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					 SE 361                                                                                Team Caribou

                               Product Requirements

  Team:                                f361-03c : “Team Caribou”

Brief Problem Statement

We have been assigned the task of designing and implementing a pizza delivery system, which will
be responsible for managing takeout orders placed over the phone. This system will be capable of
accepting the customer’s initial order, forwarding the order to the kitchen, scheduling a delivery for
the order and confirming that the order was delivered. The system also stores a database of
customer information, including their name, address and order preferences.

System Requirements

The pizza delivery system will be able to run on the Software Engineering lab machines.

Users Profile

Operator: The operator is an employee of the pizza chain. Their level of technical experience may
vary. The operator’s main responsibility is to take orders and input them into the system. This user
role has the most limited permissions on the system.

Store Manager: The store manager is an employee of the pizza chain who has experience with the
pizza software. The manager has access to the data aggregation features of the system.

 Product Requirements                                                                         Page 1
SE 361                                                                                      Team Caribou

User Stories

No.   User Story Name       Description                                                       Release
01.   Log in to system      The operator / manager logs into the system.                      R2
                            The operator adds a new customer’s information to the
02.   Add Customer                                                                            R1
                            The operator removes a customer’s information from the
03.   Remove Customer                                                                         R1
                            database upon the customer’s request.
04.   View Customer         The operator views customer database of phone numbers,            R1
      Database              customer name, and delivery address.
                            The operator creates a new order and enters it into the
05.   Place Order                                                                             R1
06.   Edit Order            The operator cancels or changes an order that is being            R1
                            prepared at the request of the customer.
                            The operator cancels an order that is being prepared at the
07.   Cancel Order                                                                            R1
                            request of the customer.
                            The operator views a summary of all the orders that are
08.   View Current Orders                                                                     R1
                            currently being prepared or delivered.
                            The operator views a summary of orders that have been
09.   View Past Orders                                                                        R1

10.   Add Item to Order     The operator adds an item to the current order.                   R1

11.   Remove Item from      The operator removes an item from the current order.              R1

      Add Toppings to       The operator adds toppings to a pizza order, in half or whole
12.                                                                                           R1
      Pizza                 increments.

      Remove Toppings
13.                         The operator removes toppings from a pizza order.                 R1
      from Pizza

14.   View Manager Report   The manager views a summary of the activities that took           R1
                            place over the course of a work day.

15.   Modify Store          The manager changes the current number of order takers,           R2
      Capacity              cooks, delivery drivers as well as the oven capacity.

16.   Modify Menu           The store manager changes the product menu prior to the start     R2
                            of each business day.

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SE 361                 Team Caribou

Use Case Diagram

Product Requirements         Page 3
SE 361                                                                              Team Caribou

Use Case Descriptions

Number           UC-03
Name             Place Order
Overview         Create a new order and enter it into the system.
Actor            Operator
Preconditions    The operator is logged on to the pizza delivery system.

                       1. The operator initiates the pizza order process.
                       2. The system prompts for the customer’s phone number.
                       3. The system displays the customer’s information (address, favorites,
                          etc.) if it already exists in the system, or the system asks for that
Scenario Flow             information. (see UC-02 : Add Customer)
                       4. The operator adds pizzas to the current order. (see UC-10 : Add
                          Item to Order)
                       5. The system displays the total price and estimated delivery time.
                       6. The operator finalizes the order.

                       ●   The operator must modify a pizza order. (see UC-12: Add Toppings
                           to Pizza, UC-13: Remove Toppings from Pizza, UC-11: Remove
                           Item from Order)
                       ●   The operator must cancel the order before it is completed (either
                           due to customer request or dropped phone call).

                 The order has been entered into the system and is ready to be tracked
                 through delivery and sent to the kitchen.

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