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									                      33 Division Community Bulletin
                              Edition – MARCH 2007

                       UNIT COMMANDERS _____________
       Staff Inspector Robin Breen & Inspector Kim Yeandle

On March 21st the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is observed. On
that day, in 1960, in Sharpeville, South Africa, 69 people were killed at a peaceful demonstration
against apartheid. When proclaiming the day in 1966, the United Nations General Assembly called on
the international community to redouble its efforts to eliminate all forms of racial discrimination.

Toronto has been recognized as the most culturally diverse city in the world and the Don Mills area is
no exception. It is a place where some 200,000 people, from a myriad of backgrounds and cultures,
live, work and play together in relative safety and harmony. This is due, in no small measure, to the
good sense and goodwill of the overwhelming majority of our citizens.

March, like every month, is a time for special commemorations in the community, particularly with the
arrival of the spring equinox, when, for instance, Now Ruz is celebrated. We wish our Persian and
Ismaili friends a Happy New Year.

All of us at 33 Division, with our various backgrounds, are proud to provide equitable and
professional police service to all of the diverse communities in the Don Mills area.

Robin Breen, Staff Inspector
     33 Division ● Toronto Police Service ● 416 808-3300 ● 50 UpJohn Rd. ● Toronto ● ON ● M3B2W1   1

                                     “PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DISTRIBUTE”
                      33 Division Community Bulletin
                              Edition – MARCH 2007

                   Did you know that during February 2007 there were:

  • 31 Vehicles stolen in 33 Division                            •   9 House Break and Enters
  • Most of them were Plymouth & Toyota                          •   4 Apartment Break and Enters
  • Mostly 2004                                                  •   23 Commercial Break and Enters

Vehicles were stolen from:                                   Break and Enters occurred at:
  •   Cobham Crescent                                            •   Avonwick Gate
  •   Dallington Drive                                           •   Bayview Avenue & Steeles Avenue E.
  •   Eccleston Drive                                            •   Berkindale Drive
  •   Elvaston Drive                                             •   Biggin Court
  •   Fleming Drive                                              •   Carnforth Road
  •   Forest Manor Road                                          •   Clansman Blvd.
  •   Havenbrook Blvd.                                           •   Curlew Drive
  •   Lawrence Ave E. & Carnforth Road                           •   Denrock Drive
  •   Lawrence Ave E. & Don Mills Road                           •   Don Mills Road & Cliffwood Road
  •   Leslie Street & Coldwater Road                             •   Duncan Mill Road
  •   Parkway Forest Drive                                       •   Eglinton Avenue E. & Victoria Park Avenue
  •   Parkwoods Village Drive                                    •   Lawrence Avenue E. & Curlew Drive
  •   Roanoke Road                                               •   Lawrence Avenue E. & Victoria Park Avenue
  •   Sheppard Ave E. & Don Mills Road                           •   Leslie Street & Nymark Avenue
  •   The Donway East                                            •   Nest Drive
  •   Thorney Vineway                                            •   Nomad Crescent
  •   Victoria Park Avenue & Clintwood Gate                      •   Old Leslie Street
  •   Victoria Park Avenue & Lawrence Ave. E.                    •   Parkway Forest Drive
  •   Wynford Heights Crescent                                   •   Prince Andrew Place
  •   York Mills Road & DVP                                      •   Railside Road
  •   York Mills Road & Leslie Street                            •   Ravel Road
  •   York Mills Road & Rayoak Drive                             •   Roanoke Road
  •   York Mills Road & Valleywoods Road                         •   Rollscourt Drive
  •   York Mills Road & Victoria Park Avenue                     •   Scarsdale Road
                                                                 •   Shaugnessy Blvd.
                                                                 •   The Donway West
                                                                 •   Van Horne Avenue & Don Mills Road
                                                                 •   Victoria Park Avenue & Sloane Avenue
                                                                 •   Victoria Park Avenue & Van Horne Avenue
      33 Division ● Toronto Police Service ● 416 808-3300 ● 50 UpJohn Rd. ● Toronto ● ON ● M3B2W1      2

                                      “PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DISTRIBUTE”
                  33 Division Community Bulletin
                          Edition – MARCH 2007

On Friday, February 9th, 2007, 33 Division                 On Saturday, February 17th, 2007, at
Major Crime and Toronto Drug Squad                         approximately 9:40 p.m., the accused went
officers executed a Search Warrant at an                   to the rear of a home in 33 Division and
                                                           entered the residence through an open
address on Marshfield Court.            A large
Marihuana grow operation was revealed
with a value of over 1.2 million dollars. The              The victim heard a noise from the main
basement was sectioned off into 4 areas,                   floor and went to investigate. The victim
allowing for continuous growth cycles with                 observed the accused standing in the foyer,
frequent harvests. The subjects, a mother                  with his shoes off and his pants down
and daughter, had rented the house and did                 around his ankles. The victim screamed at
extensive damage, by cutting holes in the                  the accused to exit the house. The second
walls, floors and ceilings and bypassing the               victim also came downstairs and observed
hydro. The suspects live in a $500,000                     the accused standing in the foyer and also
dollar house and have just purchased                       yelled at him to leave the house.
another home for $800,000. They also have
4 high end vehicles and large amounts of                   The accused started yelling at both of the
                                                           victims and ran towards the kitchen sliding
                                                           glass door to make good his escape. The
The suspects were charged with producing                   accused ran into the glass sliding door,
marihuana, possession for the purpose of                   causing an injury to his nose. The accused
selling cannabis, theft of electricity, mischief           could not open this door, so he ran out of
over $5,000.                                               the house through another glass sliding
It was great police work done by all who
were involved.                                             However, the accused left the house without
                                                           his shoes and had to re-enter the house to
                                                           retrieve them. After picking up his shoes,
                                                           the accused then left the house again and
                                                           attempted to flee through a neighbour’s
                                                           backyard. Police had already been called by
                                                           the victims and the accused was located in
                                                           the neighbour’s backyard.

                                                           The accused was charged with Break and
                                                           Enter with Intent.

 33 Division ● Toronto Police Service ● 416 808-3300 ● 50 UpJohn Rd. ● Toronto ● ON ● M3B2W1     3

                                 “PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DISTRIBUTE”
                33 Division Community Bulletin
                        Edition – MARCH 2007

                        Community Outreach

                                                         CHILD IDENTIFICATION RECORD

                                                        33 Division Volunteers, Auxiliary Officers
                                                        and the Community Response Officer P.C
                                                        Rodcliff Chung organized and attended the
                                                        Toys R Us at 1448 Lawrence Avenue E. on
                                                        Saturday February 10th to take part in a Child
                                                        Safety Campaign.
                                                        Over 200 parents and children were in
                                                        attendance to take part in the event, where 99
                                                        children were fingerprinted as part of their
                                                        safety and identification record. The Police
                                                        Do Not keep this information, but ask
                                                        parents to keep the identification record at
                                                        home in case of emergency, such as a Child
                                                        Gone Missing. The Toronto Police Service
                                                        encourages all parents to take advantage of
                                                        this free service offered. It is important that
                                                        you update your child’s record of information
                                                        every two years to keep it current.

                                                          Monthly Parent/Child Safety

                                                            •   Never leave your children with
                                                                someone you don’t know, either in
                                                                your own home or in another location.
                                                            •   Don’t leave children unattended in
                                                                your vehicle.
                                                            •   If your children are going door to door
                                                                selling or collecting items, accompany
                                                                them or insure that they travel in
                                                                groups of two or three.

                                                            For Information on the Child Identification
                                                            Record please contact the Community
                                                            Relations Officer PC Rodcliff Chung at

33 Division ● Toronto Police Service ● 416 808-3300 ● 50 UpJohn Rd. ● Toronto ● ON ● M3B2W1        4

                                “PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DISTRIBUTE”
                            33 Division Community Bulletin
                                    Edition – MARCH 2007
                                                HOW DID YOU DO ?

         Here are the answers to February’s Black History photo trivia questions

    Lincoln Alexander            Martin Luther King        Peter Butler III                   Rosa Parks
 Born January 21 1922.           Born Michael Luther       Peter Butler was born in      The mother of the civil
 He served as the 24th           King on January 15th      Lucan Ontario in 1859.        rights movement,
 Lieutenant Governor of          1929. He was the          He served for over 50         December of 1955, she
 Ontario. He was also the        youngest man to           years as Lucan’s tough        refused to give up her
 first black Member of           receive the Nobel         but fair county constable.    seat on a city bus to a
 Parliament. An award            Peace Prize. He           He was the first Black        white passenger. She
 was created in his honor        became not only the       male Law Enforcement          was responsible for
 to be given to young            symbolic leader of        Officer. He joined the        outlawing
 Ontarians, who show             American blacks but       O.P.P in 1913 and retired     segregation on city
 exemplary leadership in         also a world figure.      in 1936.                      buses.
 eliminating racial

   Barack Obama                     Asafa Powell                 Barry Gordy              Booker T. Washington
                              “Asafa” meaning to rise to
He was born in Hawaii                                       He was born in Detroit        He was born in Hale’s
                              the occasion was born
on August 4th, 1961.                                        Michigan on November          ford Virginia on April 5th
                              November 23rd 1982 in St
He became the first                                         28th 1929. He was the         1856. He was the first
                              Catherine’s Jamaica. He
African-American              was the first man to run      founding father of            African-American to
president of the              9.77 seconds in the 100 m     “Motown Records”.             have his portrayal on a
Harvard Law Review.                                         Motown radically altered      postage stamp, in 1940
                              dash, making him the
He was sworn into                                           the public's perception of    and 1956. He was best
                              fastest man in the world.
office as a U.S Senator                                     black music, which for        remembered for helping
                              He was also the first man
for the state of Illinois                                   years had been kept out       black Americans rise up
                              to run in under 10 seconds
on January 4th 2005.          in the 100 m dash more        of the mainstream. He         from the economic
He continues to speak         than ten times in one         later sold the company to     slavery that held them
out on the issues that                                      MCA records for an            down long after they
                              season. He continues to
will define America in                                      incredible 61 million         were legally free
                              run for his native country
the 21st century. Many                                      dollars in 1988.              citizens.
                              of Jamaica
believe he will be the
nation’s first Black
       33 Division ● Toronto Police Service ● 416 808-3300 ● 50 UpJohn Rd. ● Toronto ● ON ● M3B2W1                 5

                                        “PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DISTRIBUTE”
                         33 Division Community Bulletin
                                 Edition – MARCH 2007

       Colin Luther Powell                  Jackie Robinson               Doctor Charles Drew                Nelson Mandela

    Was born in Harlem, in            Born Jack Rosevelt                 Charles Drew was born          Born in Transkei South
    1937. His parents were            Robinson in Cairo Georgia          on June 3, 1904 in             Africa on July 18th 1918.
    Jamaican immigrants who           on Janurary 31 1919. He            Washington D.C. He             He joined the African
    stressed the importance of        was the first African              specialized in Anatamy.        National Congress in 1944
    education. In 1991, as            American Major League              He discovered that blood       and was engaged in
    Chairman of the joint Chief       Baseball player signed             could be preserved and         resistance against the ruling
    of Staff under President          originally to the Montreal         used at a later date. His      national party’s apartheid
    Bush, Powell became a             Orioles in 1945. He was            system for stroring blood      policies. He was
    national figure during the        inducted into the Hall of          later became known as          imprisoned in 1964 to 1962
    successful Desert Shield          Fame in 1962. He was a             the “Blood Bank” and           for plotting to overthrow
    and Desert Storm operation        symbol of opportunity for          established the 1st Red        the government. Even in
    which expelled the Iraqi          those in proffessional             Cross. He is responsible       Prison he was received as
    army from Kuwait                  sports without liimitations        for saving millions of         the most signigicant black
                                      of race.                           lives.                         leader in South Africa.

     James Earl Jones                   Maya Angelou                      George Carver                  Daniel Hale Williams

Born in Mississippi on            Born Margaurite Annie            George Washington Carver born      Born in Hollidaysburg,
January 17th 1931. At a very      Johnson in St Louis              in 1864 near Diamond Grove,        Pennsylvania on January 18th
young age he developed a          Missouri on April 4th 1928.      Missouri, he was an agricultural   1858, this African American
stutter and pretended he was      She composed song lyrics         chemist and discovered over 300    Doctor is credited with
a mute. To get through school     and poems for many years,        uses for peanuts.                  having performed open heart
he began expressing himself       but developed her skills as      Carver did not patent or profit    surgery on July 9, 1893
through poetry. A teacher         a writer. A list of her public   from most of his products. He      before such surgeries were
later discovered that while       works includes more than         freely gave his discoveries to     established. In 1913, Daniel
reciting his work he didn’t       30 titles. She has been          mankind. Most important was the    Hale Williams was the only
stutter. He went on to be a       dubbed one of the most           fact that he changed the South     African American member of
world renowned Actor both         inspiring women of our           from being a one-crop land of      the American College of
on Broadway and the big           time                             cotton, to being multi-crop        Surgeons.
screen.                                                            farmlands.

       33 Division ● Toronto Police Service ● 416 808-3300 ● 50 UpJohn Rd. ● Toronto ● ON ● M3B2W1                           6

                                            “PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DISTRIBUTE”
                        33 Division Community Bulletin
                                Edition – MARCH 2007

        Gordon Parks                      Phillis Wheatley                Malocolm X                    Fritz Pollard

Born November 30th 1912 in           She was born in Gambia       Was born Malcom Little on      Born January 17th 1894 in
Fort Scott kansas. Over two          Africa in 1753 and was a     May 19th 1925 in Omaha         Chacago Illinois. After
decades, he brilliantly recorded     slave sold to the            Nebraska. He was born a        serving in WW1 he studied
images of post-war America           Wheatley’s. She was self     Natural Leader. He became      dentistry before joining the
depicting blacks America             educated and noted for her   an outstanding figure in the   Akron Indians in the
emerging from the strife of the      poetry. She was the 1st      nation of Islam believing      National Football League.
civil rights movement to the         African American women       segregation of blacks and      Through severe racial
desperation of the ghettos. He       to publish a book and earn   whites. Malcolm’s eyes         prejudice he managed to
remained a critically acclaimed      a living from her writing.   were finally opened to         stay in the league and
author, photographer, filmaker       This was especially          happenings within and          became the first black, to
and activist until his death in      uncommon considering         borke away from the            coach an NFL team in 1921
2006.                                slave children were never    organization. He began         and remained the only one
                                     educated.                    speaking about unity of all    until 1989.
                                                                  races, and was later
       Here are the answers to last month’s Black History Trivia Questions

          1.    Rose Fortune and Peter Butler III.

          2.   Zanana Akande.

          3.   Martin Luther King Jr.

          4.   Malcolm Little in Omaha Nebraska in 1925.

          5.   A vast network of people who helped fugitive slaves escape from the south to Canada. It
               gave blacks still enslaved, hope for education and freedom.
          6.   First black women to become a provincial human rights commissioner.

          7.   Willie O’ree, 1958 Boston Bruins.

          8.   Oprah Winfrey in 1986.

          9.   Bill Cosby in 1965.

          10. Vanessa Williams

          11. Doctor Charles Drew

     33 Division ● Toronto Police Service ● 416 808-3300 ● 50 UpJohn Rd. ● Toronto ● ON ● M3B2W1                        7

                                          “PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DISTRIBUTE”
                33 Division Community Bulletin
                        Edition – MARCH 2007

                                                      Once again, Rick Gosling and the “Breakfast
                                                      Club” gave students from Brahms Avenue the
                                                      opportunity to travel to Ottawa in celebration of
                                                      Black History Month. This year they travelled
                                                      by train, which was very exciting as many of the
                                                      children had never been on a train. They were
                                                      fortunate enough to have the Minister of Child
                                                      and Youth Services Marianne Chambers and Dr.
                                                      Afua Cooper, a world renowned author, on board
                                                      with them. During the ride the children were
                                                      entertained by Marianne Chambers, who read
                                                      books on Black History to them.

                                                      The children met at the Parliament buildings and
                                                      spoke with MP’s and party leaders. They also
                                                      had the opportunity to attend the RCMP’s
                                                      precision horse riding team demonstration
                                                      known as the ”Musical Ride“.

                                                      Officers involved
                                                           • PC Neil Pickrell #1002,
                                                              Elementary School Liaison Officer
                                                           • PC Neville Lawrence #8152,
                                                              High School Liaison Officer
                                                          • Roz Sonshine #56729
                                                          • Bernie Vanderbij #57005

33 Division ● Toronto Police Service ● 416 808-3300 ● 50 UpJohn Rd. ● Toronto ● ON ● M3B2W1       8

                                “PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DISTRIBUTE”
                    33 Division Community Bulletin
                            Edition – MARCH 2007

               Are the Streets Safe in Toronto???

How safe are the streets in our city? The population has steadily increased over the past years.
There are more pedestrians, more bicycles and more vehicles sharing roughly the same miles of
roadway. There is little space in the city for new roads or even increasing the lanes of our present
roads. Rush hours now extend well past the traditional 2 hour period. Radio stations report
continually on traffic delays. Highway 401 is reported to be the busiest thoroughfare in North

However, the statistics for the City of Toronto show a decrease in the number of accidents from
2003 to 2005. 2003: 68,214; 2004: 56,304 and 2005: 54,824.

Traffic fatalities have also, thankfully, declined in recent years - 2003: 74; 2004: 66; 2005: 59 and
2006: 57. Approximately 50 % of the traffic fatalities are pedestrians. There are many variables
that affect these reported accident statistics. The Toronto Police Service is committed to reducing
the number of accidents and, in particular, the number of traffic fatalities. The human tragedy and
loss in respect to traffic fatalities is frightening and unacceptable.

As a Police Service, we utilize Traffic Campaigns, education and work with our city traffic engineers
to improve the level of safety in our communities. The task has no completion date. We will
continue championing the cause of traffic safety. Our streets are getting safer despite increased
volume. Please do your part. Drive responsibly: teach and practise defensive driving.

David Lear
Sergeant (7199)
33 Division Traffic Unit

    33 Division ● Toronto Police Service ● 416 808-3300 ● 50 UpJohn Rd. ● Toronto ● ON ● M3B2W1   9

                                    “PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DISTRIBUTE”
                        33 Division Community Bulletin
                                Edition – MARCH 2007

P.C. Kelly Downie, Crime Prevention Officer,                    P.C. Rodcliff Chung, Community Relations Officer
          #5535 Tel: 416-808-3395                                           #8037 Tel: 416-808-3325

      Theft From Autos: What are you doing to
                   prevent it?

        Look at the photos below and tell us why this vehicle would
                        be a target to a criminal?

        Choose the number one item criminals will target
                       a vehicle for?

       33 Division ● Toronto Police Service ● 416 808-3300 ● 50 UpJohn Rd. ● Toronto ● ON ● M3B2W1    10

                                       “PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DISTRIBUTE”
                  33 Division Community Bulletin
                          Edition – MARCH 2007

   Read next months bulletin for the answers and find out about the
               vehicles that criminals will target most

Vehicles are often stolen to sell the vehicle or its parts. They will often take your car outside of
the province or country. Identification numbers (VIN) may be altered or removed or the ownership
certificates forged. Thieves will also use your vehicle for transportation or just drive it around to
gain “status” with friends and later abandon it. Vehicles are often used to commit other crimes,
such as robberies, break and enters, drug dealings or even drive-by shootings. Be aware that some
vehicles are stolen, given a fraudulent identification number and then sold to unsuspecting persons
who are defrauded of their money. This is known as Cloning. Fraudulent vehicles will be located
and seized by the Police.
                                         Prevention Tips
    • Maintain control of your keys at all times (never hide a spare key inside the vehicle)
    • Drive with your doors locked and be aware of your surroundings at all times
    • Invest in steering wheel lock mechanism, electronic alarm or vehicle tracking devices
    • Park in well lit and attended areas
    • Always set the emergency brake
    • Do not leave valuables or personal information in the vehicle
    • If you have a garage, use it and lock it. Install a motion sensor light to illuminate the area

 33 Division ● Toronto Police Service ● 416 808-3300 ● 50 UpJohn Rd. ● Toronto ● ON ● M3B2W1      11

                                 “PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DISTRIBUTE”
                           33 Division Community Bulletin
                                   Edition – MARCH 2007

                                                                            Inspirational Thoughts
                                                                     I have a cartoon that shows a person walking in
                                                                     circles and the caption is “If I always do what I’ve
                                                                     always done… I’ll always get what I’ve always
Aggressive Drivers                                                   gotten!” Reread it and take a few moments to let it
                                                                     sink in.
                                                                     We have completed over 2 months of the year 2007.
As our roads get more congested, some drivers get
                                                                     Did you make any New Years resolutions this year?
more impatient and frustrated, causing them to drive
                                                                     How are you doing? Have you given up? Did you
unsafely. We have all seen them, those drivers who
                                                                     tell anyone about your resolutions or did you take
speed, tailgate, make lots of rapid lane changes cutting
off drivers as they do so.
                                                                     the safe route and keep them to yourself? After all,
                                                                     you wouldn’t want anyone to know lest you fell back
If you see any of these driving actions, or you are the              into the “circle” of “always doing what you’ve
victim of any of these actions, it is important not to               always done.”
become angry yourself. Simply obtain the offending
vehicle's licence number (if it is safe to do so) and come           I did not make any resolutions on January 1st this
in to your local police station to report it. Police want to         year, but I have since then determined to make a few
hear from you about these bad drivers.                               changes in my life. I have shared them with three
                                                                     colleagues who are encouraging me in my attempt to
The matter will be investigated by a Traffic Officer and             break out of the circle. Is there something you want
enforcement action taken when appropriate.                           to change? I encourage you to make the effort. Tell
                                                                     two or three people and let them encourage you in
Happy (and safe!) motoring!                                          your attempt to break out of your “circle”.
By: P.C. Steve Mills #1357
                                                                     God Bless You in your journey.
    33 Division Traffic Unit
                                                                     Jane Archer, The Chaplain

                                  Crime Prevention Association of Toronto provides an information link
      CPAT                        between needs and resources to help create a safer place in which to live, work
                                  and play. CPAT’s mandate is to educate and mobilize communities to create
      •     Support               safer neighbourhoods through crime prevention initiatives. The goals are to
                                  provide a network that offers support and resource sharing, and promoting
      •     Educate               public awareness of crime prevention in all segments of the community
                                  through educational programming. They provide guidance on effective crime
      •     Mobilize              prevention measures and strategies. Some of CPAT’s programs are:
                                                                                       •   Each one Reach one
                                       •   3D – Drinking, Drugs and Dating
                                                                                       •   Fire and Water Wise
                                       •   Choices – Violence Prevention
                                                                                       •   Guns and Gangs
                                       •   Girl Power – Female Anti-bullying
                                                                                       •   Stranger Smarts
                                       •   Internet Intellect
                                                                                       •   Youth and Law
                                       •   Street Proofing
          33 Division ● Toronto Police Service ● 416 808-3300 ● 50 UpJohn Rd. ● Toronto ● ON ● M3B2W1            12

                                           “PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DISTRIBUTE”
                 33 Division Community Bulletin
                         Edition – MARCH 2007

                  The CIB (Criminal Investigation Bureau) is responsible for:

                      •   The investigating, processing and managing of occurrences and case files.
                      •   The preparation and execution of search warrants.
                      •   The investigation of specialized crimes, such as sexual assaults, domestic
                          assaults, frauds, and suspicious deaths.
                      •   Assist and attend at scenes of major occurrences to support uniformed
                      •   The cultivation of informants and intelligence gathering related to criminal
                      •   Provide assistance to the Crown Attorney’s Office in the prosecution of
                      •   Other duties as directed by the Detective Sergeant

                                               Recent Arrest / Occurrence

                  The 33 Division CIB has recently noticed an increased number of fraud related
                  occurrences involving “skimming” devices used on Automated Teller Machines
                  (ATM’s). On Tuesday February 6th, 2007, at approximately 9:40 PM, two
                  accused were at a Scotia bank branch in the City of Toronto. The bank is located
                  at 2175 Sheppard Ave East.

                  Also at the same location watching the activities of the males was a private
                  investigator, hired by the bank. The investigator observed the two arrive in a car.
                  The investigator watched and videotaped the two accused enter the ATM area of
                  the bank. The two accused attached two devices to the exterior of the ATM

                   The first object was a light bar positioned above the instruments of the ATM.
                  This bar was equipped with a miniature camera designed to film the pin numbers
                  typed in by unsuspecting victims. The camera was connected to a digital memory
                  card that would store the images from the camera.

33 Division ● Toronto Police Service ● 416 808-3300 ● 50 UpJohn Rd. ● Toronto ● ON ● M3B2W1      13

                                “PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DISTRIBUTE”
                     33 Division Community Bulletin
                             Edition – MARCH 2007

                    Light Bar                                                     Camera

                                                                         Digital Memory Card

The second object is attached on the face of the ATM where the debit or credit card is inserted into the machine.
A card reader designed to capture the account numbers on ATM cards slid into the machine by the victim. In
this case, the two males were arrested by police. Had the males been successful in retrieving the above
equipment, they would have used the information and created duplicate credit or debit cards. The victims would
not have known their accounts had been compromised until after the money had been taken. Members of the
community are reminded to make every attempt to block the view of their PIN numbers when entering them at
ATM’s. Remember to check your accounts on a regular basis for any unauthorized withdrawals or purchases.
   33 Division ● Toronto Police Service ● 416 808-3300 ● 50 UpJohn Rd. ● Toronto ● ON ● M3B2W1              14

                                     “PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DISTRIBUTE”
                            33 Division Community Bulletin
                                    Edition – MARCH 2007

     SUN              MON          TUES            WED                  THURS                  FRI               SAT
                                                                   1                    2                  3
                                                                   Women’s History          World Day of       Total Lunar
                                                                    Month starts              Prayer             Eclipse

4                 5                6          7                    8                    9                  10
                                                                        Women’s Day

11                12               13         14                   15                   16                 17
    Saving Time       Girl Scout                                                                               St. Patrick’s
      Begins             Day                                                                                        Day

18                19               20         21                   22                   23                 24
                                               Spring Equinox

                                              International Day
                                               for Elimination
                                                   of Racial

25                26               27         28                   29                   30                 31
                                                   Safety for        D33 Volunteer
                                                  Seniors Fair      Senior Info Day
                                                  Gibson Long        Nymark Plaza
                                                  Care Centre      12:30pm – 3:30pm
                                              1925 Steeles Ave E
                                              1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

         33 Division ● Toronto Police Service ● 416 808-3300 ● 50 UpJohn Rd. ● Toronto ● ON ● M3B2W1               15

                                         “PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DISTRIBUTE”

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