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Senator Harry Reid
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Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Subject: Global Climate Status Report – A New Cold Climate Has Started.

Dear Senator Reid and Speaker Boehner,

Good day. This letter and attached Executive Summary to our Global Climate Status Report
(GCSR) for 2013 are respectfully sent to provide you with an independent scientific opinion of
the status of the Earth’s climate. It is based on the latest scientific evidence and data for the
Earth’s current climate status as well as projections for its future climate for the next forty years
and more. It contains a request for your immediate attention in addressing the most important
finding of the report – a potentially dangerous, cold climate era has started.

While we all have labored for twenty five years under the cloud of manmade global warming
allegedly caused by mankind’s greenhouse gas emissions, the true state of the Earth’s climate
and its next climate change have gone largely unreported and therefore without the necessary,
well-informed consideration by the US Senate and House of Representatives.

Here is the driving concern. The Earth’s climate has begun a rapid shift from the past global
warming period, to the next predicted climate era which will be one of decades of record cold
weather. Our country, our government, and most importantly our people are completely
unprepared for what is coming. This is not like the theory of manmade global warming where
computer projections warn of dire consequences in ninety years. This threat is also not just a
forecast by a single researcher or small group of scientists who study the Sun. This threatening
new cold climate is being brought about by historic and ominous changes in the Sun which have
now been verified.
The rapidly advancing new cold era will present some of the worst ill-effects within ten to fifteen
years and likely much sooner. This comes as a result of a regular repeating 206 year cycle of the
Sun during which the Sun enters a state of dramatic reduction in its energy output called a “solar
hibernation.” In 2011, NASA, The National Solar Observatory, and the US Air Force confirmed
the SSRC predictions for this hibernation.

This change in the Sun is unstoppable! A globally destructive cold climate era is coming!

I strongly recommend you take immediate action to address this next climate change to a long
cold era while we still have some time to prepare.

Best Regards,

John L. Casey
Attachments: (1) Executive Summary
              (2) Reference Information on the SSRC, Mr. Casey,
                  and the Climate Science Book, “Cold Sun.’
                                Reference Information on
            the Space and Science Research Corporation, Mr. John L. Casey and
                          the Climate Science Book, “Cold Sun.”

                      Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC)

Since 2008, the SSRC, in Orlando, Florida has been conducting important research into the
causes and effects of climate change, based on the Sun being the primary driver of climate
change. The SSRC is the leading climate research organization in the US advocating national
and global preparedness for the coming cold climate era. The SSRC is a small, privately funded,
climate research organization relying on the research of many climate experts worldwide and its
staff of Supporting Researchers. See more about the SSRC at

                              SSRC President, Mr. John L. Casey

The SSRC President is Mr. John L. Casey, a former White House, Congressional and NASA
Headquarters space program consultant, and space shuttle engineer. He is the author of the
internationally acclaimed climate science book “Cold Sun,” which discusses the next cold
climate and its predicted decades of dangerous cold weather. See He is also
one of the most successful climate change prediction experts, having correctly predicted the end
of global warming, the start of the Sun’s hibernation during cycle #24 along with its specific
sunspot count, long term declines in the Earth’s oceanic and atmospheric temperatures, and the
beginning of the next climate change to one of long and deep cold weather. In 2010 he added to
his list of predictions based on his own research by saying that the next cold climate era would
be accompanied by record earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In February 2012, at the request
of leading scientists in seismic and tectonic research, Mr. Casey formed the International
Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center (IEVPC) where he is the Chairman/CEO. In
December 2012, the IEVPC announced it had developed and successfully tested its proprietary
processes for prediction of major earthquakes. As a result, the IEVPC has notified nations at high
earthquake risk that there is now a proven means for predicting the most destructive earthquakes.
See the IEVPC at

                Worldwide Acclaim for the Climate Science Book “Cold Sun”

1. "The air is filled with lectures and rumors that our Earth is getting warm. The author of "Cold
Sun," John Casey has found evidence to the contrary. His work is quite a revelation that marks a
step toward a new scientific civilization. This book adds a brilliant page to the history of
Dr. Fumio Tsunoda, Professor Emeritus of Geology, National Saitama University, Japan
2. “These problems brought on by this next climate change that Casey ably discusses in Cold
Sun, are more important than ever before. We are facing once again food and energy shortages
with a population close to 7 billion…For these reasons I recommend the book “Cold Sun” as
being both timely and necessary.” Dr. Boris Komitov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

3. "John Casey is both an expert and visionary on the causes and long term effects of global
climate change. His seminal work Cold Sun connects the dots and proves that our national
policies and scientific community have gotten it very wrong. Cold Sun is a must read for
government leaders at every level and all Americans to understand that we are entering an
expected cooling not warming phase. Cold is much more deadly than hot - Cold Sun makes the
scientific argument that we are doing things to deal with hot but not cold. We are facing a new
Cold War as temperatures worldwide continue to drop and our leaders are doing all the wrong
things. To help us fight this war, John Casey with his climate theory, has just given us the
‘nuclear option’ of climate change!” Dr. Rich Swier, (LTC USA Ret.) Editor

4. “The history of science is filled with examples of individuals with new ideas being met by the
current scientific establishment not with enthusiasm, but rather with disregard and some times,
even ridicule. One only has to recall the examples of Louis Agassiz and his glacial hypothesis of
1837, and Alfred Wegener and the hypothesis of continental drift in 1912. These hypotheses
were considered outrageous by many contemporary scientists, but today they represent the very
foundation for much of our present understanding of planet Earth’s dynamics. New hypotheses
based on empirical observations should always be welcomed warmly. This also applies very
much to the book, “Cold Sun” by John Casey. This book represents a fascinating read and the
potential consequences outlined are no less than far ranging.”
Dr. Ole Humlum, Professor of Physical Geography, University of Oslo, Norway

5. “Cold Sun” is an important contribution for understanding and facing the environmental
challenge, in its multi-faceted and often disquieting manifestations. John Casey approaches
problems like a true scientist, who follows Leonardo da Vinci, and he also knows how to explain
concepts in a form that anyone can understand. In his book, “Cold Sun,” John Casey stands
against conventional climate change dogma and gives us an objective and important view of why
the Earth’s climate varies. He has my admiration because, like Leonardo, he uses observations of
the natural world to guide him to sound conclusions of how our Earth and Sun seemingly
Dr. Giovanni Gregori, Theoretical Physicist. Italy
6. "Cold Sun is simply a great work! It throws new light into the climatic patterns of the Earth.
Of course the author’s ideas may be opposed by conventional scientists, but they will have to
accept his theory because the truth prevails. I think John’s concepts will help people better
understand nature and the full story of what is behind our climate changes.”
Dr. Natarajan Venkatanathan, Professor of Physics, SASTRA University, India

7. “Is today the tomorrow you worried about yesterday? Then you're holding in your hands the
guidebook you need to get through the next three decades, and beyond. Written by a 21st
Century gladiator; John Casey is an assured writer with a great gift for research. Cold Sun is a
spellbinding look into our future; dark, sweeping, and written with grace and eloquence. Set in
the present, the book features Mother Nature in all her passionate drama - brash and violent.
Cold Sun is a remarkable whistle-stop tour of what's really going on with climate change. Casey
is remarkable!”
Carole Hemingway, USA, Literary Consultant.

8. “This is an Earth-shattering book! The Sun has surely entered the hibernation stage and we are
going to have challenging decades ahead.”
 Dr. Dong Choi, Ph.D. Geology, Hokkaido University, Japan, Editor-in-Chief, New Concepts in
Global Tectonics Newsletter. Australia.

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