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youre not alone


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Success: You're Not Alone

Somewhere on your road to success, you'll begin to understand that you are really never alone. There are
amazing sources of strength and help everywhere you look-you just have to use them. You'll have to look to
find them and then know how to use them, but it beats the heck out of not having them at all


A team is incredibly important as you walk along your path. You may reap the benefits of success in your
world, but you don't get there alone. The fallacy of the "self-made man" is just that-because everyone is
influenced directly and indirectly by scores of people. Let's look at a list of those involved:

?Parents: if they were there to raise you, they had the greatest influence on your life. Feelings of love and
security are established early-as early as birth. Children who have parents who love, care for, and protect
them gain enormously both psychologically and physiologically.

?Teachers: chances are there is a teacher who has made an impression on you that you remember to this
day. Positive or negative, there are teachers in our lives who have the power to mold us and shape us.
Sometimes we choose paths in response to a negative example a teacher has left us; more often than not, we
choose paths that are due to the positive influence they've left in our lives.

?Friends: the happiest and most successful people tend to have a wide range of friends from different walks
of life. They encourage us, lift us up, and are part of an inextricable support system in our lives.

?Mentors: smart people who truly desire success find mentors that will walk with them as they traverse
their road. Mentors can point out pitfalls and potholes in the road that we might otherwise miss, and their
experience and willingness to teach us is an invaluable gift.

?Spiritual Leaders: ministers, priests, rabbis, pastors, etc., are in an amazing position to contribute
positively and significantly in your life. Their ability to see past the circumstances and share life and light is
unparalleled. Having a spiritual leader doesn't guarantee that you'll never feel despair, but it does guarantee
that you won't have to go through the dark times aloneJust as you have a team as you work towards success,
you can be a part of someone else's team as well. Be a friend to someone who is just starting out on the road
to success-encourage them, mentor them (if appropriate), and commit to be there for them when they need
you. Do the right thing (remember your integrity), and have compassion in all situations. You'll build your
team and your success as you do these things

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