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					                                                                                                             TOWNSHEND HOCKEY
Graeme Townshend Bio                                  Schedule
Born in Kingston, Jamaica, the 45- year old
Townshend moved to Toronto at the age of 3. He          Greeley Ice Haus
played one year of junior hockey for the Mimico
Monarchs of the O.H.A Central Jr. B. As the #2           Date: May 21 & 22
recruited player in North America, Townshend turned
down offers from 14 schools, including Michigan,      Group 1                                                        Featuring NHL Skills Coach
Michigan State and Cornell, to accept a full            Ages: Squirts/Peewee (9-12yrs old)
                                                              Max 25                                                    Graeme Townshend
scholarship from #1 ranked and defending NCAA
Division 1 Frozen Four Champion, Rensselaer             Time: Sat 1:45-3:15pm
Polytechnic Institute (RPI). As captain at RPI,               Sun 8:30-10:00am
Townshend, recruited as a forward, led all RPI                  (3 hours ice)
defensemen in scoring and was one of the top
scoring defensemen in the ECACHL as a Junior.         Group 2
                                                        Ages: Bantam/Midget (13-18yrs old)
Townshend played 5 seasons with:                              Max 25
                                                        Time: Sat 3:30-5:00pm
        Boston Bruins                                         Sun 10:15-11:45am
                                                                (3 hours ice)
        New York Islanders
                                                      Group 3
        Ottawa Senators                                 Ages: Adult
                                                              Max 25
                                                        Time: Sat 5:15-7:00pm
                                                              Sun 1:45-3:00pm
                                                                (3 hours ice)

                                                      Price: $90.00

                                                         Hockey Skating, Transition and Battle Skills

                                                      Registration is first come and camp will be
                                                      cancelled unless a minimum of 40 total
                                                                                                             Hockey Skating, Transition
                                                                                                               and Battle Skills Camp
What your child will learn:                           participants sign prior to May 1
   Goal Scoring Tactics
   Leg drive and leg recovery                         Please register at the Greeley Ice Haus (900 8
   Proper skating technique                           Avenue) or by calling 970.350.9402.                                Date and Time:
   Weight transfer                                                                                           See attached schedule for dates and times.
   Tight turns
   Power turns                                                                                                    Visit our site for more information:
   Powerful strides                                                                                        
   Explosive Acceleration
   Starts and stops
Learn from the Pro’s Pro                             On-Going Education: Because of my unique              accelerate the learning and confidence of all of
Former NHL player Graeme Townshend is the            background and current position in the NHL, I         our students.
Pros’ Pro. Learn from the skating and skills         am able to gain access to the latest techniques
coach of the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs.              to improve today’s player, something that truly       These important checking skills have to be
Graeme is the only skating and skills coach in       no other hockey school can claim. I have been         broken down properly to ensure the
the NHL who has actually played in the league,       trained by some of the best the game has ever         effectiveness and safety of our young athletes.
which gives him unparalleled insight into what       seen, I know what works and what does not
really works and what does not.                      work today.

Your child’s skating skills will dramatically        Hockey Skating                                        Name:_________________________________
improve. Graeme breaks down the skating              Skating instruction is the foundation of all NHD
stride to the absolute basics and builds your        programs. The amount of skating instruction will      Age:_____________
child’s confidence and ability from there.           be dependent on the camp location and the level
                                                     of the skaters who are attending each of the          Address:_______________________________
Training Philosophy                                  camps, but overall, our focus will be on teaching
Every child learns at a different pace and in        the proper hockey skating (not Power Skating)         ______________________________________
different ways. That is why we employ Graeme         technique.
Townshend's innovative 5 E's of Hockey                                                                     Phone:________________________________
education, which is based on the time tested         Rather than small incremental steps, my skating
building block format. Each skill set is taught in   program is designed to exponentially improve          Email:_________________________________
incremental building units using the 5 E's           the performance of the athlete. I have broken
philosophy.                                          down every element involved in the skill of           Group 1: _______ (code 41592)
                                                     skating into each of the individual components.       Group 2: _______ (code 41593)
Explain: Our professional hockey educators first     This approach allows me to accurately identify
fully explain the drill being taught.                player’s weaknesses’, I can then attack those         Group 3: _______ (code 41594)
                                                     weaknesses and eventually eliminate them
Example: We then will give a real example of         through constant repetition, reinforcement and
                                                     attention to the smallest details.                    Payment Method: Cash______ Check______
where the skill can be used in a game.
                                                     Checking                                              Credit Card
Execute: We will then execute the drill to           One of the reasons I have included checking           #____________________________________
demonstrate the proper performance of the skill.     instruction into my curriculum is because over
                                                     the years, every program I have witnessed has         Expiration Date:___________________________
                                                     simply sent kids out to hurt each other without
Evaluate: Our staff will then evaluate each          teaching them how to properly execute the most        Signature:_______________________________
students performance, stopping and correcting        dangerous tactic in the game.
along the way.
                                                     We teach the proper way to check and we teach                                Greeley Ice Haus
                                                     the true definition of checking (it’s not what most                
Excel: Through constant repetition the students      players think it is). Every aspect of checking is                                 th
                                                                                                                                  900 8 Ave
will excel at the newly learned skill.               broken down into teaching modules that                                       Greeley, CO 80631

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