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									                             Planned PO Activities I

1.   Complete LT moored array Tech Report (Irish, Caruso, Beardsley)

2.   Write up analysis of 1999 TMF ADCP array (Lerczak, Schlitz)

3.   Complete FVCOM simulations of Houghton 1999 tracer release experiments on a)
     SF and (b) NF (Chen, Houghton, Beardsley,….)

4.   Complete description of 1999 EF moored data, compare observed low-frequency
     (1.5-3 day) barotropic oscillations with Brink theory and 1999 FVCOM data,
     drifters,….(Beardsley, Flagg, Limeburner, Chen)

5.   Analyze and describe 1994-1999 LT SF moored data, with focus on basic
     T,S,D,u,p variability, seasonal cycle, inter-annual variability in data, shelf/slope
     frontal intrusions, Scotian Shelf water cross-overs, etc. (Brink, Beardsley)

6.   Start FVCOM process study of stability of NF frontal jet (Brink, Pringle, Chen)

7.   Describe Ledwell 1999 tracer release data (Ledwell,Churchill) [Include VPR data?]

8.   Conduct FVCOM simulations for Ledwell 1999 SF pycnocline tracer release
     results (Chen, Churchill,.. )
                        Planned PO Activities II

1.   Investigate relationships between GB/GoM water masses and properties
     with upstream sources (Scotian shelf, St. Lawrence, Labrador shelf,
     NWA), larger scale indices (e.g., NAO) using all available data (Flagg,
     Smith (BIO), Mountain)

2.   Investigate relationships between GB/GoM SST and larger scale SST
     using 1985-1999 SST dataset (Brunner, Bisagni)

3.   Get and setup SMAST supercomputer (Chen, Cowles) and WHOI
     minicomputer (Sepulveda, Churchill)

4.   Get complete 1999 FVCOM simulation data from Alaska computer, and
     setup dedicated server to host complete 1995 and 1999 FVCOM output

5.   Compare FVCOM 1995 and 1999 simulations, with focus on (a)
     development of stratification, (b) wind-driven flow, (c) Lagrangian
     transport from Scotian shelf and GoM to GB, (d) differences between
     years (Chen, Beardsley, Flagg, Limeburner).

6.   Run MM5/FVCOM for 1998, 1997, and 1996 and serve results (Chen)
    Big PO Questions that Contribute to GLOBEC Goals

•     What processes control GB salinity, and what caused the 1996-97 freshening
      event? What is the relationship to the larger scale NWA, climate variability?

•     What are the sources of water, nutrients, and biota that get onto GB along the
      northern flank, and by what processes?

•     What physical processes (e.g., wind-driven flow, SSW cross-overs) contributed to
      the large 1998 haddock year class?

•     How well can FVCOM capture the dominant small scale processes that control the
      observed spread of tracers?

•     Can FVCOM produce water property and flow fields with sufficient accuracy to (a)
      study physical phenomena on time scales from tidal, synoptic, seasonal, to
      innerannual, and (b) contribute to biological understanding through coupled
      biological models.

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