How the bedroom tax works by GlynnePowell


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									         How the bedroom tax works...

This is Buckingham Palace – one of     This is the eight bedroom home of Lord     This is Charlotte and Jayson
the many palaces and residences        Freud, the welfare minister imposing the   Carmichael. They are a couple who
used by the taxpayer-funded Royal      bedroom tax. The London home, worth        live in a two bedroom house in
family.   Despite     having     240   just under two million UK pounds, is       Southport.    Charlotte has spinal
bedrooms, the bedroom tax will not     essentially capped for Council Tax         bifida and is forced to have a
apply.    Over fifteen million UK      purposes meaning he only pays three        hospital bed with a special
pounds of UK taxpayers money is        times as much as someone in a bedsit,      mattress. Therefore Jayson must
spent maintaining Royal palaces.       worth only one fifteenth of the value.     sleep in a separate bedroom. They
                                       Official estimates are that ninety five    will lose eleven UK pounds per
                                       thousand families will be plunged into     week through bedroom tax because
                                       poverty due to his bedroom tax policy.     they don’t share a bedroom.

          Now ask yourself,
 “Whose home has too many bedrooms?”

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