritual beliefs in
whatever manner we desire.
January will find the green flag waving again and our race continuing into 2013. The Indiana Senate and
Kentucky Senate are conducting a joint social meeting in Clarksville, IN on January 18-20. Presidents Mike
and Will promise a great weekend of social activities and hospitality.
The following weekend will find Region V converging on San Diego for the Winter BOD Meeting to renew
friendships and share great hospitality. We will be ready for nice weather and a break from the usual Midwest
Stephanie and I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and ask that each of you and your families have
a prosperous new year.
Until next time when the green flag flies……….”Driving Together for a Better Tomorrow”

                                           National VP Region VI
                                              Donna DeLaney

The Minnesota Senate hosted the Region VI Fall Meeting in Owatonna,
Minnesota on October 5 -7, 2012. Our guests for the weekend were
Administrative VP Larry Bohn and Secretary Brian Trautman and his wife
Kelly. Also in attendance were several of our Canadian neighbors,
including Brian Davis #69260 - 2012 Mid-Canada JCI Senate President &
2010 Canada Jaycee President. Congratulations and thanks to President
Leslie Heinonen #66333 and the Minnesota Senate for a great weekend.
Chairmen for the weekend were DJ #44743, and Sharon Leppla #44742.
At the business meeting on Saturday morning, the State Presidents made an
old school challenge to Membership Chairman Tim Kalvig and me. When they win …. not if they win, Tim
will be waiting on them at the banquet, and I will be making them pie for the Spring Region meeting in
Watertown, South Dakota.

The first weekend in November found us at South Dakota Holiday Party in Sioux Falls. John and Marsha Dahl
were the chairmen for the weekend and made sure that we had a great weekend. Arnie Stinson made
arrangements for a limo ride to the Grand Falls Casino for a fantastic buffet dinner and then a little gambling on
Friday night. Saturday morning before the party, Julie Rieckman #60573 and Marge Miller #52948 showed us
the sights in and around Sioux Falls. Saturday night we had a delicious dinner and then participated in the gift
exchange. Joining us for the party was US JCI Treasurer Randy Young and his wife Debbie, and US JCI
Secretary Brian Trautman and his wife Kelly. Thanks to President Mike Carter #54262 and the South Dakota
Senate for a wonderful time. (They even let me win the Farkle game.)

Upcoming destinations for us include the Missouri State meeting in Lake Ozark January 18-20, 2013, the BOD
meeting in San Diego, the Region VI spring region meeting April 12-14, 2013 in Watertown, SD and the
Wisconsin 40th Anniversary weekend April 19 – 21 in New London.

Once again, I’d like to invite everyone to come and be a part of our celebration this year. There’s always room,
and plenty of hospitality in Region VI.
                                           National VP Region VII
                                            Larry Norfleet #60771

                                     It is amazing that we are already in November with the leaves falling in
                                     Region VII and a little snow in the eastern mountains. Trick or Treaters
                                     have come and gone. Now “turkey” Day is right upon us with Christmas
                                     holidays right around the corner! I love this season and thankful for so
                                     much for my family and friends.
                                     There are two upcoming events that have been finalized in Region VII and
                                     ready for publication. TN Senate will hold their second meeting for the
                                     year in Cookeville November 10th at the TN Jaycees 3rd quarter meeting
where the 2013 Jaycee officers will be elected.
Chairperson Dawna Norfleet #61999 and her Gatlinburg Committee have been planning a “Once Upon a Time”
weekend for our 2013 Mini-National Convention/Region VII Meeting. It will be at the Mainstay Suites in
Pigeon Forge February 21-24. Highlights of the weekend include: Friday night celebrating the rich heritage of
the Smoky Mountain loggers with an evening of “axe-tion” packed fun at the Lumberjack Feud! Our group will
become part of this feudin’ fun as two rival logging families, Dawson’s and McGraw’s, fight for survival in the
great Smoky Mountains. We will be cheering our family to victory during this feud featuring real ESPN
Lumberjack athletes, high flying TimberDogs, and log pulling draft horses. The evening will include a picnic
basket of mouthwatering mesquite baked chicken, BBQ Ribs, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, dinner rolls
and strawberry shortcake! After dinner the famous costume party begins so be sure to bring your favorite “Once
Upon a Time…” character! We can’t wait to see who appears! Don’t forget our “Basket” auction along with our
“southern hospitality” and plenty of food! It is a lot of fun from Thursday to Sunday for $ 75.00. Registration
form is attached. This will be a weekend that you must not miss!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with plenty of good food, lots of shopping and great
fellowship with family and friends!
Remember to “return the favor” by offering to be a mentor to a new Jaycee. Let’s keep the Jaycee Movement
alive! Continue to reach out to fellow Senators and invite them to come out and be an active part in our
This year Region VII is ‘ United We Stand!’ as we strive to have fun and get things done while we make
’Friendship Without Borders”.

                                           National VP RegionVIII
                                           Bradley Rowan #44427

Well…it is hard to believe that it is winter already. I want to first
apologize (again) for not being at the Fall Board meeting but one must
work. I heard it was a great time. This fall I have had the honor to
attend Colorado’s 40th anniversary meeting as well as their Christmas
party (they were both a great time.

I want to wish all and yours a very happy holiday season as well as a
happy new year.
I hope to see all of you at the Winter meeting in San Diego in January
I am looking forward to my future travels thru out the region as well as the rest of our Senate family all over the
world. If you would like me to attend any of your functions feel free and contact me as soon as possible as my
schedule is getting pretty full right now.

                                             National VP Region IX
                                             Pete Reinecker #11777

                            Greetings from the Great Northwest—Friendship & Fellowship Forever
                           The seasons are changing and we have had a beautiful fall in the Northwest. We
                           have trees of many different varieties and as they change color it provides more
                           beautiful scenery. Fall is now slipping away and winter is on its way. We have had
                           snow in all the mountains of the Northwest so we have a different type of scenery
                           now but it is still beautiful, just different.

                           In keeping with President Bruce’s “Friendship Without Borders” for his theme for
                           this year, the Oregon JCI Senate Foundation supported the Portland Jaycees with
their “Twinning” project. This is a project where they hosted a group of Jaycees from their sister city of
Toyama, Japan to a series of meetings, tours and wrapped it up with a special dinner. The Oregon JCI Senate
provided funding to help provide the dinner and expenses. This has become an annual event and next year the
Portland Jaycees have been invited to Toyama, Japan.

The new Alaska JCI Senate has been working with Jennifer Gracey, US Jaycees National Vice President to start
developing two Jaycee chapters in Alaska. They still have some work to do but Senators Rob Frank #14682,
and Joe Shaw #41308, are in competition with each other to see which one can get a new chapter going first.
The Alaska Senate will also be serving Thanksgiving dinners to the needy in the Anchorage area.

The Idaho Senate recently announced plans for this year’s scholarship program. They annually give out two
$1,000 scholarships to children, step-children, grandchildren and step-grandchildren of Idaho Senators who are
high school seniors. They also submit applicants to the US JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship Program.

For approximately 43 of the Oregon JCI Senate’s 50 years they have held their Fall Board meeting the same
weekend as the Civil War Football Game between the Oregon Ducks and Oregon State Beavers. In the past we
usually went to the game but now the tickets are so expensive and so hard to come by that we watch the game
on a big screen TV. This year it will be special because President Bruce and First Lady Jean are going to be in
attendance. Oregon Senate President Ronn Passmore #32935, has two tickets to the football game which will
be raffled off during the meeting to a dues paid Oregon Senator in attendance at the meeting. The winner will
be able to go to the game in person.

The Washington Senate has several activities scheduled for the next few months. They are having their Fall
Board Meeting on November 10 at the Sizzler Restaurant in Tukwila, Washington. On December 1 they will
hold their 6th Annual Christmas Party and Food Drive at the same location. They have a busy schedule in the
spring as they are hosting the Region IX Meeting in May and helping the Seattle Jaycees host the US Jaycee
National Convention in June.
We are still searching for the key people to help us in organizing the Wyoming JCI Senate. We will continue to
work in that direction.
The fall colors are changing and the rains and snow have arrived. The holidays are here and it is time to be
thankful for the “Friends and Fellowship” that we have.

                                            National VP Region X
                                           Phillip Friedman #61455

The holiday season is upon us! This year has gone by quick and am looking forward to
spending time with my Jaycee family as well as my own……..

E komo mai! Welcome and join us for a weekend of fun in Sin City, Las Vegas. The
festivities will be held from Friday, March 22 through Saturday, March 23, 2013 in Downtown, Las Vegas,
and includes a Welcome Party and Combined Dinner Banquet, where we will share fellowship, socialize with
our old Jaycee friends, and make many new ones! There’s will also be time for golfing, sightseeing and

Our headquarters will be in Hawaii JCI Senate Oldtimers Member Steve Nitura’s Office, centrally located
within walking distance from the Freemont Street Experience. To register for a room at our group rate of
$115.00/night + tax (Fri/Sat) $45 (Thur or Sun), please call the Four Queens Hotel and Casino at 1-800-634-
6045 and mention the Great American Institute Group ( We have rooms blocked from
March 22nd to March 23rd. The room block is guaranteed until January 23, 2013. You are also free to stay
at any other hotel of your choice. Our hospitality room is in Steve Nitura’s Office, just across the street from
the Freemont Hotel and Casino.

                                           Presidential Sweepstakes
                                           Angie Struttman #64531

                             It is hard to believe it’s already November! What an eventful year we’ve had so far –
                             I am looking forward to seeing what the next 7+ months brings…
                             Your Presidential Sweepstakes Committee has been hard at work getting ready for an
                             amazing Region’s Party and Sweepstakes Prize Drawing in Cleveland. Region’s
                             Party Chair Kay Buchanan is working closely with the Ambassadors to ASAC,
                             Canada and Europe to provide contact information for the Regional VP’s so they can
                             prepare for their party booths in June. Prize Co-Chairs Sandy Kolodner (our very
                             own Hurricane Sandy!), Deb Rothweiler and Les Miller have been working
diligently to secure prizes for the drawing and for the drawings at the Board Meetings. Ticket Chair Carolyn
Smith is keeping track of all the money and stubs coming in every week! I can’t forget to thank 2011-12 Ticket
Chair Pam Padgett for helping us out by collecting the returns from the direct mailing and making sure they get
to Carolyn! I owe you Pam!! Last but not least, Assistant Chair Ariel Jones is keeping me sane!! (kidding)
Ariel is doing what she does best - encouraging participation and promoting the program everywhere she goes. I
have the BEST committee members ever!!
Updates and Reminders:
The latest fundraising total is……. (drum roll please)…. $21,905!!! That is 62.6% of our goal, and we still have
7-1/2 months to go! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all of your support so far this year, and
for your continued participation in the program.
The current ticket special is buy 4 tickets, get 2 tickets free. This special runs up until January’s Board meeting,
when we will announce the last special for the year.
Don’t forget the contest for the State to turn in the most money (not tickets) between October 1st and June 1st.
The state that raises the most money will win a one week stay in a two bedroom condo at any resort operated by
Shell Vacations. Money collected through the direct mailing is included in this total! This prize is donated by
Ticket Chair Carolyn Smith.
Every person/state that donates a prize with a value of at least $100 for the drawings received 2 free tickets into
the drawings. All you have to do is contact your Prize Chair (Sandy for Regions 1-2-3-4; Deb for Regions 5-6-
7; Les for Regions 8-9-10) no later than April 1st – no April Fool’s joke – to advise them of your prize
commitment or get your prize to them, and the tickets will be entered for you! It’s just a quick thank you for
supporting this program that is so vital to the US JCI Senate.
As always, if you have any questions or need clarification on anything, please feel free to call me at
253.677.7079 or by email at Have a fabulous Thanksgiving Holiday!

Webmaster                 Assistant Webmaster
Lowell Vahl #40315        Logan Giesie #51120   

The website host provides a report that will allow us to see the
number of unique visitors to the site. There has been a significant
increase in the numbers for August, September, and October
compared to last year. This should mean that more Senators are
using the site to look for information, but we also believe that the
states are doing a better job promoting the Scholarship Program
which is driving more students to our website to get the application

We are open for suggestions to improve the navigation on the site.
Let us know if you find yourself searching for something on the website (even if you eventually find it) drop us
an email letting us know what you were looking for and where you first looked for it. It may be an item we
need to move or link in a couple of places. Also, please contact us if you have any suggestions to improve the
                                               Return The Favor
                                               Tom King #59642

Hello fellow Senators!!! I hope everyone is keeping track of all your hard work!! The next due date to submit
your Return the Favor forms is January 2, 2013, so please make sure you mark that date down and TURN IN
THOSE FORMS!! If you need the form, please go to the USJCI Senate website and download the forms and
samples for this year and turn them in!

Remember, you DO NOT need a signature on your form for it to be submitted. The only forms that require a
signature are for the Outstanding Senator and the Outstanding State
nominees. Otherwise, no signature is required…just provide a point of
contact for each event you report along with there phone number or
email address. Please, please, please turn in those forms!!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

“Favor Fav” aka Tom King #59642

The Return the Favor forms can be found at:

                                                  1St Timers
                                             John Robinson #55768

I have begun to prepare the First Timers Program for the USJCI Senate Winter Board
Meeting in San Diego, I would like to remind all of the State JCI Senate Organization
Presidents to get me any feedback on how we can encourage people from their state who may
not have attended a National Senate function to attend one of our upcoming meetings. Your
feedback will be helpful in putting together a plan of action for the future. I would, also, like
to remind the State JCI Senate Presidents to send me the names and contact information for
their new senators in order to send personal invitations to them to attend an upcoming

If you have any questions about the 2012 – 2013 First Timers Program, please do not hesitate
to contact me. Remember to ask a first timer to attend an upcoming USJCI Senate meeting!

                                                       Ray Ainslie #44136

                  The web page seems to be working well. If there is any misinformation on the memorial
                  page, please let me know and it will be corrected. I cannot encourage State presidents enough
                  to review as this will be the list I use for the Convention Memorial service.
                  I plan on having a meeting with Chaplains and any interested parties at San Diego to discuss
the memorial service.
I cannot stress enough and I will repeat myself often, the need for pictures of our departed Senators. Please
forward them to me if you have any. Multiple pictures are not an issue!
Please also forward to me information on your State and Regional Memorial Services. And if you are not
having one, consider adding this to your program. If you are fortunate that you have not lost anyone this year,
consider having a program of blessing for that.
I send out a prayer list with each E-Blast. Sometimes there are two or three updates on someone’s condition
before the next one goes out. I will usually post the most recent.
Please be sure to include Senate numbers as I like to include them with the post. Plus, everyone does not know
who “Dave” from I don’t know where is but “John” from Illinois says he isn’t feeling well. As my high school
English teacher would have said, “Ray, not enough information.”
That is the exception, as a rule, States and Regions – you are providing great up to date news. Please do not
forget to share that good news also.
SPECIAL REQUEST: I would like to compile a list of the names of all children of senators (and senators
themselves if any) who are actively deployed overseas. Please provide me their name, rank, military branch,
where deployed and (obviously) the name of the parent senator.
More to follow on this. Care package collection at San Diego? Watch the E-blast. Shalom!

                                      Presidents Information Exchange
                                               Jenny Bruner

                                      We are at a point in the Senate year, where there is a little unwinding and
                                      time to spend the holidays with family. I know the state Presidents will
                                      still be planning and doing wonderful things for their state Senate
                                      Organization. I do urge them all to take a breather however and enjoy the
                                      holidays. I know sometimes you just need to step back for a little bit and
                                      take everything in. Some of the best ideas come from downtime.
                                      The state Presidents are doing a great job so far this year. I am looking
                                      forward to the next P.I.E. meeting in San Diego. Please keep in mind that
the P.I.E. meeting is for State Presidents ONLY and sit ins will not be allowed unless there is some extenuating
circumstance. If I have something to give to the Presidents, they can designate who they want me to give it to,
but that person will not be allowed to sit it on the meeting. Thanks and See you in sunny San Diego.
Still ROLLLLing,

                                           Constitution and Bylaws
                                             Tim Vincent #54020

Just when you thought you had heard the last of the Constitution & Bylaws Committee for a while, we have
another bylaw amendment for your consideration at the Mid-Year BOD Meeting in San Diego in January. This
has been approved by the Constitution & Bylaws Committee and the Executive Committee, and will come
before the Board of Directors for a vote. It is a simple clean-up item that spells out that all bylaw amendments
will be handled by a roll-call vote of the states, and is shown below:
Add the last line:

    Section 1
                These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the qualified members present at
                any meeting of the Corporation, provided a copy of the proposed amendment has been mailed
                to each SOM, each voting Executive Committee member, and the Legal Counsel, at least thirty
                (30) days prior to such meeting. The notice of the proposed
                amendment must include the date, time, and location of said
                meeting. Voting shall be by a Roll Call of the States.

If you have any questions concerning this amendment, or anything in the
organization’s constitution or bylaws, please contact Tim Vincent at


                                               Jaycee Liaison
                                          Newton Standridge #29407

                          Since our visit in Charleston we enjoyed the 50th Anniversary of the Governmental
                          Affairs Seminar in Harrisburg PA with the Jaycees – joined on Thursday evening by
                          President Bruce, AVP Larry, Treasurer Randy, and Return the Favor Tom King
                          where we met with the Jaycee Leadership, great exchange or comments relating to
mutual benefit of our organizations. Membership Growth Plan is presented in the Mentors December 2012
Issue. You can also find more info on the website.

Leadership Training or Mentoring . . . whether it is a few minutes over coffee or minutes and/or hours offered to
the Jaycees – some Chapters and even a few states may ask for your assistance in Officer Training. Senate
State Presidents call your Jaycee State Presidents, talk to them, reassure them we are interested in assisting in
their Training or Mentoring. The new boards are about to assume their NEW responsibilities as new state
officers, maybe they have the training that has prepared them for the “Office to which they were Elected”
maybe they have a few questions, maybe they would like to have Mentors to call and vent or just to have a
relaxing cup of coffee.

President Bruce will be visiting the Jaycee State Presidents Retreat and keynote the banquet Friday evening
December 7th – Friendship without Borders is moving forward, this is the first time our Senate President has
addressed the Jaycee State Presidents Retreat.
Senators can make an Impact - You will see in the EBlast and also in this issue of the Senate Scene request
from the Foundation. The US Jaycees Foundation has set up a disaster relief account pursuant to the
devastation that has battered the Northeastern U.S. You are requested to send a tax free donation to: The U.S.
Jaycees Foundation You may login in to the US Jaycees Foundation website and make your contributions
directly on the website.
Have YOU recruited, Referred, or Sponsored a member to a Jaycee Chapter? You can visit they have continued to enhance the services and Library files with many training

Thank you,

Newton Standridge 29407
US Jaycee Liaison – US JCI Senate

                                UNITED STATES JCI SENATE
                                     SAN DIEGO, CA
                                   JANUARY 24-27, 2013

Thursday January 24
12:00pm - 5:00pm                    Susie Irvine Golf                Riverwalk Golf Club
5:00 pm - 10:00pm                   Registration                     Peacock Foyer
5:00 pm - 7:00 PM                   Dinner                           Peacock 1 & 2
5:00 pm - 1:00am                    Hospitality                      Peacock 1 & 2
Friday January 25
8:00 am - 10:00am                   Breakfast Buffet                Hotel Restaurant
                                    Coffee & Pastries               Peacock 1 & 2

8:30am - 12:00pm                    USS MIDWAY Tour                 Hotel Lobby
8:00 am - 3:00 pm                   Registration                     Peacock Foyer
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm                  Lunch                           Peacock 1 & 2
9:00 am - 1:00 am                   Hospitality                     Peacock 1 & 2
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm                   Convention and Bid Review       Paradise
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm                   TIE                             Kona
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm                   First Timers                    Coast
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm                   Constitution and By-Laws        Paradise
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm                   PIE                             Kona
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm                   Red Hats                        Coast
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm                   Finance                         Paradise
4:00 pm - 5:15 pm                   DC Senate                       Coast
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm                   Future Directions               Kona
6:00 pm - 8:00pm                    DINNER                          Peacock 1 & 2
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm                   Executive Committee             Kona
8:00 pm - 10:30pm                   Foundation                      Kona
Saturday January 26th
8:00 am - 10:00am                   Breakfast Buffet          Hotel Restaurant
                                    Coffee & Pastries         Peacock 1 & 2
9:00 am - 12:00pm                   USJCI SENATE BOD MEETING Lahaina Bay
12:00 pm – 2:00pm                   Lunch                     Kona Coast
2:00 pm - 1:00 am                   Hospitality               Peacock 1 & 2
2:00 pm - 10:00 pm                  Foundation Silent Auction Peacock Foyer
6:00 pm - 8:00pm                    DINNER                    Peacock 1 & 2
Sunday January 27th
8:00 am - 10:00am                               Breakfast Buffet                  Hotel Restaurant
                                                Coffee & Pastries                 Peacock 1 & 2
8:00 am - 11:00 am                              Hospitality                       Peacock 1 & 2

 3      Colorado JCI 40th Anniversary Dinner           Lakewood             CO
16-18   Virginia Fall Board Meeting                    TBA                  VA
23-25   Oregon Fall Board (Civil War Meeting)          Albany               OR
7-9     Arizona JCI Senate Holiday Social              TBA                  AZ
 8      North Carolina JCI Senate Christmas Party      Southern Pines       NC
15      Virginia Senate Holiday Party                  TBA                  VA

 12     Michigan Post Holiday Party                    TBA                  MI
 19     Missouri JCI Senate Winter Meeting             Lake of the Ozarks   MO
18-20   Virginia Senate Winter Board Meeting           TBA                  VA
25-27   Mid-Year Board Meeting                         San Diego            CA
25-27   Minnesota Winter All State                     Plymouth             MN
25-27   NC JCI Senate Meeting/New Senator Installation TBA                  NC

8-10    North Carolina meeting/new Senator install  Greenville              NC
21-24   Region VII Meeting/TN Senate Mini National Pigeon Forge             TN

15-17   Region V Spring Fling                          Danville             IL
22-24   Region X Gathering of the Clan                 TBA                  AZ
4-7     MAI                                            Sterling             VA
12-14   Region VI Spring Meeting                       Watertown            SD
19-21   Region IV Calabash Beach Bash                  Myrtle Beach         SC   20    Jim Ollis Memorial Golf Tournament
        Myrtle Beach       SC
19-20   Oregon Annual Meeting                          Yachats              OR
26-28   Region VIII Spring Meeting                     Jenks                OK
26-28   Oklahoma Year-end meeting                      Jenks                OK
26-28   Idaho Annual Meeting                           Riggins              ID
 ?      Rhode Island Jaycee Reunion                    TBA                  RI
3-5     Illinois TOYP hosted by the Senate             Springfield          IL
3-5     Montana Annual Meeting                         TBA                  MT
 4      North Carolina BOD Installation                Southern Pines       NC
17-19   Region IX Annual Meeting                       Tacoma               WA
?       Nevada JCI Senate & Old Timers Meeting         Las Vegas            NV

   1    OK JC & JCI Annual Glen Cole Memorial Picnic TBA                    OK
17-20   US JCI Senate National Convention            Cleveland              OH
  29    Bubba Golf Outing                            Millstadt              IL

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